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The Film Project BCN event recap
This last summer some of the best skateboarding photographers in Europe were given 3 film rolls to shoot. The idea was to use them as they wanted and ship them back for this The Film Project initiative supported by Volcom. The result it´s been really exciting as it usually happens with analog photography. Forty pictures were selected and put together in this first exhibition which took place in Studio Store venue, located in the Borne neighborhood in Barcelona last October the 4th. Lots of skateboarders and analog photography lovers showed up to see the works while they shared some fresh Pabst Blue Ribbon beers. If you missed it, stay tuned for some more dates around Euro cities to be confirmed and check #TheFilmProject2017 hashtag for peeping a bit. Some select pics will feature in the finest skate magazines in Europe. Thanks to Pabst Spain for the colds, Dogway crew and all the contributing photographers for making it happen. The photos will be exhibited in various locations throughout October and November, stay tuned for a show/party near you! Credit photos : Patxi Pardiñas Contributing photographers: Sam Ashley, Thomas Busuttil, Jerome Campbell, Benjamin Deberdt, Florian Hopfensperger, Jelle Keppens, Henry Kingsford, Dani Millán, Patxi Pardiñas, Gerard Riera, Sem Rubio and Danny Sommerfeld. This is the Dogway post (also posted on their FB) video:
Volcom Back to School
Going back to school is always a drag, after countless hours out in the sun with total freedom to do whatever you want. We figured we could do the transition from freedom to boredom easier for the kids and reached out to the guys at Oslo Skatepark. They were stoked to do something so we gathered a bunch of prizes, food & drinks and invited everyone to come and have fun. The local team boys, Mats Hatlem and Marcus Vik were the judges for the day. We did the contest in the contest in an untraditional jam format which is always fun. The kids totally destroyed the park and we got to see a lot of NBD`s. During the finals in both divisions the crowd was going wild and the park was torn to bits. After the finals we did a best trick contest, which was crazy. Gabriel Bjørsvik won with a BS 360 kickflip over the rail. They guys from Session came by to fire up the BBQ, free food for everyone! Thanks to everyone that came out, GoPro, Spitfire, Etnies, Independent, Session, Oslo Skatehall, Stian, Petter, Mats, Marcus, Amin, Brox, Oslo skateforening. See you next year! Results: Juniors: Ask Filling Jan Bjørneboe Johannes Taklo Teodor Skogen Christian Locket Seniors: Fredrik Tangerud Gabriel Bjørsvik Øyvind Svendsen Ole Johan Edvartsen Vi Duc Troung Best trick: Gabriel Bjørsvik, BS 360 kickflip over the rail. Credit video : Martin Vadet Credit photo : Vegard Kristiansen
Designed for Skateboarding | Volcom Skate Team picks from Autumn '17 collection
From bowls in foreign countries to LA school yards, crusty ditches and back alley spots, CJ Collins, Louie Lopez, Kyle Walker, Collin Provost and Axel Cruysberghs put their hand picked pieces from the Volcom Autumn 2017 Collection to the test. Axel Cruysberghs sizing up this crazy rail Men's Doom Bloom pocket tee Doom Bloom graphic on the back Collin squaring it up Men's Stone Trippin Tee Solver black on black jeans Louie kicking it at LA High Men's Shroomy Tee Frickin Modern Chinos in black CJ Collins in Spain for the La Kantera Pro, read more about CJ winning the contest Stone Supply Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt
CJ Collins' first time to Spain for the La Kantera Pro
Cj Collins isn't your normal 14 year old boy. Not only does he absolutely rip on a skateboard, but he has more stamps in his passport than a most other kids his age. In June we took him to Getxo located in the Basque Country region of Spain for the 2017 La Kantera Pro. While he's been to Malmo, Sweden and Florianópolis, Brazil for the Vans Park Series, it was his first time to Spain and he was pretty excited. Before he hopped on a 14 hour flight to Bilbao, Spain he stopped by the Volcom HQ store to pick up some new clothes for the trip. CJ with a little wallride in the Volcom HQ store before picking up some clothes for his trip. Packing for his first time to Spain! Grabbing a drink at Volcom HQ in his new "Supply Stone" Pullover Hoodie In the Volcom HQ store CJ was really digging the 'Stone Supply' pullover hoodie, and a new pair of 'Frickin Modern' stretch chinos. Still with some time to kill before he had to head to the airport, he decided to hit the Volcom U.S. HQ skatepark for a quick sesh. CJ Collins dropping in, in his new Frickin Modern stretch chinos. CJ Stalefish at Volcom U.S. HQ With his bags packed and and passport in hand CJ hopped in the van and headed to the airport. The