Terje Haakonsen

Terje Haakonsen

From: Norway Age: 43

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Name: Terje Haakonsen

Date of Birth: 11 Oct 74

Place of Origin: Telemark

Current Residence: Norway

Stance: Regular

Other Sponsors: Burton, Oakley Eyewear, Sweet protection. ICA

The Sprocking Cat is still sprocking! What is there to be said about him that you don't already know? Giving Terje a snowboard at the ripe young age of 13 was like passing a basket ball to Michael Jordan for the first time.. The rest is history.. With more titles, movie parts, trophies and "Perfect lines" under his belt than a retired porn star, Terje keeps spending his days doing what he's always done, circumnavigating the globe in search of the best snow, waves and coconuts. Then there's the running of his own event, The Arctic Challenge, being a gardening dad or a distinctly skilled soccer player.. His highest air record from 2007 still stands proud to this day and if you haven't seen Terje's seminal signature movie "Subjekt Haakonsen" then go do your homework. Next year you can see him in Veeco's upcoming film "True To This".

What was your first snowboard? Burton Elite 150

What was your first snowboard movie that got you hooked? Snow shredders! Sims freestyle flick

Scariest moment of the season? Hit a rock hidden under the pow at high speed . Fractured my ankle, had to sit down for a while.

Best trip? Baldface pow pow lodge.

One item you always have in your snowboard pants? Lip block and a Sudden Rush ampule

Besides snowboarding? Parenting, Football, chess, gardening and cooking

Future plans? Yes, gone make a dream garden while I'm flipping


Volcomgratulations To Our Team
The Volcom Family is a wildly diverse group of talented human beings: surfers, skaters, riders, musicians, artists, and committed creative individuals who simply refuse to settle. They are more than just dreamers. They are doers. The diehards. Pushing it further. Sweating every detail, unwilling to relent. They are uniquely driven souls whose actions speak much louder than words. Charging forward in all environments and fueled by an unyielding dedication to craft. This crew—our crew—is the raw embodiment of Volcom’s TRUE TO THIS ideology. Channeling their energy, their potential, and their passion. They are collectively shaping tomorrow, today. Volcomgratulations to our team. photo: Daniel Cabral
Congrats to Terje Haakonsen and Joelle Juchli for taking top honors at the 2016 Laax Sudden Rush Banked Slalom
This past weekend the 2nd annual Laax Banked Slaom went down in Laax.. And what a blast it was.. 60cm of powder is great for cruising.. But, the course had to be dug out and reshaped two days in a row, and only those with lightning fast reflexes and x-ray vision managed to make it past 39 berms, all the way to the finish line. Many fell and had their egos bruised.. But that didn’t last long, as some amazing powder runs more than made up for previous falls during the race. In the end, the man, the myth and the mystery that is Terje Haakonsen again clocked the fastest time.. Congrats to him. And just as big congrats to Joelle Juchli for clocking the fastest womens time, making it a double Volcom victory.. Massive thanks to the Snowpark Laax shapers, the resort of Laax and the organisers for an amazing weekend Terje 1st place Pre-race anticipation Keller and the 2nd longest board of the event JJ 1st place
There’s no time like Spring time
Could April and May be the best months for park riding? The warming rays of the sun collaborate to make the snow softer and more forgiving whilst simultaneously unraveling the beauty of cleavages of all shapes & sizes faster than Spring Lilies popping through the remnants of valley snow. Now is the time to push yourself, to add that last 180 rotation that you’ve been planning on all winter. Now is the time to go fast and hit that park kicker you thought was out of your league. Now is the time to actually ask the the girl at the bakery that’s secretly been smiling at you and undoing her top button all winter out for a drink. Now is the time to venture to the Volcom/Nitro Snow park at Kitzsteinhorn ( or the park in Laax-Switzerland (, then rounding it off with sunny smiles and cold beers, shared with friends old and new. And if you to need freshen up your wardrobe with spring-appropriate attire, we have just what you need right HERE. If still in doubt, this fine spring edit by Pirmin featuring Volcom riders Terje, Arthur, Olivier Marcus Kleveland and others will seal the deal.
Back to back Banked Slalom victories for Terje Haakonsen
Wanna know how to properly ride banks? Then check this follow cam angle of Terje chasing local hero Eric Themel. The grand old man did it again, he came, barely managed to sneak in a training run, then relegated several pros half his age far away from the top podium spot. His first run was fast enough to secure the victory, leaving Christian Haller (CH) in 2nd place and Stefan Maurer (CH) in 3rd… Skills, speed, stamina and suspension (not necessarily in that order) is what it takes kids. Also congrats to Volcom rider Sarka Pancochova (CZ) and Cheryl Maas for taking 1st and 2nd in the Women’s division, respectively A big thanks to the organizers of for yet another amazing event. If you’ve never been to a banked slalom yet, come to this one first.. They set the Benchmark for Europe Stay tuned for video dropping soon. 2nd Place - Stefan Maurer Flat base as explained by Terje is what counts Terje during 2nd Run Elias on start. And hot schnaps chick in one piece Male winners Our winners
Sudden Rush Laax 2015, With Terje Haakonsen And Nicolas Müller | ReLAAXed, Ep. 2
In episode 2 of the ReLAAXed series from Laax we're joining an all-star international cast of riders carving up the banks of the Sudden Rush Laax 2015 hosted by Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller. Enjoy some turning and burning at the banked slalom plus the mini pipe session that went off afterwards with snowboarders like Terje, Nicolas, Jed Anderson, James Niederberger, Romain De Marchi, DCP, Levi Luggen, Reto Poltera, Zac Marben, Austin Smith, Severin Van Der Meer, David B. Djité, Max Buri, Shayne Pospisil, Danimals, Will Smith, Sam Taxwood, Elio Fumagalli, Alex Ganz, Bimmel Nadig, Sebastein Bumann, Gweli, Simon Temperli, Sandy Graf, Bastien Sturma, Nicolas Savoye, Therry Brunner and David Birri. Some serious snowboarding went down at this event, and good times were had by all.
Terje wins the Sudden Rush Banked Slalom in Laax-CH
The grand old man did it again, smoking 28 120+ competitors for a solid 1st place finish. Volcoms very own Levi Luggen from CH in 2nd and Nicola Müller/Shayne Pospisil on equal 3rd. Full story and a video of the Champ destroying the Laax mini pipe soon to follow. Terje and his winning line/crouching tiger posture 3rd place finish and co-host Nicolas MüllerPodium 1 and 2. Terje and the Godfather of all things snowboard in Laax- Reto Gurtner Snowboarding is alive and kicking in Laax Moments before man tears Levi “Leather” Luggen in a contemplative moment