Volcom Industries in Madrid

Thank you @escombrodiy crew. That´s the real deal.

Last weekend we launched the Volcom Industries collection in Madrid with our friends from WelcomeSk8 and Escombro DIY. We bought the materials for building a new obstacle at the spot, which had to be ready for the Saturday evening sesh event. 


Marcelo Lusardi @the_blind_rider is the boss. Rock&roll with the Volcom Industries tool case on the new bank

@Yekull “El Capataz” directing the movie

David Sanchez, @datask8, lipsliding in the fire

Local builders Yeyo, Nines, Rafa, Sebas and many more teamed up with Borja and Pablo from Welcomesk8 and spent a few days (and nights) working hard. On Friday night we meet up at the shop to have a look on the product while cracking some cold ones.

Yeyo boneless on his own creation

Yeyo boneless on his own creation

Yeyo boneless on his own creation

Pablo @welcomesk8madrid getting instructions

Pablo @welcomesk8madrid getting instructions

Rafa Cort @_stubby_holder_ volcano ollie over the tool box

Quite a lot people showed up!!

Lots of people showed up and giveaways for the best tricks kept flowing all day. Many rippers shredded the place but highlights came with Marcelo Lusardi (The blind Rider) doing a rock & roll with the Volcom Industries tool case in the hand Chad Muska style. And of course with the traditional sesh on the blocks on fire. The BBQ was a good “excuse” for receiving some donations which locals will manage to get more ´crete. Thanks to everyone who supported, helped out and shared the good times. Things like these keep the core scene solid and lit.

Pablo bluntsliding the new toy

David Sanchez just after his bluntslide
Rafa fs blunt
fs boardslide pole jam
Borja and Rafa working

Lots of people supported the cause.. pitching in for the bbq

This kid got some prizes for this back kicky with the tool box

Borja did a nosegrind but no prize for him

Negro @alberto_velazquez pivot to fakie with his new VI overall

Some pictures of the shop