Skateboarding’s realm is comprised of pushing mental and physical boundaries on their beloved four wheeled wood plank. Whether it be launching off the ground or above the lip of an empty pool, progression is the common denominator and spots are the benchmark of this evolution. MACBA Life and Volcom both share this passion for skateboarding and is why we’ve joined forces to celebrate one of the most iconic skate spots on earth: MACBA Barcelona.

“This is the Mecca of skateboarding. Clean up your trash, respect the plaza and it’s surroundings. If we don’t take care of it, we’re going to lose it.” Alex Braza – MACBA Life Founder

The idea of this collaboration took life a couple years ago after putting together, with the help of our MCBL peeps, one of the raddest events ever - "Back to The Four".  From then on, we knew this special place that has brought so much to the skateboarding community deserved a something.

MACBA is the true epicentre of fun, creativity and culture for many skateboarders. Both local and international skaters while in Barcelona call MACBA home. Portugal’s Jorge Simoes is known to be seen at the plaza on a daily basis when in town. You might see him ripping or simply enjoying a kebab for lunch with a cold one in hand. Just living the MACBA life!

We come to skate and enjoy our spots, but sometimes we tend to take it for granted and forget about simple, but important things: respect the plaza, respect the people commuting, and keep the area clean, otherwise the spot might be gone before you know it.

The MCBL x VLCM collection offers a large selection of tees, a hoodie, track jacket, and cap, as well as cargo and track pants. If you decide to take a closer look at the bucket hat and its secret stash, the always convenient packable hooded windbreaker and last but not least the can-holder hip bag, you’ll see that this collection is by skaters for skaters!

Shred the spot, pick up your trash, and respect the plaza!

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