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Jennifer Herrema

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Where are you from? SE Washington DC until I was 16, then moved to NYC and now I live in Southern California.

How did you get started with your career in the music industry? I started making music at the age of 15…continued to release music as the industry pursued and found me

When did you know that music was your passion and that you wanted to pursue it in life? Strangely I never pursued it…. I just did it because it was fun and a creative outlet. I always loved music and attended all ages’ punk and metal shows growing up in DC

What are three words that describe you? Visionary, maverick, inimitable

Did you think you would be doing what you are doing today when you were younger? I never thought about the future…was never really sure how “grown ups” did what they did and didn’t care enough to figure it out

What inspires you to wake up in the morning and face the day? My boyfriend, my friends and family, and having an awesome life doing whatever I want to do

Who is your role model? My dad

Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Do you still see music as one of the most influential factors on your life in the future? And why do you? I’ll definitely still be making and producing music…I’ve been working on new art work and will eventually have a few gallery shows when I’m ready, I’ll definitely be working with Volcom for at least the next 2 years on creative endeavors, there is an art/story book about me/my life being compiled by an amazing writer so…working with her closely, touring etc….

What were your hobbies growing up, and are they still a part of your life today? Music, soccer, roller-skating, skateboarding, skiing, swimming, arts and crafts, altering my own clothes…most things are still big parts of my life but I gave up skating because my knees are jacked.

Describe a regular day in your life that gives a good idea about who you are and what you do? Wake up usually before 8:30 especially in the winter because I need all the sunlight I can get…love it. Coffee, cigarettes, emails, yoga, recording studio…

In your own words, how would you describe the quintessential Volcom girl? Tough but sexy, tomboy tendencies, 13 to 30

How big a part is Volcom’s surf/skate/snow culture and aesthetic in your own life? Totally integrated…I’ve been a fan of the aesthetic since I was a little kid. I was kind of a tomboy so most of my clothes could be considered unisex….

How big a part is fashion in your life, and how do you incorporate the Volcom girl’s clothing line into your own sense of personal style, even if you do not take part in any extreme sports yourself? I love fashion and incorporating simple timeless, utilitarian type pieces has always been part of the equation so picking those type of pieces out of the line is super easy for me to incorporate into my wardrobe. I’ve never been into super trendy fast fashion but pulling one or two things that sum up the season is something that I’m into and Volcom is great for that, too.

You also work with Volcom on denim collaboration. How do you describe the connection between designing and music, and how do they go hand in hand in your work? The denim collab was super organic…I’ve been sewing, patching, styling my own jeans since I was 14…. touring is usually brutal on my jeans because I like them super tight and am always splitting them open, ripping them out etc….hence the patching and stitching…. I’ve always worn denim on stage.

What things and ideas inspire your personal style? I know it when I see it. I really don’t look for it!

Who would you say is your ultimate style icon? The person does not exist but the aesthetic is a combo of Keith Richards, Ozzy Osborne and Sly Stone but feminized.

You also have experience modeling. You modeled for H&M before, and were shot by Steven Miesel for Calvin Klein prints ads and TV commercials. How did your experience in the fashion industry influence your personal style? It didn’t, kind of like with music. I just did what I was into and the industry found and was inspired by me….

What pieces of clothing can you not live without? My snake skin boots, my North Face puffer, jeans, hoodies

If you were stranded on a remote island, what 5 things would you have to have with you? Guitar, batteries, tape recorder, boyfriend, food/water

How has your personal style developed since you first started creating music at the age of 16 with your band Royal Trux? The aesthetic sensibility pretty much remains the same but my collection is much more extensive!

What places in the world have you been to? All of the USA except Hawaii and PR, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Japan, Germany,

If you had to choose one place in the world to visit that you have never been to before, what place would this be? Russia

What other ways do you express your creativity, other than what you do now (art, photography, fashion design, music, writing, etc.)? I do all the above…. ALL of the above!

What is your favorite quote/motto to live by, and what does it mean to you? “Go with your gut” I rely heavily on my intuition which is guided by my life experience and a heightened sense of reality and righteousness

Where is your absolute favorite place to be and why? At home on my couch with my boyfriend…totally comfortable and relaxing.

