Volcom x Coco Ho

From a family of pro surfers, Coco is heiress to a surfing legacy She started surfing at seven years old and became the youngest woman to ever qualify for the WSL world tour She aims to inspire other girls to break through barriered and pursue their passions. She uses her social platforms to send out messages of courage & confidence to motivate her female fans Coco created this collection with a beach to city lifestyle in mind VOLCOM X COCO HO is everything she lives in while traveling the world !

Find the collection in these shops: 


Skateshop Hammerschmid – Sparkassegasse 3, 4810 Gmunden, Austria

Sport Souvenir PattererOberkrimml 95, 5743 Krimml, Austria


Surf Planegt – Estrada Nacional 268, 8650-355 Sagres, Portugal

Safari Surfshop - Rua Cândido dos Reis 8, 2970-734 Sesimbra, Portugal


Trash LifeDirk Boutslaan 21, 3000 Leuven, Belgium


Tallinna SurfhousePronksi 7/9, 10124 Tallinn, Estonia


Cool Sport - Handlowców 2, 32-085 Modlniczka, Poland