Game on 2 Shoes
A modern take on the traditional ballet flat, the Game On 2 Shoe is light, comfy and cute. This simple style features a deconstructed exterior and asymmetrical details paired with our ultra cushy RCF™ Technology Footbed. The Bunch O’ Stones Rubber Outsole adds both grip and style to this sweet little shoe.
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Gemma O'Brien - Mural Painting In Barcelona!
Volcom Artist Gemma O’Brien (aka @mrseaves101) is a master of hand lettering, typography and large scale murals. Gemma; since being an Artist for Volcom has created two incredible large scale murals – firstly on her home turf in Sydney where she painted up a huge ‘True To this’ piece and then secondly in California at Volcom HQ’s creative space The Art Loft. Now has come the time for the Volcom Europe crew to get a splash of Gemma’s talents on their walls! Having been on a tour of Europe for the last few weeks speaking at Design conferences and festivals; Gemma is finishing up her trip in Barcelona where she will paint up a big mural in the Volcom Store. We thought we’d follow her around and see how the ideas get started, how she goes about mapping it all out, watching the pre-wall process and of course getting the design up on the wall.. First things first, Gemma headed to the store to check out the wall space, measured it up and worked out the dimensions. She took a load of photos to then take back to her make shift hotel studio and load into photoshop to get a really good map of the space. Then a few pre-lim sketches working on style and ideas that suit the space. A native sim card and google maps is panning out to be a girls best friend while trawling the streets of Barcelona for Art Supplies! Gemma found a great store that had everything needed so a quick trip there for Acrylic black paint, mixing medium, paint pens for finishing details, pencils to firstly hand draw the design to the wall and a fist full of varied size brushes has the mural kit sorted. Now for a long night of drawing up a mini scale version of the design. Check back in over the next few days for instalments of Gemma’s progress and process! @volcomwomens_oz @mrseaves101
Pat Moore’s Blueprint 2, Ep. 10: "The Everyone Ender"
As the Blueprint 2 crew circled the globe on the hunt for fresh snow and worthy obstacles to exploit, memories were made and tricks were slayed. From Salt Lake Jib City to upstate New York to the Alps to Alaska, the riders hit it all. On top of tricks, the riders offered insights, opinions, stories and struggles, but at this point in the season, the time for talk is over. This is the final episode and it’s all action. A highlight reel of the season’s finest moments! Watch previous episodes of Pat Moore's Blueprint 2 below! ""An Alaskan Ender" - Pat Moore’s Blueprint 2, Ep. 9 "The Last Frontier" - Pat Moore’s Blueprint 2, Ep. 8 "Onward to Italy" - Pat Moore’s Blueprint 2, Ep. 7 "New Perspective" - Pat Moore: Blueprint - Season 2 Ep. 6 "We Shall Overcome" - Pat Moore: Blueprint - Season 2 Ep. 5 "Riding Shotgun in Jamestown" - Pat Moore: Blueprint - Season 2 Ep. 4 "Salt Lake Sessions" - Pat Moore: Blueprint - Season 2 Ep. 3 "Without A Doubt" - Pat Moore: Blueprint - Season 2 Ep. 2 "To All My Friends" - Pat Moore: Blueprint - Season 2 Ep. 1 TEASER - Pat Moore: Blueprint - Season 2 ABOUT BLUEPRINT Pat Moore is well known for being a snowboarding beast when it comes to back-country and urban terrain. We get an inside look at Pat's life as he travels in search of new terrain for his latest film and is joined by some of his biggest snowboarding influences and closest friends along the way.
Psychic Migrations TEASER
  Unveiling the first look for Veeco Film Productions’ upcoming surf film, PSYCHIC MIGRATIONS directed by Ryan Thomas. Coming September.
