At the skatepark, your initials engraved on a bench, the name of your crew tagged on a wall. This sticker on your surfboard, still there despite countless sessions. We ride at full speed, staring down at the next hill, the next wave or the next half pipe, and it’s when we take time to look back that we appreciate these little things that remind us of those good memories.
It is to celebrate this feeling that Volcom has delved into its archives to offer you a real time capsule from the early 2000s! Bright colors and baggy cuts are the focus of this journey through time from which we did not return empty-handed: all hail to the return of our iconic baggy shorts – the Labored Denim Utility Short has not finished establishing itself as one of the most original pieces of skatewear, especially if you decide to pair it with our new high socks!
Our Featured Artist Todd Bratrud takes on the role of time guide and gratifies the collection of illustrations condensing the best of skate iconography from the last three decades!
Ready for a ride through the time loop?!