RESULTS | Stop #5 of Volcom WITP European Tour 2014 | Athens, Greece

Volcom’s “Wild in the Parks 2014” international skateboard contest was held in the recently opened Skatepark of the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens (OAKA), Greece, on Saturday, July 12th.

Skaters of various ages started arriving in early afternoon, not only to sign up in one of the three divisions, but also to enjoy the warm-up session, with top athletes teaching the younger ones new tricks.

The contest began at 16:00 with the “14 & Under” division, then followed the “15-21” division, and finally the “Open” division, in which Giorgio Zavos took the 1st place. Zavos qualified to the European WITP Championships to be held in Sevilla, Spain, on 27 September 2014, and Volcom will cover all his travel expenses!


14 and under Division:
1-Theodoris Kiddo
2-Xristos Karamanos
3-Markos Markosian

15-21 Division:
1-Manos Kyriakousis
2-Spyros Kokotos
3-Dimitris Georgiadis

Open Division:
1-Giorgio Zavos
2-Konstantinos Mavridis
3-John Mitsel

1 1st place OPEN - Zavos-2

1st place OPEN - Zavos

2 1st-place-OPEN-Zavos


2nd place - OPEN - Mavridis

2nd place - OPEN - Mavridis



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Recent News + Video

Stop #5 of Volcom's WITP Europe 2015 | Oberesslingen, Germany
Last weekend Volcom Wild In The Parks stopped at the legendary Adenauer Skatepark in Oberesslingen, Germany. Skateboarders came from all over germany to ride the new reopened skatepark down to ist fullest! The 3 Divisions left no doubt to say that this was one of the heaviest contests we’ve seen in a while. In the 14 & under division young guns like Laurin Bräuning and Henry Gebhard proved that the upcoming rippers have the potential to take the game to the next level. Henry Gebhard had his tricks on lock and convinced the judges with his fast & super clean riding. In the 15-21 Division Jens Ettinger pulled out some hammers and literally flipped himself into the first place. With guys like Andi Welther, Glenn Michelfelder and Louis Taubert we had a line up for the open division that would clearly blow everyones mind. The judges had a hard time but at the end Louis took first place with his rough and fast skating. It was a great day of skateboarding and a great day with lots of nice people, so at the end there is nothing to say but thanks to the Adenauer Skatepark, to all the helping hands and all the people that showed up and made this contest as rare as it was! Tom Dietrich handled the downrail with ease Louis Taubert - Ollie North Spina threw down some massive tricks, here's one of them - bs wallride Volcom Stuttgart Ambassador - Denis Nitsche with his classy switch fs flip! Louis Taubert - Kickflip up the 5 stairs Henry Gebhard handled the downrail like a big boy Samuel Görman surely had his kickflips on lock Sweet Kickflip by Samuel Görman Kevin blasted this big old bs 180 over the downrail! The registration is always nice with our volcom ladys Angelo Kaiser - Fs Pop Shove it A good day of drinking - Cheers Andi Welther - Kickflip Matze and Merlin took the BBQ to their own hands Kids enjoying the BBQ to catch some energy for their runs Ryan - Crooked Grind Spinas - BS Tailslide is on point Steffen Maurer trey bombed the bank, showing the people some swabian madness RESULTS: 14 & under: 1. Henry Gebhard 2. Simon Keita 3. Laurin Bräuning 4. Marcel Senory 5. David Gabler 15-21: 1. Jens Ettinger 2. Samuel Görman 3. Goekhan Eray 4. Kijan Ghanavati 5. Luca Schwieder Open: 1. Louis Taubert 2. Denis Nitsche 3. Ryan 4. Andi Welther 5. Kevin Spina Cheer up for Louis! Kings of the open division The casual giveaway action is always a good one! Filming&editing: Photos: Martin Hermann
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