RESULTS | Stop #2 of Volcom WITP European Tour 2014 | Leszno, Poland


Frontside feeble


Massive flip over the fire hydrant


Free entry + free teeshirts = stoked




Wojtek and Maciek at the registration

Wojtek and Maciek at the registration

kick flip down 7

Kick flip down 7

14 and under finalists ready to shred

14 and under finalists ready to shred



crooked down the hubba

Crooked down the hubba

All divisions winners qualify-for the WITP Championships

All divisions winners qualify-for the WITP Championships

Maciek on the mic

Maciek on the mic

European stop #2 of the Wild In The Parks 2014 contest series was a blast! The new skate Plaza in Leszno, Poland hosted the competition and is a perfect park for such an event.
This 28th of June was very busy from early morning but the local crew LSSE of Leszno helped handle everything and gave a warm welcome to everyone at their home spot.
At the beginning some raindrops were a bit scary but luckily it stopped just after registration. Around 70 skaters from all around Poland signed up, ready to rock out the plaza and have a good time!
The 14 and under started the event in style, with plenty of big tricks on the London gap, the seven stairs and ripping the ledges and rails. After that the 1521 division made a good use of the whole park with flip tricks, grinds, big transfers, all their repertory have been landed.
The ender division –Open- was a gathering of the best polish skaters in Leszno this day! They raise up the bar very high, and destroyed the seven stairs and the hubba section with bangers, leaving the crowd super excited.
The atmosphere was perfect , with the sun shining all afternoon, tasty BBQ, and some classic rock and roll. Everybody was happy to be there and having a good time with friends from all over Poland!
We are sending big thanks to Maciek Heczko and Łukasz Cebula for hosting this WITP and keeping everybody in good mood. Big thanks to Red Bull for providing music and good energy during whole event. Also we want to thanks to our partners who passed extra prizes for riders: Monument Distribution, Etnies, Element and GoPro!
At the end I want to add special thanks to Wojtek Nieżychowski for making our WITP edit!
See you next year !!


Under 14 years:

15 to 21 years:

Open category:

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Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA Getxo 2014 complete report

The Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA was held in the beautiful town of Getxo in Algorta, Spain. There were 2 divisions in in the contest, one masters and one pro. Legends and pros from all around the world came out to skate the contest and after many heated seshes the results were as follows: Results for the Pro Division: 1st: Pedro Barros 2nd: Alex Sorgente 3rd: Danny Leon 4th: Felipe Foguinho 5th: Cory Juneau 6th: Sky Siljeg 7th: Joshua Borden 8th: Chris Russell Results for the Masters Division: 1st: Pat Ngoho 2nd: Sean Goff 3rd: Steve Alba 4th: Txus Dominguez 5th: Sergie Ventura 6th: Stephane Andre 7th: Jan Loften 8th: Brad Bowman Congrats to Pedro Barros and Pat Ngoho on taking home first! Check out some photos below shot by Jelle Keppens and more videos of the whole week of shred including the complete HD replay of the Pro finals. Huge thanks to all the sponsors and the wonderful town of Getxo! Here is a replay of the Pro division finals uncut in HD, with Ben Raemers and Marc Churchill as your hosts for your delight: Wednesday warm up Party included a « Sardinada », beers and live rock&roll on the coping : Here is P-Stone’s Thrasher edit : La Kantera history :   UK’s Ben Raemers and Marc Churchill were your fine webcast hosts Alex Hallford Chris Russell Cory Juneau Guillaume Mocquin   Cory Juneau Felipe Foguinho Josh Borden Danny Leon Felipe Foguinho Omar Hassan Josh Borden Josh Borden Giorgio Zattoni Josh Borden Felipe Foguinho again flying high Rune Glifberg Rune Glifberg Sky Siljeg Some ass shot The view from the hill Steve Alba Vincent Matheron Stoneman didn’t fall into the pool Sky Siljeg tweaking it Alain Goikoetxea at home Steve Alba Stephane Andre Sergie Ventura Sean Goff Masters Sean Goff and Salba The chill hill Sergie Ventura Sean Goff again Pat Ngoho Salba and the pool ladder Felipe Foguinho Danny Leon Pedro Barros Pedro tweaked Indy Alex Sorgente Felipe Foguinho Danny Leon Pedro Barros Pedro Barros Foguinho The view from the other hill, packed ! Pat Ngoho placed first in the Masters Pedro Barros took top honors in the Pro division and won the Txapela The Volcom Bowl-A-Rama Getxo is going down Saturday September 6th, Check out the schedule below and if you won't be in Spain you can watch the LIVE WEBCAST HERE!    POOL LEGENDS OF SKATE JOIN A STELLAR LINEUP FOR VOLCOM BOWL-A-RAMA™ GETXO   Action sports fans will witness the world’s best skaters, pool legends and the “Godfathers” of skate, coming together for the inaugural Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo at La Kantera skatepark, Arrigunaga beach in the Abra Bay of Getxo, Spain. « For VOLCOM, hosting a bowl event in the basque country at legendary La Kantara as well as joining forces with  longtime legendary team rider and local resident ALAIN GOIKOTXEA is simply fantastic, we are so happy to bring all this together and trust the event will be a great time well spent. » said Remy Stratton, Volcom VP of skateboarding. A major part of the festivities is the “Festival of the Skateboard” which is a week dedicated to celebrating art, music and true skateboard culture. The Festival of the Skateboard will feature old school skate sessions, barbeques, a surprise music element, The Love & Guts art show, Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo competition and the after party. “I’ve never been to Spain but the bowl is very backyard like a pool, Jeff Grosso said I’m going to like it, a bowl on the beach, it's a no brainer.” Says pool legend Steve Alba (SAlba). The international PRO list is one of the strongest BOWL-A-RAMA has had with Al Partanen, Alain Goikoetxea, Alex Perelson, Alex Sorgente, Ben Raybourn, Bjorn Lillesoe, Bugs Fardell, Chris Russell, Colin Provost, Cory Juneau, Danny Leon, David Sanchez, Diego Doural, Felipe Foguinho, Georgio Zattoni, Grant Taylor, Ivan Rivado, James McInnes, Josh Borden, Murilo Peres, Nilo Pecanha, Nolan Munroe, Otavio Neto, Pedro Barros, Raney Beres, Rion Linderman, Rob Lorifice, Rune Glifberg, Sam Beckett, Sky Siljeg, Steven Pineiro, Vi Kakinho and Vincent Matheron, with more to be confirmed. The lineup of MASTERS is a who’s who of the legends and the oriinal pool “godfathers” in skateboarding including Brad Bowman, Eddie “El Gato” Elguera, Lester Kasai, Nick Couscouris, Nicky Guerrero, Pat Ngoho, Peter Hewitt, Sean Goff, Steve Alba and Txus Dominguez (La Kantera skate park designer). Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo (Basque Country) will showcase the world's best and iconic Pro and Master’s bowl skateboarders as they grapple for the title of Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo champion and for a total prize purse of $US30,000. “Bowl skating is diverse with flow bowls, pro bowls, snake runs and the rest all being part of the whole. It all comes from backyard pool skating though. La Kantera is one of the closest skatepark bowls in the world to what it feels like to ride an actual backyard pool. Being able to hold BOWL-A-RAMA in such a spot feels like we’re honouring all those who came before and created what we’re all taking part in now. Having SAlba, who won the first professional bowl competition and Brad Bowman and Eddie Elguara all dropping in just makes it that more special. Also, with such a wide international field making up the pro division we couldn’t ask for a better first year. Looking forward to seeing you all at the beach for Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA Getxo”. Says Chad Ford, Director of Frontside Events. BOWL-A-RAMA™ was born on Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia in 2005 and is the biggest professional concrete series in the World. With Wellington, Bondi, NYC and the addition of Getxo, BOWL-A-RAMA can now call some of the most iconic destinations in the world home. WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK EVENT: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: VIMEO: INSTAGRAM: @bowl_a_rama     La Kantera Skatepark part of Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo 2014. La Kantera Skatepark part of Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA™ Getxo 2014. Alain Goikoetxea - Indy | Photo: Roberto Alegria

Pat Moore scores the cover of Act Snowboarding Magazine France

Congrats to Pat Moore for scoring the cover of the new issue of Act Snowboarding Magazine France... Shot by Volcom's very own Vernon Deck.

Urban appetizer with Marc Swoboda

Volcom rider Marc Swoboda from Austria prefers metal under his feet rather than in his ears... Judging by his riding though, it's hard to tell the difference. Enjoy.

Leon Glatzer two-time German Champ 2014

Volcom Family Rider Leon Glatzer took home two wins in the 2014 German Championships held in France in small clean conditions last week. With a win in the Junior division and Open division a big congratulations from your friend's at Volcom.

