Michael Sieben & Tony Diaz of Industry Print Shop 

Michael Sieben is an illustrator, fine artist and writer residing in Austin, TX, where he is the head curator for The Volcom Garden—a multi-use events/retail space. When he is not working on any of the aforementioned activities, he can be found at the local skatepark, practicing his nose wheelies.

The Industry Shop: As the founder of Industry Print Shop, Tony Diaz has undoubtedly cemented himself as an authority on all things screenprinting. After starting his print career as a means to produce band merchandise for fellow musicians, Tony identified the uniquity of his position and was able to quickly develop a reputation for providing quality printed goods with the additional distinction of being a career artist. Establishing himself as a printer and businessman that shared a commonality with his clients allowed Tony to closely connect with the cultures and individuals that depended on his expertise to propel their brands and ultimately provided Tony with the groundwork for what would become Industry Print Shop.

Growing from a garage-run print shop to a team of nearly 3 dozen employees consisting of some of the biggest names in screen printing, Industry Print Shop has dominated the world of paper and apparel for the last decade. Armed with an artist run crew and the mantra #CantStopWontStop, Tony, along with his partner and wife Jennifer continue to reinforce the reputation that Industry has built with Blood, Sweat, and mostly Tears, and are on a hell-bent ride to redefine what a print shop can be.