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William Aliotti

William Aliotti

From: Saint-Martin Age: 22

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Currently Living: Hossegor

Years Surfing: 10

Sponsors: Volcom Clothing, Nixon,von zipper,monsterenergy,vans,fcs gorilla

Favorite Spot: Teahupoo

Favorite country: Tahiti

Goals: To get my drivers licence.

First board: Rusty 5/0

Warm Ups: Depends on what condition

What gets you motivated to surf: Living next to the sea

Side Tracks: Cooking.

Music/Bands: A little of everything the good and bad.

Videos/Movies: Zoolander

Best style: Classic

Random Information: I don’t want to talk about my chain

Favorite Volcom Jeans:  Vorta jeans.

Favorite Boardshorts: Manic Mod

One thing you can't leave home without: My surfboards

Special Thanks:  To all my family and friends and of course my sponsors.

Fill in the blank: Hello. My name is  William Aliotti, some people call me Willy. I would best describe my hometown as a paradise. I've traveled quite a bit, but by far the best place I've been is Tahiti, because  the waves and the people are amazing. But, by far most worse trip ever was to Oz because is was way too busy.



Volcom Team Jamming on the East Coast of Oz
Volcom Team shredders Carlos Munoz, Ozzie Wright, Parker Coffin, Mitch Coleborn, Joan Duru, and Gony Zubizarreta jamming on the east coast of Australia during the warmer months. The team’s varied, as are the conditions, which makes for a fun mess of small(er) wave hot-dogging. Carlos for Costa Rican prez!
Gony Zubizarreta wins at Mundaka
brightcove.createExperiences(); Gony Zubizarreta led his “Península” team to victory against "The Canarias" at the Red Bull Rivals last week. The second joust took place at the legendary Mundaka sandbar. Our friend Jose Maria Cabrera was in the Canary team too. Great surfing from both parts and good moments for sure.
Gony Zubizarreta – It’s Boardshorts, Not Rocket Science – #GoSurfAlready
The Volcom Boardies philosophy is about creating and communicating the purest and most powerful blend of fun and function through the highest quality products & our unique artistic point of view. Its boardshorts, not rocket science.
Mellowloco is back with this short clip of Gonzalo Zubizarreta "Permissing" in Sumbawa. Check it out and go surf already.
The Visit
The VISIT is from Alex Gray, Mike Gleason, Pat Schmidt from the US of A to the old land of Portugal and the reason was to catch up with Gony Zubizarreta in his element at home. Brought to your eyes from MellowLoco, enjoy.
So last Year | Gony Zubizarreta
“So last year” is what best describes this clip of Gonzalo Zubizarreta surfing all over the old continent with the marjority being filmed close to his residing home of Portugal followed closely with Spain and some of their Islands under the same country but not the same flag.