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Volcom TCT Global Champs @ Lower Trestles - Day 1 Recap!

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2015 Volcom TCT Global Champs @ Lower Trestles - FINAL DAY Recap!


That's a wrap for Day 1 at the Volcom TCT Global Champs at Lower Trestles! We saw high performance surfing from all divisions with Nick Marshall and Caleb Crozier in the GromFish division dropping perfect 10s to bring the beach to their feet!

0715vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris 9983vol15morris_lPhoto: Tom Carey0741vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris 0843vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris 1102vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris9999vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris TCT_Carey0006Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0052Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0100Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0118Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0131Photo: Tom CareyTCT_Carey0174Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0143Photo: Tom CareyTCT_Carey0184Photo: Tom Carey

Kyuss King was a standout in R1 and looked like a sure-bet, but couldn't find the right waves in his R2 heat and went down. Jake Marshall, John Mel, Nolan Rapoza, Kei Kobayashi, among others, all totaled high heat scores for the day in the JuniorFish division and we look forward to seeing what they can bring tomorrow for the final day of competition!

0074vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris 0102vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny MorrisTCT_Carey0230Photo: Tom Carey 1162vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris 1169vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris TCT_Carey0236Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0285Photo: Tom Carey1203vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris TCT_Carey0288Photo: Tom CareyTCT_Carey0306Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0325Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0330Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0338Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0363Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0372Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0405Photo: Tom Carey

The ProAmFish division was explosive with hot performances by Yago Dora, Taylor Curran, Griffin Colapinto, Jake Kelley, Colin Moran, William Aliotti, Miguel Tudela, and more.

There was exciting high-performance surfing in the GirlFish division today in their Quarterfinal heats with some nail-biting finishes. Alyssa Spencer was a sure stand-out, while Caroline Marks, Kahanu Delovio, Kirra Pinkerton, and Shelby Detmers all grabbed two great heat scores to get them through to the semi finals.


0110vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris TCT_Carey0533Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0539Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0574Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0593Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0688Photo: Tom CareyTCT_Carey0765Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0775Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0780Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0783Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0785Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0796Photo: Tom Carey 1294vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris 1292vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris 1290vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris

TCT_Carey0819Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0827Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0835Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0839Photo: Tom CareyTCT_Carey0845Photo: Tom CareyTCT_Carey0862Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0866Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0869Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0876Photo: Tom Carey TCT_Carey0881Photo: Tom CareyTCT_Carey0919Photo: Tom Carey

1268vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris 1255vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris 1242vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris 1222vol15morris_lPhoto: Kenny Morris

Exceptional surfing for Day 1 at Lowers today! Pro-am Quarterfinal heats will be kicking it off Tuesday morning bright and early. With an increasing swell, the final day is shaping up to be a spectacular day of surfing and fun down at Lower Trestles. Tune-in to the live webcast at or come on down to join the excitement!

