RESULTS | Stop #3 of Volcom WITP European Tour 2014 | Bregenz, Austria

“Best fun ever” is a description of the Volcom Wild In The Parks last week end in Bregenz, Austria; Nevertheless, “genius”, “state of art” could be a description of the skatepark, and “shitty”, “bone cracking cold” and “rainy” are the words which best describe the weather condition during the event.

Upon arrival it was everything but certain whether the event could actually take place. Heavy rains and winds initially hindered the crew to set up. However, after three hours of anxious waiting and contemplating, the sun busted out from clouds and a clear blue sky welcomed the audience.

Fortunately, the park dried within a few minutes and ever since there was no holding back for the locals anymore who were eager to rip the park into pieces. The new Skatepark Remise, built and designed by Anker Ramps and Alex Kramer, is one of its kind in the region. Inspired by the huge DIY scene in Scandinavia, the park shares similarities with the Sibab-Skatepark in Malmö: A super smooth park with funky obstacles and a unique overall composition. As the park lies near Lake Constance, the WITP attracted many skaters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who certainly knew how to rip the unique mix of transition and street obstacles.

The Under 14 division showed some serious commitment and pleased the crowd with huge treflips over the table and boardslides on the roof top rail. One of the many highlights was the attempt from Balsa Marcovic who tried to clear the massive grass gap and despite a bloody elbow, gave it two more tries.
The 15-21 division did not give a damn either and pulled some “never seen” trick variations on the bank to quarter obstacle. The “Open” Division was the most popular division of the event. Many big names such as “Daniel Spiegel (Vienna), Octavio Trindade (Erfurt, Germany), Alex Schulz (Stuttgart, Germany) and the local riper Antonio Aiello (Bregenz, Austria) found their way to Bregenz and certainly tested the foundation of the new park while dropping some hammers! A short list could be a bs noseblunt (Daniel Spiegel) on the roof top rail, a fs flip over the stair set ledge (Antonio Aiello), a kickflip down the grass gap (Octavio Trindade) or a massive ollie up the ledge over the hexagon (Alex Schulz) this heat was going insane!
Just as all heats were completed, some dark clouds reappeared on the horizon of Lake Constance. During the brief interruption everyone could nibble on some “customised” burgers and refreshments.

As time was a limited resource, all riders had the chance to win some money for the bus home during the “Monster Cash for Tricks” session, which was hold simultaneously on the down rail and the bank/quarter obstacle. Everyone was sincerely invited and some gnarly tricks were unleashed.

To sum it up, the new Skatepark Remise in Bregenz was a pleasure to ride for everyone and was met with only positive feedback. The hosting of the WILD IN THE PARKS/LET THE KIDS RIDE FREE EVENT in this park was an enrichment for all the riders and certainly inspired all the locals. It was a blast!

Many thanks go out to Alexander Kramer who was great help when it came to communicating with the city council and of course the entire Volcom Team, making the organisation, despite heavy rains and interruptions as smooth it can be. Therefore, many thanks go out to: Heiko Jäger, Matze Schwab, Felix Gundrum, Felix Pfleiderer, Martin Hermann, Philipp Reinhard, Alex Schulz, Daniel Spiegel, Octavio Trindade, Ante Aiello, Holzi, Kaja.


Volcom family rider Daniel Spiegel pulling a neat bs noseblunt out of his bag of tricks.


That's how melon grabs are supposed to be done according to Morris Deuring. We could not agree more!


Wasn’t a make, though Balsa landed it twice, on his elbow.

02_WITP-enjoying the sun and an awesome sandwich party.

Enjoying the sun and an awesome sandwich party.


A creepy fs slash at the bank to wallride combo.


The rules are clear and now go!


Luciano Wirth launching his kickflip over the roof, straight into the flat.


Besides pulling bs smith grinds, Samuel also knows how to pose for the cam.


Besides bodybuilding, Samuel knows how to pull bs smith grinds.


Octavio Trindade (Volcom Family) brought some specialities from eastern Germany. Amongst other this hardflip bs lipslide!


This fs flip from Ante Aiello went down second try. For Ante, one try too much.


... and then he gave the rest to the cat.


Felix gained full scores in all areas: 1. Burger to barbecue, 2. Burger flipping, 3. Burger into bread roll!


