Elzo Durt

Elzo was born in 1980 and lives in Brussels. In the early 2000s, he began inundating the city with his art, and then the whole of Europe, displaying his ever-colourful bright, psychedelic, and sci-fi images. His first medium was flyers for punk gigs and techno nights. Soon, he was then producing sleeves for Born Bad Records, and for many bands all over the world! He was also designing skateboards and t-shirts, as well as creating illustrations for magazines and different newspapers. Today, he works for a range of different clients including Laurent Garnier, King Gizzard, Umwelt, Thee Oh Sees, Killekill and The Horrorist, to name a few. The tools he uses to make his surrealist collages are a vast collection of books containing engravings, old images and comics, a scanner and computer. Using a process of assembling, cutting out, composing and adjusting the colour on the images he unearths, he produces his bright, modern and eye-catching illustrations.