What is it that you love about where you live? Awesome weather year round, 10 min. walk to beach and wetlands, pretty secluded but close to city

What new projects are you working on that we can look forward to seeing in the future? Tell us a little bit about RTX. The new RTX album will be out this year, we will tour USA in Sept. and Europe in the fall…. I’m excited for it to begin.

What are some topics that you are very excited to blog about on the Volcomunity blog, and how would you like to blog about them (video/photo diary, outfit posts, video updates, inspiration posts, what’s inspiring you, music, how you would style a certain Volcom piece, etc.)? Please list some ideas that you have for your section of the blog.

I think it will be heavily photo/image/video/music oriented, my inspiration pics etc… Very text light, probably employ some guest blogger themes

How would you like the web design of your blog to look? What aspects would you like to include into the layout that represent your personality and personal style? Pics and lots of graphics


Meet the 15 #ThisFirst New Hires From Around the World
We weren't quite sure what the reaction would be when we decided to ask the Internet, "What's your 'this'?", to say we were pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. You, everyone who submitted an entry into the #ThisFirst contest, completely blew us away. We were flooded with over 10,000 photos, videos and statements of passion and what being able to put that passion first in life would mean. Entries spanned a variety of topics, the most common being art, photography and travel, while music, surfing and skateboarding followed closely behind. But it wasn't just artistic globetrotting types with a passion for boardsports that entered, people pursuing passions as varied as sustainable farm to table food sourcing, charity work, animal rescue, make-up artistry and even crochet, all shared their stories with us. To pick just 60 finalists from the thousands of entries who would go on to do a video call with Volcom, our panel of judges sequestered themselves in an office for a week to go through everyone's entries. The deeper they got, the less it felt like they were going through contest entries and the more like they were parsing the results of a massive survey which was beginning to reveal some trends; A lot of you like to take photos and want to travel, especially Australians. Aspirations to become a successful YouTuber were not uncommon. And entrants in Asia had a tendency more than any other region to focus on charitable giving. But if we thought making our selection of the 60 finalists was hard, narrowing that field of finalists down to 15 winners was even more difficult and we appreciate everyone's patience (yes, we saw your comments on Instagram) awaiting the announcement. Before introducing the winners below, we just wanted to take a final moment and express how truly humbled we were by all the finalists and what it is that is driving you to purse your 'this'. To you and everyone else who entered and gave us a peek into your lives, we cannot thank you enough! Now without further ado... Meet The #ThisFirst New Hires Anaïs Chausse Obstacle Course Racer | France Running, jumping, climbing, crawling, Anaïs is training for the Obstacle Course Racing championships in Canada this October. Joanna Painter Artist | United Kingdom A large format charcoal and pastel artist, Joanne is looking to take her artwork to greater heights. Ángel Pérez Filmmaker | Spain Having studied filmmaking, but not knowing where to start, Ángel invented a fictitious brand of Horchata so that he could create commercials for the company. Steffen Türmer Photographer | Germany A mechanical engineering student with a passion for bicycling and analog photography, Steffen plans to bike from Germany all the way to France to the Atlantic ocean. Sara Becker Artist | Philadelphia, PA, USA A printmaker and illustrator who through her art is working to challenge the stigma of mental illness. Tim Briggs Photographer | Boston, MA, USA A underwater and conservation photographer who wants to bring greater awareness to the issues facing the Earth's oceans, lakes and waterways. Brandon Clements Podcaster & Journalist | Houston, TX, USA Realizing he was meant to be facilitating conversations, Brandon is stopping at nothing to build his podcast and other journalistic endeavors. Canarus Leon Dancer | Houston, TX, USA Once Canarus got a taste of B-boying there was no turning back, as a member of the crew, RAD, Canarus hopes to qualify for and compete in the Freestyle championships in a Los Angeles this fall. Robert Wall Cliff Jumper | Burney, CA, USA A drone piloting freestyle cliff jumping adventure seeker from Northern CA, looking to legitimize the sport by bringing greater awareness to people pioneering the sport. Carolina