Locals need to represent: Alexander Kramer (left) and Ante Aiello (right) are happy as a dog with tails that Volcom crashed their park.


The kids are alright! Aaron Moser enjoying his time with the two brothers Balsa and Bojan.


Pretty big rail for a small dude. Aaron fs boardslide.


Niklas fs noseblunt to cash for the bus home to Lindau.


Let the kids ride free!


Incredible fs noseblunt from Mo Deuring.


Volcom “Wild in the Parks” Austria Crew/Family. From left to right: Heiko Jäger, Matze Schwab, Timo Kavermann, Octavio Trindade, Jens Hennefarth, Daniel Spiegel, Philipp Reinhard, Felix Gundrum, Ante Aiello and Alex Schulz.


Of course, of course, Volcom had some stuff for everyone! Crowd needs to be pleased, especially by this kind of weather!

Pics: Martin Hermann
Clip: Philipp Reinhard

1. Aaron Moser
2. Jeol Jung
3. Balsa Markovic
4. Luciano Wirth
5. Bojan Markovic


-15 äääh – 14 winners and qualifiers for the WITP Champs in Spain.

1. Stefan Forster
2. Mo Deuring
3. Dario Fink
4. Samuel Kloser
5. Jens Grünensug


15-21 winners and qualifiers for the WITP Champs in Spain.

1. Alex Schulz
2. Ante Aiello
3. Stephan Tapfer
4. David Heuberger
5. Hänni Domenic


Open winners! This was just a rad heat. Well done guys!

Best Girl
Bettina Müller


The one and only girl ripped the park apart. Nice one Bettina Müller!

Recent News + Video


Snow Garden Festival, Grenoble

For the first time, Volcom was present at the Snow Garden festival, a huge snow movie and music festival. It was set up in the town’s soccer stadium, where more than 15,000 people enjoyed the latest and greatest snow movies, a bunch of concerts and met snow legends like Volcom’s Dan Brisse and  Arthur Longo. We showed Volcom’s new snow film, Mr. Plant on Thursday night in front of 5000 people, followed by a crazy signing session with Arthur Longo and Olivier Gittler. For the entire three days, ton of goodies were given away at the Volcom booth, such as custom hats, screened tee shirts, and we managed a huge “pick a winner” prize pack. We had a great time with some passionate organizers who did an amazing job. Congrats guys, we will see you next year! Mr Plant Stone Man with Olive and Arthur Crowd Stone Man beer pong Stone Man with Arthur   Stone Man x Mike  Arthur and Dan Crowd Kids with hats Serigraphy Serigraphy Serigraphy  

Rune Glifberg, 2nd Place in The Berrics 'In Transition'

The Berrics held a contest where they picked 10 of the most progressive skaters on the planet to choose one location each—any location in the world—and film a full part. Volcom's very own Rune Glifberg and one of skateboardings newest pro's Ben Raemers were two of the chosen. Viewers of the videos were the deciding factor in the contest as they voted for the winner. Rune picked his hometown park in Copenhagen, Denmark while Ben picked a gnarly DIY spot in East London to film their parts. After voting closed it and votes were counted, Rune came out in 2nd place! You can watch both of their parts over at The Berrics by clicking the images below. Congrats again Rune! Rune Glifberg's part filmed by Kris Tait Ben Raemers' part filmed by Kevin Parrott Ben Raemers' part filmed by Kevin Parrot Check out some photos below from the filming process Rune Noseblunt shot by Davy Van Laere Rune stand up 5-0 shot by Arto Saari Ben Raemers ollie shot by Al Irvine Ben Raemers, Stalefish shot by Al Irvine Ben Raemers pivot to fakie shot by Al Irvine Don't forget to follow @VolcomSkate on instagram and on FACEBOOK for the fastest updates about the Volcom skate team


Ryan Burch puts the pedal to the metal on the walls of Bangko-Bangko and pulls into some heavy ones at Grajagan Bay after sharing a few thoughts on self-expression, how surfing and the asymmetrical boards he shapes fit into that, and what it is about being on a wave that excites him. Direct & Edit Ryan Thomas Cameras Jimmy “Jazz” James Ivan Tanjung Additional Cameras Matt Shuster Ryan Thomas Interview Audio Matt Shuster Producers Ryan Thomas Matt Shuster Music “Ain’t Gonna Listen” performed by Slow Season courtesy of Riding Easy Records

