If Volcom and Todd Bratrud had teamed up to publish a school book, it would reveal that the skate gods gifted the cavemen with a great lighter so they wouldn't waste so much time taming the mighty fire, accelerating the course of History until the invention of the wheel, and therefore the skateboard. Hell yeah!
Luckily for historical accuracy, Volcom and Todd Bratrud did what they do best and cooked us up a super retro collection with vivid colours coming straight from the noughties!
Hailing from northern Minnesota, Todd a respected illustrator within the skateboarding scene. Drawing and skateboarding since the late eighties, Todd’s work is one of the most accurate testimonies of the evolution and maturation of skateboarding aesthetics.
Todd’s original reptile allover print is found on our new varsity jacket as well as other pieces in the collection. A reminder of the primal need of every skateboarder for a good session at full speed on the raddest spot imaginable! And as skateboarding transcends generations, the collection is available for men AND boys!
Feel the primal need of skateboarding
with Todd Bratrud