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Pat Moore

Pat Moore

From: Holderness, New Hampshire Age: 29

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Name: Pat Moore

Date of Birth: November 15, 1986

Place of Origin: Holderness, New Hampshire

Current Residence: Campton, NH

Stance: 23'' wide, 24 front, 0 back

Favorite Volcom piece: Jeans

Other Sponsors: Electric, Red Bull, Forum, Foursquare, Eastern Boarder, Waterville Valley, ASS Ind., HCSC

Pat Moore is a New Hampshire born, backwoodsman with “live free or die” embedded in his core. Growing up on the icy slopes of the Appalachian Mountains, Pat developed his riding into the all terrain snowboarder he has become today. For most of his professional career, Pat called industry heavy weight, Forum Snowboards, home. He held stand out parts in several films produced by the brand, and from those parts Pat received 5 Snowboarder Magazine Top Ten Rider of the Year awards. In January of 2013, Volcom was very proud to announce Pat as the newest member of Volcom Snow’s line up, standing along side life long Volcom Family members Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, and Mark Landvik. In his first year as a member of the team, Pat spent his winter filming for Volcom Stones 2013 video project “IP3”. With contest results like 2012 X Games Real snow Bronze medalist and countless video parts impacting the coarse of snowboarding, Pat has proven his seat among Snowboarding’s most elite. He has accomplished all this by the strength of his work ethic and a humble demeanor, and Volcom Stone could not be more proud to have him on the team.

What was your first snowboard: Burton Craig Kelly Air Mini

What was your first snowboard movie that got you hooked: Simple Pleasures or Far East

Scariest moment of the season: Going under the knife.

Best trip: Back to the Boneyard 2 at Waterville, end of the year, all the buzzards, Volcom T shirts, PBR, good times!

One item you always have in your snowboard pants: My Wallet because Alex Lopez is too young to have a credit card.

Besides snowboarding: Trying to keep the screws tight.

Future plans: Getting back to it after a season off!

Currently: I just got done with summer snowboarding, I went to Mt Hood, Whistler, France, New Zealand, and Argentina. So I guess under my feet right now would be my snowboard.

In my ears: A lot of GG Allin lately, and Hank III. Kinda on a country kick.

It's important for me to: Make it through this Euro premier tour. Home sounds good!

On the calendar: On Tour for the next couple weeks then hanging in New Hampshire until the season starts. Then its time to get after it!


Retrospection video by Olivier Gittler and Arthur Longo
If you plan on only seeing ONE snowboard video this year, then here you have it. Volcom lifer Olivier Gittler and his trusty collaborator Arthur Longo just put together a full length edit of all their Instagram short clips from the winter past.. In it you’ll see their unique take on snowboarding. And as you’ll watch you’ll slowly realise that “higher and further”’ isn’t always the goal. That it is just as much about the right turn at the right place at the right time. Or a backflip? And another backflip.. Backflips are never wrong. At times it might even look like the boys are bored with their day job (?!?) as they seem to be surfing more than snowboarding. But why not? Therein lies the beauty of this edit.. Get out off the park and look at what’s hidden behind it.  Or even IN it, as you follow our friends and their friends, finding park lines yet to be thought of.. Or making their own park outside of the park.. This is truly beautiful Olivier .. Please do even more of what you’re already doing.  Filmed on location in Les Des Alpes, Kitzsteinhorn, Chamonix, US Open, Arlberg and more Music: Leopard Ale IG: @leopard_ale
Arthur Longo interview in the latest issue of Snow Surf Mag
Check out some of the amazing“never before seen” pics of Arthur Longo in his latest Snow Surf Mag interview here: Snowsurf_147_Longo
Arthur Longo inks another multi-year deal with Volcom
Easiest contract negotiations ever Volcom Snowboarding is very happy to inform that one of our favourite human beings and snowboarders, Arthur Longo, has renewed his contract with Volcom for multiple years. The man himself had this to say about the re-signing: “I couldn’t be happier to be able to continue to work closely with Volcom, a company where I’ve felt as part of a family for over 10 year now. I am grateful for the freedom and support that Volcom continues to offer me. Now let’s go snowboarding” Backside air in the Breck pipe last December. Pic by Brian Smith 2015 was a great year for Arthur. From scoring the TW Snow Cover while filming a standout part for Origins, in between doing the full pipe contest tour, Insert full part here: to landing on the podium with a 2nd place in pipe at the US Open, a cameo in Blueprint Episode 2 and another distinct part in the Vans movie “First Layer” earned him the honour of cracking the Top 10 Rider of the Year awards at Snowboarder Mag: Click here for the full story Arthur at the Origins cover jump, shot by Andy Wright “Arthur is a guy you want in your corner for too many reasons to mention, reasons reaching far beyond his snowboarding wizardry. I’m looking forward to many more years on the road with you buddy! Cheers to the future” Jan Prokes- Volcom EU’s Snow Division Manager Bs Air Kitzsteinhorn “Ground Control at Salzburg Airport intercepted this casual bs air at the Kitz Hip” Follow Arthur on Instagram @arthur_longo Pensive Arthur in New Zealand
Arthur Longo on the cover of Snowboard Mag Holland
Hats off to Arthur and photographer Matt Georges for collaborating on this shot of Arthur getting barreled under his own spray.
See Arthur Longo in the latest Electric and Desillusion collab video
Here’s a slightly different snowboarding edit, shot at home in Arthur Longo’s extended garden
Arthur Longo scores the new TW Snow cover
Congrats to Arthur for scoring not just the cover but also the back cover. See the “making of story” HERE. FUN FACT: Arthur filmed nearly his entire part in Origins, the new TW SNOW movie, wearing our entry-level Alternate Jacket in the CRL colorway. Arthur could have worn any jacket he wanted but chose this one.  Just goes to show that our least expensive jacket is more than good enough for one of our top riders, clocking more than 120 days on snow annually.  Please use that for all it’s worth.