Surf Wax Candles DIY

The smell of surf wax always reminds us of the beach. It’s sweet like coconut, and smells like an afternoon of sunny rays, sand and sea salt.  We wanted to make something that would allow our house to smell like summertime even in the coldest winter (which is quickly creeping upon us). If you want to brighten your home and give new life to the worn out 10mm wax covering your surf board, here’s your chance:  let’s make DIY surf wax candles!!   What do you need? -       Wax (recovered from one of your boards, don't have your own - offer to clean up your friends board). -       A wick. -       A container to hold your candle (be creative, this can be a shell, the container of an old candle, a glass). -       A container where you can mix and melt your wax (you do not want to buy a new pot as it will be unusable after this session). Step 1: Remove the wax from your board. Step 2: Melt the wax. -      Place it in a metal container (an aluminum tray will do nicely) and heat gently until the wax is liquid. Step 3: Assemble. -       Place the metal end of the wick in the center of your container. Tie the end of the wick to a stick that you put in two lenses to keep it perfectly right. Step 4: Pour. -      Dust and sand should have settled to the bottom. Be careful not to pour the sand into your container. Step 5: Wait. Let your candle cool off before cutting the wick to the length you want. Step 6: Sit back, relax, smell the beach and dream away!

Volcom 2014 Wild in The Parks Europe Wrap Up

The 2014 Wild In The Parks reached the pinnacle of the tour with the $15,000 championship event this past Saturday at the private Volcom skatepark in Costa Mesa, California. On top of epic skateboarding, the parking lot got styled up with carnival games, free food/drinks, and David Gonzales's band Rattblack played a free show. Also check below the links to the videos, photos and results of each European event, if you haven’t checked all of them already! Big thanks to the Volcom family, everyone involved with these contests and Jart skateboards for their support. Volcom Stone's Wild In The Parks 2014 Championships, Costa Mesa, California 14 and under European Wild In The Parks Champion Oskar Hjellegjerde from Norway took the second place, check the full results and video of the insanity that went down.  Volcom 2014 European WITP Championships, Sevilla Norway robbed the bank, France, Germany, Slovenia and Spain getting honorable mention: see the shredding that went down!   WITP Italy, Vicenza Watch Krap skatepark get destroyed by Jacopo Carozzi and Aref Koushesh   WITP France, Chelles Cosanostra skatepark, next to Paris is home of skate sock trend, and always a great place to hangout   WITP Norway, Trondheim Trikkestallen might not be the biggest skatepark but is home park of some of Europe’s finest skateboarders   WITP Spain, Barcelona Long time due in one of Europe’s capital of skateboarding, the WITP didn’t disappoint with loads of sick action   WITP Switzerland, Zurich There are more and more quality skateparks being built in Switzerland, and the Swiss skate scene is growing fast!   WITP UK, Poole There’s no shortage of talent in England, see the pros and the local heroes get loose in the Poole skatepark.   WITP Germany, Kassel  Mr Wilson Skatehalle is a must go DIY indoor/outdoor park if you’re in the area, fun as hell and crazy good vibes at this WITP   WITP Greece, Athens Sun, marble, ladies, all generations skateboarding, WITP Greece in Oaka! WITP Netherlands, Eindhoven Check out Nick Bax, Dan Vanderlinden, his brothers and more get tech on the Aera 51 skatepark!   WITP Austria, Bregenz Great contest at another super fun concrete skatepark, the rain didn’t stop the event   WITP Poland, Leszno Check out the first WITP in Poland at the new gigantic street plaza of Leszno   WITP Slovenia, Nova Gorica The European season started with a banger in Slovenia for Go skate day, lots of talentedskaters over there!

Coco and Maud for Sport & Style Magazine

Ever wondered what it'd look like if high fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga got worn by surfers? And to make it even more contrasted, menswear on female surfers... Photographer Alex Brunet caught up with two of our surf beauties Coco Ho & Maud Le Car during the 5th Swatch Pro Girl's surf contest a couple months ago in Hossegor, France. They shot a fashion story for the French magazine Sport & Style, and the issue is out now both in print and online. Here's some of our favorite shots.           To learn more about the photographer Alex Brunet - check out his website or follow him on instagram. @alexbrunet11

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