Introducing 'Truly Defined' a Revolutionized Product Campaign Emphasizing the Diversity of Volcom’s ‘True To This’ Brand Mantra

The Human Inside… Truly Defined by the irrational pursuit of their passion, same as what drives our brand mantra, ‘True To This’. With the belief that everyone is born to chase what they’re ‘true to’, it is our mission to create products that truly enhance the ability to make these pursuits a reality.

With the ‘Truly Defined’ campaign Volcom has created an all-inclusive platform that will perpetually evolve. Conducive to innovation and re-invention this new campaign delivers a consistent and focused message across all our product divisions and categories without compromising artistic spontaneity.

With this new philosophy we are Truly Encouraging everyone to get Truly Out There and Truly Commit to their passions. To Truly Believe in their pursuits and not to sleep until Truly Satisfied, because no matter what you choose to wear, fulfilling your dreams… is Truly On You.

Volcom quality products are Truly Defined by the human inside

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