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Volcom is proud to present Together there is more of us the latest men’s and women’s capsule from Volcom’s featured artist program. Providing artists with a unique canvass for their work, since ’91. Together there is more of us features exclusive work from Briand, Elzo Durt, Julien Dupont, Scnhip Scnhips Max Loeffler

Max Loeffler

Max Loeffler is an illustrator and graphic designer who is influenced by classic surrealists as well as retro science-fiction book covers. He likes to look below the surface of one-to-one visual translations, adding meaning and room for inference by wrapping his illustrations in the dense atmosphere of a surreal and melancholic parallel universe. His urge is to translate and decipher what can only be felt, not directly seen, and to amplify this visually, particularly in his personal work. We are proud to introduce new works by Max Loeffler to the Volcom Featured Artist Series.

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Julien Dupont

Born in Metz in 1984, he grew up on the skate and punk culture of the 90s. As a resident of Lyon Nécropole© for about fifteen years, he was strongly attached to the practices and values of DIY, juggling activism, music (Frustros, Motherfucking, Mountza...), silkscreen printing, drawing, and small jobs all in good humor. In a style that blends abstraction with the figurative, he plays with overlays of flat black, lines and empty spaces to created his own universe. Like a stereogram, getting lost in the image is where figures, scenes, and as many stories as the imagination can tell will appear. He is more present in a black and white photocopies on a city wall than on social media, and has created numerous concert posters, album covers, and other t-shirts for many groups (Taulard, François Virot, Synthetic i.d, …). Today he is exiled in an area of submersion, where he continues to draw when he finds the team and keep several projects under his belt for 2020.

Brian chevalier « briand »

Brian chevalier "briand". Born in Puy En Velay in 1988, he lives in Hossegor in the Landes today. Painter, illustrator, tattoo artist. He is inspired by primitive art, outsider art, ignorant graffiti, children's illustrations, and of course life experiences...

With all these ingredients, testing, and graphic research, his style has become what it is today. His artistic world has allowed him to bring to light the myths and questions of human existence, and our place in nature, death, the afterlife, dreams, and the world of emotions... which are endless inspirations.

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Elzo Durt

Elzo Durt was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1980. After his skate and punk fed teenage years, he graduated in 2003 in graphic design from the erg and began to flood Belgium with psychedelic and punkoids images. He opened his own gallery - Plin Tub' - in Brussels in 2004,

as well as his publishing company. lt was also at that time that he managed recyclart’s graphic communication, the center of Brussels' underground culture. He then became artistic director of Voxer magazine until 2006. Little by little, he defined his own path, creating album covers and posters for many bands and labels. The happily morbid universe of Elzo is now available on magazine covers, festival posters, album covers, but also in newspapers like Le Monde. Jack of all trades, Elzo and his Parisian mate Froos, launched their own label, Teenage Menopause Records, back in 2011. He is part of Volcom Featured Artists program since few season, and exhibited at the Truly Peace Punk artshow in Madrid.

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Mickey Mason

Mickey Mason is an artist, filmmaker and photographer whose work has been published and

reviewed worldwide as well as featured in numerous magazines and film festivals. Combining 1970s travel books, old gardening magazines, retro encyclopedias, super 16 and 8mm film, Mickey uses analog mediums and techniques to create pieces enriched with nostalgia. He lives and works in Melbourne, Australia with his two pet frogs.

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Michiel Walrave

Michiel Walrave (1974) is a Rotterdam based illustrator, influenced mainly by punk rock, horror movies and skateboarding. His work mainly consists of artwork for bands, music venues, skateboard and snowboard companies. He’s a long time member of art collective Kamp Horst, singer for punk band The Real Danger, and has his own skateboard company; Meltdown Skates. His bold lines and use of bright and fluorescent colors make his style easily identifiable.

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Nicole Salgar, Pangeaseed

PangeaSeed Foundation Artivist Nicole Salgar is a painter, muralist and curator whom hails from Miami. She finds inspiration from various mediums and genres which include her environment, different cultures, film (horror, fantasy, sci-fi to name a few). She uses her art as a vehicle to engage in community activism, working to educate and bring awareness to issues she is truly passionate about.

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Toshikazu Nozaka

Toshikazu Nozaka is a Tokyo based artist and skateboarder with a passion for plastic model making, object making and drawing. He spends his time skateboarding, creating multi-disciplined art and exhibiting his work around the world. Toshikazu aims to explore news ideas for a modern age while creating works that pay homage and respect to Japanese artists from the late Edo to Meiji periods.