Connected Minds

No matter what happens on the surface, there is a club, underneath the ground, where the music never stops, where the party never ends. Safe from the daily horror of the life above, every woman is a priestess in this temple of artistic communion. Abandon prejudice all ye who enter here, the connection is on !
Fueled by the unique vision of French artist Clémence Mira, CONNECTED MINDS celebrates the creative energy carried by the community of positive and good willed souls. Clémence developed a singular style revolving around strong and wavy contour lines. She understands art as a way of building bridges between communities, just as we do !
Every different scale of our “Dino” allover print is a tribute to multiple individualities merged into an unstoppable force of freedom ; Every artwork Clémence provided for our Connected Minds allover print illustrates our desire of building and finding meaningful connections.
Because identity and diversity are our main concerns here, CONNECTED MINDS is the perfect balance between oversized streetwear and fitted sophisticated pieces, for everyone has his place inside the connected mind !
From connection emerges newness,
Connected Minds.