Sierra Kerr

To Ride For Volcom

Carrying on Volcom's thirty year tradition of supporting and thoroughly backing the world's most radical youth, Volcom is proud to announce that Sierra Kerr will be joining our family.

The daughter of one of surfing's preeminent paternal figures, Josh Kerr, anyone who has witnessed Sierra's relentlessly progressive approach knows that, at just thirteen years old, she is the future. Leading the charge for not just young women's surfing, but opening young girls' eyes to the world of skateboarding, fishing and anything else outside that piques her curiosity. And she just so happens to be extremely talented at all of them. 

In anticipation of today's announcement, we got Sierra, her father Josh and the editors at Stab on a call to get the scoop on the details.

Stab: So how long is Sierra’s contract?

  • Josh: Long term. Volcom’s always done an amazing job of supporting their youth. They’ve always run their program like a family. They don’t bring on people very often and when they’re in it for the long haul.

Stab: Sierra joins Volcom’s long lineage of youth phenoms. Since 1991, Volcom has fostered the teen talents of everyone from Ozzie Wright and Yago Dora to Grant Taylor and Bryan Iguchi, and the very foundation of their women’s surf program, Coco Ho, who was not just supportive of the addition, but integral to Sierra coming on board.

Sierra Kerr air
  • Josh: With this decision there was a lot of input from Coco, who was so cool and supportive about getting Sierra on. Coco’s been with them since she was 9, helping them build the whole women’s program. Her and Sierra get along really, really well.
  • Sierra: My relationship with Coco is super amazing. She’s like a big sister to me. She’s always smiling, happy, positive, and she rips. She inspires me, which gets me super excited to be on the team with her and the rest of the Volcom team.
  • Josh: It’s special seeing them together for me, because when I was first coming to Hawaii I was on the same team as Uncle Derek, and he looked out for me. So for Sierra thinking about spending time in Hawaii, having Coco and Uncle Mike and the whole Ho family is really special. Just the whole family there, the open arms they extend, it’s really incredible. Though, I don’t think she’ll be staying at the Volcom House quite yet.

Stab: Over the last two years, Sierra’s come into her own quickly, winning the inaugural Stab High Ladybirds all girl’s airshow in Waco, Texas last year. Sierra’s currently in Indonesia surfing and filming in this year’s Ladybirds event, and while there’s been much talk about whether she’ll be taking World Tour swings in the next few years. Will it be entirely up to Sierra if serious competition is in her immediate future, or if the next few years will be purely developmental out of a jersey?

Sierra Kerr on her surf board
  • Josh: We had really great talks with everyone on the team there and we have a great plan to let Sierra move through these formidable years and develop. Except for Stab High, I’ve sort of kept her out of amateur contest vibes. It just seems intense, but not really critical at her age.
  • Sierra: My favorite part about surfing right now is I’m just having fun. I love getting really barreled and doing airs. I’m really motivated and I’m pretty fired up already, but watching other people go big, like my dad and friends, fires me up also.
  • Josh: Surfing to me is way more about fun and passion than it is about a competitive drive. First and foremost, it’s for the love. Sierra definitely shares that mindset, so I want her to actually enjoy the whole process, and for it to never to feel like work. They have a really cool plan for Sierra, trips with the team and crew, lots of traveling. They’re really giving her opportunities to develop her skills. It’s such a great feeling knowing she’ll be under such good care, and that she can just be herself.
  • Ryan Immegart, CMO: Volcom has always been dedicated to passion and progression especially when it comes to the next generation of board sports. Sierra is all that and more, setting her own path with her surfing plus anything she puts her mind to. More importantly, we love that she is focused on having fun first and foremost which is the foundation of being ‘True To This’. We are excited to support her however she chooses to evolve and are ecstatic to welcome her to the Volcom family for many years to come!
  • Sierra: It feels so amazing to have a great support system. I feel so lucky everyday to have family that will support me through anything. They support me, but don’t push me to do anything I don’t want to do. I push myself. They just want me to be healthy and happy in whatever I choose to do.