RESULTS | Volcom Stone's Totally Crustaceous Tour presents the Hossegor Grand Prix European TCT Championships

La Sud International Speedway hosted the Hossegor Grand Prix last weekend for the races to crown the European Totally Crustaceous Tour champions. Surfers from Portugal, France, UK, the Basque country and the Spanish peninsula gathered in the famous French town of Hossegor for the competition.Check out the photos, story, and results below for a full taste of that epic event!


Clean and small conditions in the morning of the race day, fun for the Sprokets start in La Sud, Hossegor!
Guilherme Ribeiro flaring

3-TCT-Champs -youngywasaracecardriver2

Welcome to Hossegor International Speedway

4-2014_TCT_Champs_Noa Dupouy 2

The Tailpipes division was a highlight with the 10 years and under pushing their limits in the challenging afternoon conditions, Noa Dupuy finished at the 2nd place

5-2014_TCT_Champs_Loic Blouin

Loic Blouin (Tailpipes)

Plenty of rain means no need for additional water for the slip&slide racetrack

Plenty of rain means no need for additional water for the slip&slide racetrack

9-2014_TCT_Champs_Marco Mignot 2

Marco Mignot won the Sprokets division with some impressive surfing

10-2014_TCT_Champs_Erwan Blouin

Erwan Blouin Flaring in the early heats of the Sprokets

11-TCT-Champs -boxes1

Quick board prep at the Pitstop for the British stallion Harry Timson, litteraly James Hunt apprentice

The Spoilers were ripping, and you might see soon more European girls competing in the World circuit

The Spoilers were ripping, and you might see soon more European girls competing in the World circuit. Marion Bouzigues.

2014_TCT_Champs_Camille Davila

Camille Davila

2014_TCT_Champs_girl 2

Ariane Ochoa

2014_TCT_Champs_Quentin Grenard

Quentin Grenard won the Tailgaters division, overtaking everyone in the Finals.


William Aliotti unfortunately lost in the semi-finals of the Lug Nuts.


Charly Quivront did an outstanding semi-final but couldn't put it together in the finals and finished 4th in the Lug Nuts division.

2014_TCT_Champs_PC Distinguin

Volcom driver PC Distinguin had an amazing race but crashed in the finish line. He took the 2nd position in the Lug Nuts division.

Aldric God claimed victory in the Lug Nuts division, he's ready for another go at the Newport 500 global Champs.

Aldric God claimed victory in the Lug Nuts division, he's ready for another go at the Newport 500 global Champs.

Victory lap.

Victory lap.

Thanks to everyone who helped run this contest and the whole tour series and to our partners Bubblegum wax, Board Bog, Electric, FCS, Pukas, Long Island longboards, MRP driving school, the city of Hossegor, Hossegor Surf Club, Surfers villa, Garage Renault Capbreton, and the Rallye du Labour.

Tons of Prizes Volcom gear, Pukas Surfboards, Electric glasses and boardbags, race driving lessons from MRP, RC Cars and Amazing Trophies

Tons of Prizes Volcom gear, Pukas Surfboards, Electric glasses and boardbags, race driving lessons from MRP, Skateboards from Long Island, RC Cars and Amazing Trophies


Racing officials, Volcom drivers and pit crew


Allday wetsuit frothing special award: Stanley Norman

 Tailpipes (Squids 10-)

1-Stanley Norman (UK) 200€
2-Noa Dupuy (Fr)
3-Loic Blouin (Fr)
4-Alfonso Antunes (Pt)
5-Luan Nogues (Fr)
6-Jose Ribeiro (Pt)

2014_TCT_Champs_Podium_SQUIDS 2

 Sprokets (Groms 13-)

1-Marco Mignot (Fr) 600€ trip to the global TCT Champs
2-Erwan Blouin (Fr)  200€
3-Nalu Doutres (Fr) 100€
4-Guilherme Ribeiro (Pt) 100€


Tail Gaters (Juniors 16-)

1-Quentin Grenard (Fr) 700€ trip to the global TCT Champs
2-Thomas Delplace (Fr) 400€
3-Joao Moreira (Pt) 200€
4-Jonas Bachan (Fr) 100€


Spoilers (Girls 20-)

1-Ainara Aymat (Euk) 600€ trip to the global TCT Champs
2-Ana Morau (Fr) 200€
3-Camilaa Kemp (Pt) 100€
4-Ariane Ochoa (Fr) 100€


Lug Nuts (ProAm 20-)

1-Aldric God (Fr) 1000€ trip to the global TCT Champs
2-Paul Cesar Distinguin (Fr) 700€ trip to the global TCT Champs
3-Jobe Harris (UK) 400€
4-Charly Quivront  (fr) 300€


TCT-Champs -winnerproam

Aldric God also won drift lesson with MRP driving school, and spent a bunch of his prize money at the infamous Hôtel de la Plage the same night.