Paz Muralist | Peru An urban artist from Peru, Caro specializes in murals that attempt to affect social change and bring a bit of beauty to chaos of city life. Fabian Ruiz Street Performer | Costa Rica A one-man band who plays a slide guitar made from a skateboard, Fabian is eager to continue to travel and play for whoever will stop and listen. Simón Sepúlveda Designer | Chile Simón is tackling social issues through his artwork and exploring the effects immigration has on creative output in attempt the break into new areas of design. Tylah Kerr Promoter | Melbourne, Australia Trying to break her way into the music business, Tylah is ready to quit slanging tickets for a corporate behemoth and concentrate on her own production and management company. Atsushi Miki Drummer | Japan Mixing his love for the drums and all things percussion with Wadaiko, the traditional drum in Japan, Atsushi is looking to bring his style of performance to a global audience. Chen Yu Ching Volunteer | Taiwan Passionate about helping those in need, Chen is working to help build a school in Thailand and dreams of one day starting her own organization to foster volunteer work.
Why I Do 'This' with Jesse Gross of Remote Year
We're partnering with the crew at to produce a series of videos featuring individuals' inspiring stories of becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable when they decided to make their passion their priority. In this inaugural episode, we explore the moment when Jesse Gross decided to quit his finance job in New York City and set out to work for the start up, Remote Year. Providing individuals the ability to travel the world in a group for 12 months as each works remotely, Remote Year offered Jesse the opportunity to work for a company who's mission aligned with his own, allowing him to get out and explore the world without ever being chained to a desk again. As we found in our #ThisFirst contest, one of the things people are most passionate about is travel and to really explore the world and its different cultures. Yet being able to make that a reality is often hindered by the ability to afford it. Such the conundrum exists where one needs a job to be able to afford to travel, but once one has a job and can afford to travel, one no longer has the time. Jesse and Remote Year offer both an inspiration and a service to help others take the leap to put their 'this' first.
A Tutorial For Adding Texture To Calligraphy in Volcom's "School Of Cool" with Gemma O'Brien
For the third and final episode of Volcom School Of Cool with Gemma O'Brien, Gemma wraps up this three part "How To" series of hand lettering tutorials by demonstrating how she adds texture to calligraphy by using balsa wood instead of a pen. Watch the 1st episode:
Mixing Typography and Illustration Tutorial with Gemma O'Brien for Volcom's "School of Cool"
In the second episode of Volcom's School Of Cool, the three part "How To" series of hand lettering tutorials from Volcom Ambassador, Gemma O’Brien (aka @mrseaves101 on Instagram), Gemma guides us through combining typography with illustration. Watch the 1st episode: Gemma O’Brien Teaches You Block Lettering Techniques. In this lesson you will learn how to use an existing font to create letterforms and then integrate illustrated elements with watercolor. Below is a list of all the supplies you'll need to follow along with Gemma as well as link to a free download of Gemma's base alphabet guide template that she uses in the video. You will need: Watercolor paper Watercolour paint Lightbox for tracing (optional) Alphabet guide (download below) // Have a go and make sure you Instagram your creation, tag @volcomwomens_oz and #volcomschoolofcool and Gemma will pick her favorite to win the original signed artwork created by her in this tutorial! Enjoy creating!
Gemma O’Brien Teaches You Block Lettering Techniques in Volcom's "School of Cool" Tutorial
Welcome to the first episode of Volcom's School Of Cool, a three part "How To" series of hand lettering tutorials from Volcom Ambassador, Gemma O’Brien (aka @mrseaves101 on Instagram). Who is Gemma O'Brien? Learn more about this Volcom Ambassador.   In this first lesson Gemma demonstrates the techniques to create bold block letter forms that will give your lettering dimension and a dose of strong color. Below is a list of all the supplies you'll need to follow along with Gemma as well as link to a free download of Gemma's base alphabet guide template that she uses in the video. You will need: Bond Paper – smooth and semi transparent Ruler Colour textas or pencils Lightbox for tracing (optional) Alphabet guide (download below) // Have a go and make sure you Instagram your creation, tag @volcomwomens_oz and #volcomschoolofcool and Gemma will pick her favorite to win the original signed artwork created by her in this tutorial! Enjoy creating!