Water Resistance

Whether battling the elements or just daily mishaps of a liquid kind, the water and stain repellent Vorta Form jeans in the Rinse wash and modern tapered Stranger chinos in the Volcom Stone Made line will keep you dry without sacrificing any comfort or breathability. Born from Volcom Retourdesigners’ time on the road with the Volcom Skate Team, there was no end to varying types of weather encountered or spills produced while living life on the go.

Developed by Cone Denim®, CONEguard™ is a groundbreaking Durable Water-Repellant eco-friendly PFC-free finish applied to the fabric of the Volcom Stone Made Vorta Form jean in the Rinse wash that increases the water and stain repellency of the denim. Combined with its Form fit design, durability, and anti-microbial finish by Cone Denim®, the Vorta Form jean in the Rinse wash is a highly tuned piece of performance apparel.

Lab tested, the Volcom Stone Made chinos in the Stranger slim and modern tapered fits utilize 3XDRY® technologies that stimulate a cooling effect through the absorption of perspiration on the inside of the treated pant while improving dirt and water repellency on the outside. There’s a reason we call these “Journey Mode” chinos; they are ready to take on whatever trek you set out to embark on.