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The Volcomunity collection is a premium platform that brings together small capsules designed by various Volcom communities around the world and may feature collaborations with our athletes, ambassadors, musicians and artists under one cohesive lens. It is a vehicle to showcase the global community that represents the many facets of the brand.
It is comprised of Men’s and Women’s premium clothing and accessories targeted towards a more sophisticated aesthetic and offers refined designs, attention to detail and a higher quality standard in fabrication and finishing.
The clothing is subtly branded with the identifiable stone that is exclusive to Volcomunity product.
The Belgian-born photographer, Quentin de Briey grew up in a small village in the countryside, moving first to Brussels at 18, before landing in Barcelona and Paris where he commutes between now. Having started his career as a professional skateboarder, he also spent his time around the Barcelona scene taking photos and collaborating with some major lifestyle brands for various projects.

After hurting himself pretty badly five years ago, he eventually had to stop skateboarding and took up work at a studio as a photographer’s assistant. Since then his main body of work has been fashion editorials alongside his personal projects such as his intimate latest book entitled ‘10 x 15’.
Illustrator & Blogger
Abbey is the 25-year-old illustrator behind the successful blog Tobacco & Leather. She uses the same artist name on her Instagram where she has an astonishing 30k followers. Her style and taste reflect the spirit of Volcomunity through the attention to detail in her fine drawings, combined with her personal edgy style and attitude towards life. After her introduction as the face of Spring 2014, she now shares her talent through artwork on key styles in the Fall 2014 collection.
«Working on the prints for Fall14 was really great. I was given some room to experiment, which I love to do, putting bones and spines and skulls in the flowers. One of the pieces was a real challenge and it really tested me but I learned a lot from it and it’s a piece I’m really proud of. I can’t wait to see it come together.»
Abbey Watkins