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    DIY + TITANIC concert at Volcom Store Hossegor

    On June 21st we are used to celebrating the music in France through a party called « Fête de La Musique». In addition with a Do It Yourself during which you could customize hats, tee-shirts and pins, we set up a concert of the local band TITANIC at the Volcom Store Hossegor, the oldest Volcom Store in Europe! Under a typical summer day, the crowd was massive to enjoy rock’n’roll, fresh beers offered by the local brand Hapshot, and good mood! Thanks to everybody, with special mentions to Hapchot, TITANIC, and the Volcom Store crew. It was a blast! A massive crowd enjoyed a great event Thanks to Hapchot for the fresh beers Usually Florian is drummer of the well known band Doom Doom Tortuga, but he’s a great guitarist as well with his band TITANIC TITANIC was on fire! Typical summer day! See you Next Year !

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DIY Shops
The DIY Retail Volcom Tour
The DIY Retail Volcom Tour has started in April. 3 DIY took place this month in Lyon, Bordeaux and Biarritz. Lot of activities: Screen printing on tees, hats customization, badges creation. All made by your hand! Do your creation and keep it! Screen printing during all the afternoon. Create yourself your tee. Choose your size and color before printing. To fix the ink on the tee, let’s blow some warm air True To This Crowd in the Volcom Store in Bordeaux. Cool isn't it? It just lacks the rooster. Happy kids Create your badge too. Pick your art and make your pins by yourself. Customize your own cap. VOLCOM DIY STOPS: April, 15th 2015, DIY in your Volcom Store Lyon, France Click for the Volcom Store Lyon page April, 23rd 2015, DIY in your Volcom Store Bordeaux, France Click for the Volcom Store Bordeaux page April, 30th 2015, DIY in your Volcom Store Biarritz, France Click for the Volcom Store Biarritz page May, 20th 2015, DIY in your Volcom Store Barcelona, Spain Click for the Volcom Store Barcelona page