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Harry Timson

Harry Timson

From: Leicestershire Age: 20

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Birth Date: 24/10/1995

Birth Place: England

Currently living: Hossegor

Sponsors: Volcom Clothing

Years Surfing: 15

Favorite Spot: Lakey peak

Favorite country: Indo

Goals: Surf to live, live to surf

First board: 4’1 shaped by my dad

Warm Ups: Running up the dune to check the waves

What gets you motivated to surf?: Music and a good film!

Side Tracks: Sleeping

Music/Bands: Listen to everything because there is always a time and place

Videos/Movies: Fly In The Champagne

Best style: Andy Irons

Random Information: Koalas are really agressive

Favorite Volcom Jeans: Chilli chokers

Favorite Boardshorts: Fun Tana

One thing you can't leave home without: Clothes

Special Thanks: Dad for everything

Fill in the blank: Hello. My name is Harry Timson , some people call me Hazza . I would best describe my hometown as really nice however gets cold in the winter! I've traveled quite a bit, but by far the best place I've been to is Indo, because of the waves, by far most worse trip ever was to Portugal after loosing the boards!



Daan Van Der Linden 2016 European 'Skater of the Year'
Huge congratulations to our newest global rider Daan Van Der Linden on being crowned the 2016 European 'Skater of the Year' at the Bright European Skateboard Awards yesterday! It was only 1 year ago that he was awarded 2015 'Rookie of the Year' and since then he's been welcomed to major skate teams such as Vans and Anti-Hero. Congrats Daan!! Accepting the trophy at the BESA 2016. Photo: Keppens Also in Bright trade show news, Chris Pfanner took home first in the barrel jump contest scoring him a cool 3,000 Euros! Click here to watch him fly if you missed it on our instagram! Photo: Keppens If you haven't seen it already, watch Daan Van Der Linden's 'Real Life Happening' official instagram edit.
Daan van der Linden "Rookie Of The Year 2015” at Bright European Skateboard Awards.
A huge congratulations to Daan van der Linden for wining the "Rookie Of The Year 2015" last night at the Bright European Skateboard Awards. Daan's been killing it on all terrain over the last year and if you haven't heard from him before, check our latest tour video, BigWest Southdown and see how he makes it all look way to easy and with a big smile. Stoked to have you on the team Daan!