flight was delayed a half an hour but with the in the grand scheme of things what's another half an hour when you're waiting to get on a 14 hour flight? CJ taking his bags out of the van at the airport. Just waiting to get on the plane in the Lino Stone tee When he arrived in Bilbao, Spain he met up with the rest of the team including Grant Taylor, Collin Provost, Axel Cruysberghs, Omar Hassan and others at the airport as they were all flying in from various places at the same time. Once all together, the crew made it to the Moana Surf and Skate Hostel where they were staying. Complete with a mini ramp, little street course and all sorts of other stuff to get into, CJ was in heaven! After a solid nights rest the next day we headed down to La Kantera, an old skatepark with prime real estate on the beach where the contest was held, to get some practice in. The bowl the contest was in is more reminiscent of a backyard pool with a steep shallow end and 10 foot deep end. This made it a little difficult for the heavy hitters like Grant and Omar but for little CJ it was just his size. CJ wasted no time as he was frothing to skate, blasting airs in practice and figuring out his line for the contest. CJ blasting a stalefish in his 'Supply Stone' pullover hoodie The next day was the contest and CJ was put straight int the finals. While waiting for his heat him and Grant Taylor would stay warmed up on the old crusty halfpipe behind the stands. In his heats he would land trick after trick, really impressing the locals who've skated the bowl their entire life and the spectators who have never seen CJ skate in person. Every wall he would do a trick and the crowd would collectively wonder 'how did he just land that?!?' While the pros would blast huge airs and do difficult tricks, most of them had a hard time staying on their board for the entire time. The 'Frickin Modern' stretch chinos were basically made for boneless' like this! Stalefish in the deep end as the entire crowd watches. In the end CJ took home FIRST place! First time to Spain and skating the notoriously difficult La Kantera bowl, he came out on top! CJ was just as surprised as everyone else and the crew was extremely proud of our little guy. With CJ taking the top spot at the 2017 La Kantera Pro, everyone in the crew wanted to celebrate CJ's epic win, but how to you party with a 14 year old? While most of the crew enjoyed drinks by the beach with the rest of the skaters in the contest, CJ eventually made it back to the Hostel to rest up. Grant Taylor stoked for CJ after the contest! Next day we tried to get in the streets to hit some spots, but the rain wasn't letting that happen. Collin Provost was trying to explain '10% parties' to CJ, basically meaning that when you win a big contest prize you immediately spend 10% of the winnings celebrating. The question arose again of 'how do you celebrate with a 14 year old? Well if you're CJ Collins you spend it on a soccer ball to kick around with your bros, go souvenir bracelet shopping with Grant Taylor and of course, hit the arcade! First purchase with your contest winnings, a soccer ball! Just about 10 minutes later Grant accidentally kicked it to the water by where we were eating. (We eventually got it back though) Grant negotiating deals for souvenir bracelets for the entire crew. What better way to spend a rainy day then hitting the arcade with your buds. After some quality time at the Arcade we headed down to the beach for a mellow La Kantera Pro wrap party right next to the skatepark. With a decent amount of candy in his system, CJ had plenty of energy to spare so he played soccer with some of the locals on the beach for a few hours while the rest of the crew enjoyed drinks and food at the party. All that running on the sand got CJ tuckered out while the rain started to fall. By the end of the weekend it was unfortunately time to head home. Everyone flew out around the same time but still had plenty of time to kill in the airport while we waited. To pass the time CJ likes to draw in a sketchbook he carries around in his backpack. He likes to draw portraits of people and this was one of our video director Lannie Rhodes. Remy Stratton also pointed out that Grant Taylor used to do the same thing when he was that age too. CJ in the 'Base' tee with his portrait of Lannie while waiting for his flight home.
Axel’s Pro Party
After nearly a year of being Am on Toy Machine, Axel joined the pro ranks. With a title like that you need a proper way of celebration. So we took the party to his local skatepark. On the menu: free beers, free BBQ and a jam session with the guy himself. After signing the sold out boards we took the jam session to the dance floor. Big thanks to Rampaffairz Skatepark. Congrats Axel, keep killing it. Credit Photo:Joselito Verschaeve.
