Volcom Secret Jam


Volcom Secret Jam went down at our partner Kraków Street Park skatepark @streetpark_pl, with some best trick on two Volcom obstacles created for Street Park: a pyramid/rail and a movable Volcom Stone box, that will remain at the park.

The good vibes, Volcom prizes, Volcom skate movies, BBQ and beers made for a perfect evening. W.A.D.E @wade.ink from our partner Kult Tattoo Studio @kult.tattoo even made some Volcom branded tattoos !

Congrats to the MVP of the day 
Michał “Dida” Zarzycki


Photos: Jakub Kowalczyk  @how_to_disappear

Video: Jędrek Maczugowski @isee_tower

Volcom Skate Jam - Kraków Street Park skatepark