2014_TCT_Champs_Airan + Jeremy


2014_TCT_Champs_Job Harris

2014_TCT_Champs_Luan Nogues

2014_TCT_Champs_Noa Dupouy

2014_TCT_Champs_squids (antunes?)





Photos by: Alex Lesbats and Armando Santos



Recent News + Video

RESULTS | Totally Crustaceous Tour | Karramarrofish surf series, Anglet, France
The Karramarrofish Surf Series went down this past weekend in Anglet, France, with some fine surf conditions and a little taste of summer weather. It was the last event of the European leg of Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour 14-15 (TCT). A lot of surfers signed up from all over Europe, to get a last chance to qualify for the World TCT Championships in California. The battle was fierce in the ever-changing conditions of the South West of France, and the drama levels were high, adding extra flavor to this contest. Imanol Yeregi getting some tube time right before breaking his board in the shorebreak Check out the photo recap below for a detailed story of what went down during those 2 days! Contest results are below together with the list of surfers who get a flight ticket + accommodation to the World Totally Crustaceous Tour Championships in California (Newport Beach and Lower Trestles). Thanks a lot to everyone who made it to this contest and everyone that helped organize it: Mairie d'Anglet, Anglet Surf Club, Skull Candy, Hoff and BubbleGum wax, Rico for the food and high times, the judges, Alex Lesbats for the photos and all our staff. Marco Mignot won in the Groms division with moves like this one, getting a plane ticket to California in June. Iker Imatrian got stopped in the groms semis but showed some very mature surfing throughout the entire event On top of sick prizes for all finalists, Skullcandy lent some bean bags and longchairs for some extra relaxation in between heats Guilherme Moreira was in fine form all event long and finished in second place in the Groms division in a high disputed final. Lavafish Surf Series winner Lenni Jensen made the trip all the way from the Canary Islands but also got stopped in the Groms semis, but not without displaying his smooth carves. In the Juniors division, the level was also high, with surfers from all around Europe shredding the bowls on offer. Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama shows you how to go vertical It’s always good to include a slip and slide in a race for extra prizes Tessa Tyssen and Neis Lartigue Neis Lartigue was flaring into the 2nd place of the Girls finals Tessa Tysssen won the Girls division with solid turns like these. Girls were going for it and weren’t scared of getting smashed in the shorebreak. Surfer in green racing for an exit, offshore winds helped the sections to stay open but also can get you in some fun late-drop situations. Charly Quivront was in fine form but lost in the Pro Am semi finals In his Pro Am semis, Diego Mignot comboed everyone with two big airs Groms and Squids were frothing on the beach both days with extra grinds, games, loads of whip cream and flour… Imanol Yeregui got 3rd in the Pro Am division, you see him here on a backside floater on a meaty section Volcom TCT « veteran » Aldric God was also on a rampage all event, he broke his board on this manoeuver and was back out in no time to pass to the next round God is rocking a Volcom sticker? His friend and Volcom team rider Paul Monborne lent him his board as he didn’t have a spare one after breaking his stick. Unfortunately Diego Mignot tweaked his knee trying to land this air in the Pro Am finals, we wish you a quick recovery Thomas Delplace searching for some shadow, he surfed like 20 waves in this heat.. Paul Cesar Distinguin is a well rounded surfer and was taking advantage of both outside grinders and inside bowls during his heats, he won the Pro Am division and a sweet 500€ in cash, find PC on tinder and give him some props! RESULTS: PRO AM DIVISION (20 and under): 1 Paul Cesar Distinguin 500€ 2 Aldric God 3 Imanol Yeregi 4 Diego Mignot JUNIORS DIVISION (16 and under): 1 Lens Arancibia 250€ 2 Lander Davila 3 Joao Moreira 4 Patric Mainston GROMS (13 and under): 1 Marco Mignot 2 Guilherme Moreira 3 Teva Bouchgua 4 Martin Paulino GIRLS (20 and under): 1 Tessa Tyssen 2 Neis Lartigue 3 Andrea Munos 4 Josephine Coste SQUIDS (10 and under): 1 Noa Dupouy 2 Kai Odriozola 3 Mario Rasines 4 Noah Hecht Suarez BEST AIR: Diego Mignot 250€ Marco Mignot Martim Paulino about to smash or get smashed by a lip Squids and Groms chilling hard Titouan Boyer and Teva Bouchga Winners of the plane ticket to compete at the 2015 world Totally Crustaceous Tour Championships in Newport Beach and Lower Trestles (June 13-14 and June 21-22) PRO – AM: William Aliotti (France) Jordan Oueslati (France) Nomme Mignot (France) JUNIOR: Len’s Arancibia Avila (France) João Moreira (Portugal) Lander Davila (Euskadi) GIRLS: Ariane Otxoa (Euskadi) Camilla Kemp (Portugal) GROMS: Justin Bercet (France) Marco Mignot (France) SQUIDS: Alfonso Antunes (Portugal) Stay tuned for the 2014-2015 European TCT video recap ! Overall Volcom Totally Crustaceous Tour 2014-2015