The "Zementwerk" Project
Heavy, dark, dusty, rough as hell and at this time of the year it keeps a brutal iciness inside. A huge building with an amazing construction in the middle of a breathtaking landscape waiting for us to get conquered. April 27th 2017, it ́s snowing outside and the thermometer is telling us minus 5 degrees celsius. "Ben, put on your beanie and a proper warm parka, it ́s going to be a long day". Finally we've found our lost place to turn our vision into reality. We just call it "ZEMENTWERK" The disused massive crane shovel resting in the storage depot of the concrete factory. Photo: Philipp Reinhard The whole project started with the idea of a place, a building, a spot, anything that hasn ́t been skated yet but at the same time a location that tells a story by it ́s own. An old lost place which makes you excited like a little kid to go there, open rusty doors, discover rooms with their old inventory. Walking paths that haven ́t seen any footsteps for a long time. All on your own risk. That ́s where we wanna go, do some DIY and make it skateable. It took quite a while to get the ball rolling but teaming up with Leica Camera, SOLO Skatemag and some friends who love skateboarding as much as we do there was no reason to row back. With a few addresses on our list we set forth to find the right location for the project. Lucky us we made it first try. That ́s our venue, without any doubt. This is it! An old lost concrete factory and a lot of options to skate. We figured out a few spots to put some DIY work and fixed a date to bring the riders and staff. Let ́s get it done! The depot. In there you feel the silence. Only a few shafts of sunlight shining through the old broken dusty windows. Photo: Philipp Reinhard Alain Goikoetxea is checking the landscape out of a  "Zementwerk" break through. Clouds are coming up and it´s getting more and more  misty. It´s end of April but here  the winter came to rest. Photo: Jelle Keppens The window. Photo: Philipp Reinhard Rooftop of the cement factory. We are here to skate. Photo: Jelle Keppens Meanwhile Tim Rebensdorf and Roman Astleitner are taking care for the final preperations at the first spot. Philipp Reinhard is catching some footage with the Leica SL. Photo: Florian Günther The heat is on! Eniz Fazliov with a mind blowing frontside blunt. Photo: Philipp Reinhard Alain Goikoetxea, frontside air. Photo: Jelle Keppens Mr Christian Vankelst, Skate Team Manager Europe, is taking care for the team providing drinks, food and playing some good old Elvis Presley songs on the classic road guitar. Photo: Jelle Keppens Beers and beers. Photo: Jelle Keppens Ben Raemers is going for a backside crail without thought for the black  deep hollow which is waiting behind the pylon. Photo: Jelle Keppens Ben Raemers. Photo: Jelle Keppens Tim Rebensdorf is bringing the good vibes  with some easy chords. Always fun to be on the road with this young gun. Photo: Jelle Keppens Tim with a blunt to fakie at the "you win, you lose" transition. Photo: Jelle Keppens Different spot same story, best not bail to the right side of the ledge... Daan Van Der Linden knows how to make a backside overcrooks look easy. Photo: Jelle Keppens Daan Van Der Linden. Photo: Jelle Keppens I´m here to skate! Let´s get this fucking thing grinded!" Eniz Fazliov is a machine, skating all day long until work is done. Here with a crooked grind on a rough and brittle window sill. Photo: Jelle Keppens Eniz Fazliov. Photo: Philipp Reinhard Alex Schultz, another member of the German family team we had on board for this project. Here with a backside boneless, framing the picture. Photo: Jelle Keppens Alex Schultz. Photo: Jelle Keppens Chris Pfanner with a massive kickflip over "the gap". Photo: Jelle Keppens "Chris, what the hell are you doing with those working gloves on? Are you afraid of the dusty floor? "Wrong!" Chris has found a perfect gap to skate à la Pfannski style, the only problem  is  the handrail has a barrier. "Fuck it, cut it off!" Within 5 minutes he has seen this gap he was standing next to it, wearing gloves and safety glasses  ready to cut the handrail with the angle grinder which he has lent from a mechanic who was working near the factory. With the handrails gone, now bring the broom to clean the inrun and the landing. Let´s skate! What a spot, what a perspective. Well, you know, business before pleasure. Chris Pfanner always connected and a helping hand to keep the kids under control. Photo: Philipp Reinhard Philipp Reinhard, shooting and filming with the Leica SL. Photo: Florian Günther Jelle Keppens, tired and exhausted after a long shooting day. Photo: Philipp Reinhard After a long planning phase and two days of hard work out in that cold and rough terrain we finally felt confident with all the footage we had collected. All photos on this article are shot with the Leica SL. A special thank you goes to Leica Camera who supported the project since the first day and provided us with two fully Leica SL systems for the shooting. To our friends and helpers Roman Astleitner, Ralf Edlinger and Ingo Schulz, those guys were on site and set up the DIY spots before the filming days. To our riders who really nailed it and went crazy on some gnarly spots. To SOLO Skatemag and Stefan Schwinghammer for his behind the scenes shooting. And of course to our champs  behind the cameras: Mr Jelle Keppens, our gentle gaint and Volcom Skate photographer since for ever. Mr Phlipp Reinhard, a good friend of the brand since years,  photographer for Leica Camera and  a person with an awesome  sense of humour and a guarantee for good times. Also thanks to Florian Günther for photo assistance. Without all you guys this project would still be just an idea in some peoples mind. Go and check out for the behind the scenes article and the "ZEMENTWERK" release in their latest print issue.  True To This