North America | In Retrospect - Volcom Wild In The Parks
Volcom Started Wild In The Parks in 2004 with the mission to bring free amateur contests to cities all around the US. Since then, tons of huge pros and ams have entered and gotten their start at WITP. Now in its thirteenth year, Volcom and The Berrics have joined forces to make Wild in the Parks bigger and better than ever. Let Louie Lopez, Alec Majerus, Kyle Walker, Alex Midler, Paul Hart, Jordan Maxham, Manny Santiago, and others tell you why you should enter when it comes to a city near you. Find at stop near you: WITP Tour Schedule You can also check out the recap from Stop #1 at Volcom's Private Skatepark and don't forget to follow the tour on Instagram and Facebook for all the updates! Wild In The Parks Facebook Page Wild In The Parks Instagram
2015 FunFunFun Fest Line Up Announced; Volcom Returning With The Super Collider
The Fun Fun Fun Fest 10 Year Anniversary lineup has been announced, going down this November 6th, 7th, & 8th at Auditorium Shores in Austin, TX! Volcom will be returning again this year and we'll have the Super Collider in tow with us. There's too many great acts to list them all, but a few of the ones we're looking forward to seeing are Venom, Drive Like Jehu, Cheap Trick, ANTEMASQUE, Fuzz, Rae Sremmurd and BADBADNOTGOOD. For the full lineup and pre-sale tickets head over to Also, check out Bill Nye scientifically proving that FFF Fest is the funnest festival on the face of the Earth.
North America | Stop #1 Volcom Wild in the Parks - Volcom HQ
Stop #1 of Volcom’s Wild In The Parks got the tour rolling at Volcom’s private skatepark in Costa Mesa, CA on Saturday May 23, 2015. This year we have joined forces with The Berrics and The Skateboard Mag to elevate our Wild in the Parks series to a massive audience. As a result, the Wild in the Parks series is showcasing amazing talent from amateur skateboarders across North America and their quest to make a name for themselves in skateboarding. Stop #1 of the WITP tour had a magnitude of tech tricks, powerful grinds, and a mix of old school flavor that kept the crowd cheering from start to finish. It was a battle to the very end as the 14 & under, 15 – 21, and Open/AM divisions vied for 1/7 invites (in each division) to the $15,000 WITP Championships at The Berrics in Los Angeles, CA on October 17th. Braden Hoban took first in the "14 and Under" division with heavy tricks in each zone like this kickflip front board. Photo: Buddy Bleckley CJ Collins ripped every part of the park. Here he is nosegrinding the rainbow rail. Photo: Nicholas Filippini Andrew Scott wasted no time throwing down this back tail on the remodeled hubba in the "14 and Under" division. Photo: Daniel Cabral Griffen Gass did a 270 out of this feeble into the barrier bank and took home 1st in the 15 - 21 division. Photo: Buddy Bleckley Mateo Rael took 4th in the 15 - 21 division and also won Caswell's Choice. Solid back tail on the handrail. Photo: Daniel Cabral Gage Boyle was ripping all day, boosting this 360 flip over the pyramid. Photo: Daniel Cabral Ben Campbell nosegrind through the alley. Photo: Buddy Bleckley Ben Sauer backside noseblunt on the hubba taking home 2nd place. Photo: Daniel Cabral Alex Midler shut it down in the finals with this 270 flip lip. Photo: Buddy Bleckley Results: 14 & Under Division: 1st: Braden Hoban 2nd: Blue Wilson 3rd: Patrick O' Mara 4th: Kaden Sylla 5th: Andrew Scott 6th: CJ Collins 7th: Gavin Ventura 15 – 21 Division: 1st: Griffin Gass 2nd: Jimmy Cascio 3rd: Shane Short 4th: Mateo Rael 5th: Tanner Lawler 6th: Drayden Gardner 7th: Branden Reynolds Open/AM Division: 1st: Alex Midler - $250 2nd: Ben Sauer -$150 3rd: Jace Torkelson - $100 4th: Zachery Duelling 5th: Rene Serrano 6th: Ben Campbell 7th: Gage Boyle Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag: Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop #1 winner: Mateo Rael Follow the tour on instagram @VolcomWITP and see more photos from this stop on our facebook page Huge thanks to our prizing sponsors Toy Machine, Foundation, Pig Wheels, Rev'd, Andale and Enjoi

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