Volcom has always encouraged its riders and employees to get creative. Inspired by the theme “Experiencia”, team riders Rafa Cort, Gony Zubizarreta and Issam Auptel sent us their beautiful artworks. You can now discover and shop their designs in Volcom’s Fall 21 line!


“Last year I had the chance to do an internship designing at the Volcom office.
During my time there I worked on this clothing line under the concept “Volcom Experience.” The main objective was to reach unexpected results. These pieces are based on the experimentation with the scanner. Always with physical objects as wires, paper prints and illustrations.” 

– RAFA CORT @cort.rafa

Credits: Diago Bucchieri @labucha

Discover Rafa's collection

Spiderstone T-shirt - WHITE

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+ more colors

Rafaone T-shirt - WHITE

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+ more colors

Catch 91 Sweatshirt - BLACK

Regular price 55,00€ 38,50€

+ more colors

Voltrip T-shirt - SEPIA

Regular price 35,00€ 17,50€

+ more colors

Voltrip T-shirt - WHITE

Regular price 35,00€ 17,50€ Sold Out

+ more colors

Error 76 Sweatshirt - SEPIA

Regular price 70,00€ 42,00€

+ more colors


“I’ve designed this t-shirt for Volcom and I love how it came out! I don’t consider myself an artist but I enjoy drawing, it’s very relaxing and brings me into my own world… Thanks for the opportunity!  Hope you like it and If you are around Ericeira, go by @58surf and get yours!”

– GONY ZUBUZARRETA @gonyzubizarreta

Credits: Pedro Mestre @pedromestrephoto

Gony T-shirt - BLACK

Regular price 27,00€ 16,20€ Sold Out

+ more colors


I draw this thing one year and half ago during the first lockdown in France. I was bored so I tried to do my own Volcom T-Shirt. I found funny to create a Volcom Stone flower because it’s two things that I used to draw a lot when I was in school. Put two sorts of logo on the side and yeah at the end Helene (Volcom’s EU Art Manager) liked it and here we go!”

– ISSAM AUPTEL @issamauptel 


Issam Hand T-shirt - WHITE

Regular price 27,00€ 18,90€ Sold Out

+ more colors

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