RESULTS | Stop #11 of Volcom WITP European Tour 2014 | Barcelona, Spain

Incredibly high talent levels were seen last Saturday September 13th, 2014 at the Mollet del Vallés Skatepark in Barcelona.  Different competitors from all over Spain, France, and even Brazil had to deal with the scorching heat reaching up to 30 C! From the start of the event (1:30pm until 6:00pm) all three competition categories (-14, 15-21 and Open) were  nailing tons of technical tricks. Even 9 year old, Nora Cornell and 6 year old Iker Puertas were killing it in the park. Mar Barrera won the "best girl" award for doing some great heel flips and bs flips. However, all the action came during Open finals with many well known scompetitors from the Spanish Skate scene such as: Cristian Estrada, Cristian Calderón, Dani Delgado, Joanet and Pol Catena just to name a few. Many thanks to everyone that came out to support and make this event possible: Abel, Mollet Del Vallés City Council, Jart, Luigi, Mac, Marce, Arrows, Vallés Krew, Txufo, Jimi, Pablo, Iñigo Rodriguez, David Romo, Alvaro, Taylor Divine and everyone else that came out to enjoy a great day of skateboarding. Stay True To This and see you all at the WITP Champs in Sevilla next Sep 27th!!! All photos by Ricardo Muñoz RESULTS: Best –10 Nora Cornell – 9 Años Iker Puertas – 6 Años Best Girl Mar Barrera – 19 Results –14 1-Dubourg Romain 2-Hugo Rekika 3-Pedro Vivas 4-Pepe Román 5-Adrián Delgado 14& under division winners Results 15-21 1-Oscar Torres 2-Fernando Andrés 3-Miguel Garcia 4-Neyl Calle 5-Rafael Andrés Open 1-Cristian Vannella  (500) 2-Lucas Aluges (250) 3-Joanet Galcerán (150) 4-Cristian Calderón 5-Pol Catena open division winners Oscar Torres Nosemanual NollieFlip Out Kristian Krasimirov Bigspin Flip Calderon-Nollie-Bs-Heel-360 French-Guy-Flip French-Sub-15-winner-Fs-Board Ivan-Navarro-Fs-Noseblunt Joan-Galceran-Fs-Blunt Pedrito-Fs-Smith Pepe-Roman-Bigspin-Flip Pol-Catena-Fakie-Fs-Flip Pol-Catena-Flip-Bs-Lipslide Victor-Bs-Smith Volcom-Premios-WITP-1 Volcom-WITP-1 Volcom-WITP-2 Volcom-WITP-3

RESULTS | Stop #10 of Volcom WITP European Tour 2014 | Trondheim, Norway

WITP once again hit Trikkestallen Skatepark in Trondheim, Norway. We had 75 stoked out kids entering the contest and a huge hyped crowd. Judging the contest were Volcom teamriders Hermann Stene, Marcus Vik, this really stoked the kids. The 14&under division ripped the park to pieces, we had a lot of great contestants here. We also had a pair of twins age 6! These guys charmed the crowd as well as the local newspaper. Oskar Hjellegjerde is a true ripper who did some amazing tricks. He got 1st place and I won`t be surprised if we see him rip in Sevilla. The 15-21 division was insane, so many great tricks went down from the boys. Here Roar Kollnes killed it and won the whole shebang. The BBQ outside were blazing all day and everyone got some hotdogs and burgers. The Open Divison was amazing, so many good skaters who ripped while the crowd went crazy. The one and only Gard Hvaara did some truly amazing tricks (crooks nolliflip on the flatbar, switch 360 flip down the dobble set). Gard won the open divison and got a shitload of gear and some hard earned cash. This was a great day for skateboarding in Norway. Big thanks to Volcom, GoPro, Girl Skateboards (Bernhard sports), Coca Cola, Vans, Kim Marius, Thunder Thor, Erlend Wings, Torleif, Hermann, Marcus, Vegard, Thomas, Frode,  Trikkestallen Skatepark, Marius @ Mollys Skateshop , all the contestants and the people who came to watch. See you all next year! RESULTS: 14&Under: 1.Oskar Hjellegjerde 2.Daniel Bye 3.Marcus Heimdal 4.Elias Heitmann 5.Anders Waage 14&under division winners 15-21: 1.Roar Kollnes 2.Øyvind Svensen 3.Fredrik Winsents 4.Thomas Thorkildsen 5.Johannes Sundby Aukan 15-21 division winners Open: 1.Gard Hvaara 2.Georg Hoppaneng 3.Ivar Gravdal 4.Even Vatn 5.Magnus Bonesmo Open division winners

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