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  Originally William Aliotti comes from Caribbean Islands, even if he spends most of his time in Hossegor now. Couple weeks ago, straight after his winning at the Nazare Challenge, Willy took the decision to fly to Barbados for one of the best swell ever there. Soup Bowl is a beast, hard to tame, especially backside but William loves barrel, any stance!!! Enjoy 2minutes and half of perfect surfing in boardshort! Stay tuned for more from William in Caribbean Islands. Clip, pics and music by Manuel Claudeville Morell
In February of 2018, after years of being an 'affiliate' brand, Volcom was officially voted in by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) as an accredited 'member;' an achievement Volcom has had its sights set on since 2014. It's a badge that sets the brand apart and recognizes the commitment and diligence that has been put into their social compliance program over the last twelve years. Companies like Volcom that join the FLA commit to ten Principles of Fair Labor and Responsible Sourcing (and/or Production) and agree to uphold the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct in their supply chain. The Code of Conduct is based on International Labor Organization (ILO) standards and seeks to protect the workers who manufacture a company's goods. Brands can sign on as affiliates, but it takes years of implementation to bring their supply chains into compliance with the FLA's expectations to become and accredited member. The standards aim to achieve decent and humane working conditions in global supply chains and address important subjects like nondiscrimination, forced labor, child labor, compensation, hours of work, and more. In 2014, as a first step, Volcom became an FLA 'affiliate' noting that "The FLA provided Workplace Code of Conduct and Compliance Benchmarks that helped Volcom achieve the goal of making sure workers were not only receiving wages for basic needs and training for promotions to improve their lives, but also to be treated with dignity and respect." During its implementation period, the P.A.S.S. team at Volcom (Product and Social Safety) worked with FLA to: Adopt and communicate workplace standards Train staff to assess and remediate noncompliance issues Conduct internal assessments of facilities Provide workers with confidential reporting channels After a trip to Washington, DC in February for the FLA vote, it was confirmed that Volcom's efforts had been rewarded. "We're honored and proud, said Big Tony Alvarez, Volcom's VP of Global Supply Chain and the head of its compliance program. "It's been a learning process and a challenge, but a continuously positive one. It's been a real partnership between our suppliers, the FLA, and our teams internally. We're so stoked for this achievement and it's a win for all involved." Volcom's compliance program, referred to now as P.A.S.S., began in 2006 with the implementation of their first Code of Conduct and has steadily developed and matured ever since. Volcom's P.A.S.S. team is built on the FLA's shared belief that "The products we buy should not come at the cost of workers' rights." Their membership recognition reinforces that belief. Volcom's accreditation will be up for renewal every three years following a satisfactory FLA evaluation of labor compliance systems and activities during the timeframe.
CHECK OUT THIS INTERVIEW WITH SOME OF THE RADDEST SKATER BABES SHOWING US THEIR OUTFIT INSPO IN OUR NEW GMJ SPRING COLLECTION Our favorite London-based photographer, Leila Afghan, is back at it again, snapping photos and hanging with Deimante Sprainaityte and Aimee Gillingwater, two skater girls who are not afraid to rock their own styles. We were able to have a quick chat with the girls while they rode around town in our newest Volcom x Georgia May Jagger Collection, a collection inspired by 90's streetwear. Keep scrolling for the interview and some major women's outfit inspiration! Tell us about the shoot locations! DEIMANTE: Ballroom is a DIY Spot in Buckinghamshire. An abandoned building that used to be offices. Around three years ago, local skaters located it and started building it up slowly into a skate park that is one of the best DIY spots I have seen. AIMEE: Soho and London. The land of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. The London center of street and skater fashion. Soho is an area, as a musician, I spent a lot of time during my youth staring at all the instruments Denmark St. had to offer. It’s an interesting location as the collection was designed by Georgia May Jagger, the daughter of the frontman of the Rolling Stones. Soho has a lot of history attributed to her family. Do you prefer skating street or transitions? DEIMANTE: Both AIMEE: Both Who is your favorite skater? DEIMANTE: Nora Vasoncellos for sure AIMEE: Maria Dal Santo Do you skate goofy or regular? DEIMANTE: Goofy AIMEE: Regular Who are three people you would bring back from the dead? DEIMANTE: David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Dylan Rieder AIMEE: Carrie Fisher, David Bowie, Nina Simone
Harry Lintell - Video Part UK Premiere
Make sure not to miss out on Harry Lintell’s Real Part releasing today at Free Skateboard Magazine. @harrylintell, @freeskatemag, @realskateboards, @volcomskate CLICK HERE TO WATCH    
Volcom Rail Jam 2018 at Volcom Krynistler Snowpark
We had a great day during our first edition of Volcom Rail Jam ! Event was located in Volcom Krynistler Snowpark which Volcom is a main sponsor starting this season !! Atmosphere was excellent, we had not bad weather great set up prepared by Park Pirates and nice group of the best and craziest jibbers. We have started at noon with qualification part open for everyone. Riders were kicking from the beginning, ripping strong tricks on high skilled obstacles. 3 lines with different hardness made a big challenge for everyone forcing guys to the limit. Everything was hyped by music, and a delicious BBQ free for anyone with special thanks to our local partner BoardZone ! Gnu snowboards organized a bunch of jib boards for testing. Going further after quali time we had final runs , with plenty of mellow tricks- shredding all lines , doing transfers and strong combinations! Judges decided and pointed our first 3 best Volcom Rail Jam competitors. 3rd place that day was taken by Kuba Szkaradek for his nice style and technical lines. On the 2nd stage of podium we had our Volcom Man – Maciek Długosz who showed everyone that style matters and doing big transfers is profitable, he was unbreakable ! The best and the furious was one and only Rafał Sypień !! He blasted the strongest ones, he was the most creative and made a most varied trick combinations. We had also nice jibbing session with our beautiful ladies , with a Basia Sekudewicz winning bangers ! We want to thanks to our main partners for extra prizes – one of the best real snowboard on-line shops Snow- for Crab Grap stuff, Boardzone shop for organizational support and the best BBQ ever, Park Pirates for set up and the best hosting, Gnu for the test boards and support and ThirtyTwo for nice prize pack. See you next year with some new and fresh ideas !! Let it snow ! BBQ,Chill,Volcombooth Chilling Time Maciek Dàugosz - transfer Maciek Dàugosz Rafaà Sypie‰  Rafaà Sypie‰ - sequence Rafaà Sypie‰ Snowpark climbing Tomek Zielony Victorious Ladies Victorious Mens VolcomRailJam setup
"Home, Sweet Home" with Joan Duru
Joan is a huge fan of barrels, which is why this video edit is packed with nothing but France beach break barrels. Before his start on the 2018 World Surf League Championship Tour, Joan enjoyed a short break at home, snagging a couple good days during a not-so-good winter. Good luck to Joan on the 2018 Championship Tour!