Chrissie Abbott & French

Richard ‘French’ Sayer and Chrissie Abbott are artists from England.  
Normally working on solo projects, this complementary duo has joined forces to combine their bold sense of colour and create a unique Volcom Fall 22 collection based on their artistic vision. 
Chrissie is an Artist, Designer & Art director born in London. 
She creates bespoke content, imagery, and animation for brands utilizing mixed-media for online & print. Always trying to put a happy spin on things, to be a “colourful interlude to all the negative imagery that we are constantly bombarded with”.
French is an artist, illustrator, metal head and skate rat from Aldershot, South England. 
His art work is often an illustrated nostalgic view of VHS horror movies, board games, fantasy book covers and heavy metal. His work is infused with a sense of humour, ultra-detail and bright colours.