The Kitzsteinhorn shapers OFF DUTY
If you’re a shaper, you shape, sleep, eat and ride. And the dudes shaping up at Kitz can keep up with the best of them. Check for yourself in this recent edit from up on the glacier.
Volcom Team Jamming on the East Coast of Oz
Volcom Team shredders Carlos Munoz, Ozzie Wright, Parker Coffin, Mitch Coleborn, Joan Duru, and Gony Zubizarreta jamming on the east coast of Australia during the warmer months. The team’s varied, as are the conditions, which makes for a fun mess of small(er) wave hot-dogging. Carlos for Costa Rican prez!
Volcom to Puerto Rico!
What do you get when you mix Volcom and Puerto Rico? The answer should be Rum Punch.. But the real answer is a radical surf trip! The Volcom team went on spring break a little early this year and spent a week down in PR. Mother nature was on our side and she showed us a good time. Here's a taste of the action… Club Destroy -- Mauro Diaz, Pat Schmidt, Ricardo Delgado, Miguel Tudela, Balaram Stack & Noah Schweizer… Pretty heavy crew! Balaram is no stranger to PR. He's always flying down... Yeah, they like long walks on the beach and late nights out on the town. This is Mauro Diaz, our newest addition to the Volcom Family! He's a great human & an awesome surfer. We are more than stoked to have him on the team. This was our first time hangin out with Mauro and we instantly became brothers. He's a classic human in and out of the water. The man, the myth, the legend, Ricardo "Slims" Delgado. This kid is a hard worker. Thanks for taking care of us and showing us around, buddy! Miguel flew over from Peru to hang out for the week. Well, he wasn't really "hangin out," he took home first place in the Volcom TCT Catfish and punted some of the biggest airs! This was Miguel's second time to PR. We can guarantee he'll be back. Miguel's first wave of the trip… yep!  Noah is a sneaky little guy… Don't let his tricks fool yah! Mr. Pat Schmidt flexing as Mauro mimics. We found this sneaky little wedge on our fist day. Pat gave it a Rum Punch! Tinder... Pat speed blur day and night. Balaram sun setting.   The dudes hard at work? (Mullet & Ruddy Photo) Yeahhh, this is Mullet… Our creepy friend… oh, and filmer. These are Coconuts, probably the tastiest and most dangerous drink in all the land. Ruddy, Dane and Billy Hume can vouch.  Happy Birthday, RJ. Photos: Patrick Ruddy, Ben Capron AKA Mullet, RJ Dunzelman, Richie Olivares
Gemma O'Brien - Experimental Lettering
After a few years of running lettering classes in Australia and around the world, I’ve been looking at new approaches to mix up the styles produced in my workshops. I wanted to create a class that diverted from traditional and calligraphic techniques, and focussed more on free-play with letterforms and experimentation with new and unconventional materials. I hosted the first Experimental Lettering workshop in Sydney at The Common Room a few weeks ago, and I’m excited to share the results! Participants created letterforms with a variety of new tools: sponges and doilies, paint and straws, plasticine, bundles of sticks with ink, and watercolours with eyedroppers. Everyone (including myself!)  got their hands dirty and came away with starting points for new projects and ideas. I’m looking forward to carrying across elements of this class to the upcoming Volcom School of Cool in New Zealand this May, as well as my New York workshop with the Art Directors Club next week. Happy Lettering! Gemma xx @volcomwomens_oz @mrseaves101
Volcom Featured Artist Series presents DAN ELDON X VOLCOM | The Journey is the Destination
At the age of seven, Dan Eldon moved from London to Nairobi, Kenya which ignited a lifelong fascination with the land and the people of Africa. As a teenager, Dan combined his passion for art, adventure and activism into a personal philosophy that he called, "Safari as a Way of Life”. On July 12, 1993, Dan, one of the youngest Reuters photojournalists ever, along with three colleagues, was stoned and beaten to death while covering the tragic conflict in Mogadishu, Somalia. At only 22 years old, Dan Eldon’s safari came to a sudden end. However, he left behind seventeen black-bound journals filled with drawings, writings and photographs. Through his art, his journey continues. We celebrate Dan Eldon’s sense of adventure and creative activism, in our latest Featured Artist Series tee collection, proving the journey truly is the destination.   SHOP DAN ELDON COLLECTION

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