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Nate Tyler

Nate Tyler

From: Wild West Templeton Age: 32

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Birth Date: 07/30/1983

Birth Place: Wild West Templeton, CA

Currently Living: Forests of Templeton, CA

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 155 lbs.

Sponsors: Volcom Clothing and Wetsuits, Globe Shoes, Channel Islands, Spy, Monster, Famous Wax, CCS

Volcom rider since: 1999

First board: 5'10" Channel islands with a broken nose so I jigsawed it round and made it a 5'0", while simultaneously attempting my first repair experience with fiberglass and resin. I pearled up to my neck every wave from there out.

Warm Ups: Early morning mountain bike riding with some good tunes.

What gets you motivated to surf: Good style, proper music, dreamy skatepark set ups, beachy break tubes

Side Tracks: Nothing too riveting; small art projects, photos and video, solar energy and hippy living

Music/Bands: The XX, Fever Ray

Videos/Movies: 156 tricks

Best style: Ozzie with Machado flair

Random Information: I have both the world's largest and smallest breed of dog. I have a pack of animals

Favorite Volcom Jeans: Rowley

Favorite Boardshorts: Mano Mod

One thing you can't leave home without: Passport

Special Thanks: My girl Joders, my family, my family at Volcom


DBK boardin' 2014
Watch Danger Dave do more pow turns than you sent emails last years. Then curse your least favorite politician/religion/boss/job/school for making life so unfair. But do not despair... If you pick up just a single item of Volcom outerwear, the likelihood of naked women/men/powder/opportunity/luck/prosperity & good times coming your way increases minimum 57,321% 9 out of 11 times. This is a scientifically proven fact. Be brave like Dave! Do it Header pic by @lorenzismyname
Levi Luggen, DBK and Markus Keller go Nipple Deep at home
If you're Swiss and King Winter happens to be around there's no need to travel. Few countries can rightfully brag about riding as spectacular as Switzerland. But why take out word for it? Look for yourself.
Danger Dave rides, films and edits some of the best pow of last winter
This is a must see... DBK is one helluva creative fella. And in this pow edit he sure puts his Stone Gore-Tex jacket in mustard and Baldface Guide pant in chrome to the test... Watch, get inspired, dream, then go ride. Photographer: @jordaningmire & Rider: @debeka on Instagram 
Somewhere in the Southern Alps, King Winter had a FEAST!
Last winter in the northern alps was a sad story indeed. Man made snow at best. However, those with minimum insight into meteorology & history did not despair.. All you had to do was to head the opposite direction of Hannibal, when crossing the alps, and voilà, you were rewarded with a snow pack up to 5 meters deep. Volcom riders DBK (aka Danger Dave/David Bertschinger Karg) and Markus Keller from Switzerland always do their homework, thus not only did they escape the crowds, but scored epic powder days week after week. Here's a little insight into a hard day at work from last Jan/Feb. If riding powder is your path AND destination, then Volcom's Guide Proven Technology gear is just what you need. Dave and Markus refuse to wear anything else. Photo: Vernon Deck Video: Pirmin Juffinger
What's DBK doing when not snowboarding?
Our Swiss rider, friend and collaborator David Bertschinger Karg sure knows how to keep busy... Check out "WHAT I SEE" above, best explained by Dave himself: WHAT I SEE is a travel mini series, directed, filmed and edited by professional snowboarder David Bertschinger Karg in collaboration with Nixon Watches & the Nixon Artmosh Project. --------- My last trip of the 13/14 season took me to Alaska. We explored Thompson Pass before we went camping on a glacier in the Tordrillo mountain range for 11 Days. This trip was one of the most intense of my life. Have a look at the clips I've collected along the way. --------- The motivation for this series, was to show the people what I see during my journeys as a snowboarder. Everything people get to see in the snowboard media are the tricks we land, how we strap in and the high fives along the way. This is a small part of why I live this life, it's a lifestyle which brings so much more with it: Seeing places I would probably not come across if it wasn't for snowboarding, getting to know people with lifestyles I didn't even know existed and experiencing freedom in so many different ways is a big part of why I do this. The "What I See" series is a visual passage to places i've visited last season. When I look back on my trips I don't only remember tricks and powder prays, but people, moments and atmospheres i've experienced. It's those details which make a journey stick.   See also: In October 2K13 I went to Bardenas Reales in Spain for a Volcom catalogue shoot. Between photo sessions I found time to point my camera at the environment and the people which surrounded me for those couple of days. Amazing place and great crew.
Danger Dave's photo story from Cooke City, Montana
David Bertschinger fled the green pastures of the Alpes in exchange for titty deep powder in Montana for nearly a month. Stay tuned for action shots dropping in magazines soon. Here is his story: This is on lulu-pass. In the beginning we had no clue about the area. There are some trails, but if you want to reach the good spots, you just need to freestyle it. We ended up feeling really comfortable on the sleds, so it was no problem anymore to get to the stuff far away!I took this photo during a session. Tom & me were filming some woods-pow-cruising. nothing super technical, but if you have bottomless powder and it's STILL snowing, you don't really need to do more just than spray and butter around! Damn i've never seen so much snow falling in 24hours! .....This is what i'm talking about...This is a 360 degree shot i took on a peak somewhere in the middle of nowwhere near cooke city. The sky was not a lot like on this picture. We were lucky with snow, but unlucky with the weather during this trip.. The thing i like about this shot: In europe you're on a peak one or sometimes two times a day when you're filming in the backcountry. In the states however, with sleds, you pass 3 or 4 mountains in one day!We saw a lot of wildlife! Cooke city is in the middle of nowhere just next to the Yellowstone-nationalpark. To buy food we had to drive 2 hours through the Yellowstone and every time we got some wildlife-surprises! I like! In the beginning we thought it's a big deal to see one of those big guys..... .....Then when we had to drive for 20 min in bison-speed we realized that it's not too special to see one of these..This is the crew! On this picture it seems, that I'm the only happy guy.. But everybody had an epic time, no worries..! (photo: howzee)