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From the milk mountains towards the frantic oceans, youngsters are swarming. Wild, rebellious, carried by the winds of an eternal ride, surfing on the ruins of a post-cataclysm world. And amongst the ashes, amongst the waste, amongst the remains of a bygone mindset, rose the Flowers of Hope. A mystical call to step into the cosmic dance of nature again.

Loosen up and witness the blooming of a new hope!

Painter, illustrator, black metal musician : Our Featured Artist Bob Mollema granted us with his unique worldview. Mainly working with graphite and eraser, channeling the naive styles of archaic people into his own artistic approach, Bob’s technique is an act of rebellion against the uniformity that is slowly but surely devouring our world.  

Earth pigments & rebelliously positioned artworks set the pace of this brand new installment.

Among Flowers of Hope’s strong pieces, our subversive take on the Varsity Jacket is a dedication to the school skipping philosophy. Bob Mollema illustrations are mingling with written statements, scribbled with the juvenil emergency of a wall written testimony.

Special attention has been paid to our women’s Dizzorder collection, carried by additional pieces from Bob Mollema. A bold mix between the influences of Streetwear and grunge attitude.
Sunburst, Paradise Pink, Terracotta : our cocktail of light colours mixed with earthy tones is the perfect set to a positive state of mind!

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