A continuation of the best selling art program, alive and well since 91’

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Nature is Watching features exclusive artwork on a limited run of tee shirts for both men and women designed exclusively for Volcom by Santi Zubizarreta, Frederic Fleury, Calvert Ayers, Schnip Schnips & Freak city

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Freak City is an illustrator from Bordeaux
born in 1984.

Feeding on pop culture from childhood, today we see the main influences that have forged his direction, somewhere between American comics and punk aesthetics.

Philip C. Ayers

is a Brooklyn-based painter and illustrator whose work incorporates vibrant colors to portray both mundane and idyllic imagery and environments.His design for this Volcom Featured Artist Series, while seemingly lighthearted, is a serious reminder of the threats posed by relentless coastal development and offshore drilling both in New York and around the globe.

Frédéric Fleury

is a French artist, born in 1973 in Cherbourg. His work is based on drawing and publishing. He has for over twenty years created series of drawings that he self-publishes compulsively in the form of books or fanzines.

santi zubizarreta

Born in Argentina (Buenos Aires) 1983, he grew up in Vigo,Galícia and he’s now living in Lisbon, Portugal. His comics and drawings can be seen on numerous fanzines such as Firecream, Kovra, Que Suerte.. or the comic anthology Hoodoo Boodoo edited by Fosfatina. He has as well his self published fanzines Weirz & No Me Rayes...

SCHNIPS / Mickey Mason
is an artist, filmmaker and photographer

whose work has been published and reviewed worldwide as well as featured in numerous magazines and film festivals. Mickey uses analog mediums and techniques to create pieces enriched with nostalgia.



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