Volcom presents Damn Am Cascais, Portugal 2014

Parque de Geraçoes
Rua António Ferro, São João Do Estoril, Lisboa, Portugal

July 18, 2014 - July 20, 2014

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RESULTS | Stop #8 of Volcom WITP European Tour 2014 | Zurich, Switzerland

New spot, new kids, hello Zürich! The Volcom Wild In The Parks Switzerland took place in Zürich at the Freestyle Halle this year. The Freestyle Halle is a brand new indoor skatepark in the heart of Switzerland with an amazing setup for every level…so many possibilities and so much fun… next time you’re around the area, you should definitely visit this genius playground. Saturday morning was a busy morning at the registration tent…thanks to Miki, Simone and Jeff for the great and well-organized signup! We didn`t expected so many young Skateboarders…the 14 and under division had the most participants (50 kids!), and all pumped to be there! Due to the usual work with high-strung kids the contest started a bit late (…and became immediately serious), that was perfect timing for the grill to be started and deliver some food to load everyone’s battery before starting. Soon of, the heats got started and the music volume got turned up. The contest in 3 words: So much ENERGY, a lot of POP and such a good Level! Check the photos and videos to feel the energy of this event…it was a blast. The judges had a tough job because there were soooo many heats and the level of the young and old skateboarders was really close together. We also had a bunch of spectators who supported the guys like rock stars… It was another great in Switzerland and with all the kids who showed up we have the proof that skateboarding is booming in this part of Europe. We`re looking forward to next year…Big thanks to the crew of the Freestyle Halle Zürich and all the great staff we had on site.…the Judges (Thun and Züri Connection), our Speaker (the man with the beer), Jeff (the Supervisor), Miki and Simone (the Mathematicians), Andre (our Chef) and last but not least Carlos and his friendly Crew (Freestylehalle). RESULTS: 14 & under: 1. Henry Gebhard 2. Dawa Dordenkhangsar 3. Lamin Touray 4. Niko Feratovic 5. Lauro Madlener 15 -21: 1. Oliver Weissmantel 2. Simon Perrottet 3. Lukas Bigün 4. Samy Nigg 5. Douglas Amacher Open: 1. Jonathan Marty 2. Jerome Collomb 3. Will Twala 4. Luc Maurer     

RESULTS | Stop #9 of Volcom WITP European Tour 2014 | Trondheim, Norway

WITP once again hit Trikkestallen Skatepark in Trondheim, Norway. We had 75 stoked out kids entering the contest and a huge hyped crowd. Judging the contest were Volcom teamriders Hermann Stene, Marcus Vik, this really stoked the kids. The 14&under division ripped the park to pieces, we had a lot of great contestants here. We also had a pair of twins age 6! These guys charmed the crowd as well as the local newspaper. Oskar Hjellegjerde is a true ripper who did some amazing tricks. He got 1st place and I won`t be surprised if we see him rip in Sevilla. The 15-21 division was insane, so many great tricks went down from the boys. Here Roar Kollnes killed it and won the whole shebang. The BBQ outside were blazing all day and everyone got some hotdogs and burgers. The Open Divison was amazing, so many good skaters who ripped while the crowd went crazy. The one and only Gard Hvaara did some truly amazing tricks (crooks nolliflip on the flatbar, switch 360 flip down the dobble set). Gard won the open divison and got a shitload of gear and some hard earned cash. This was a great day for skateboarding in Norway. Big thanks to Volcom, GoPro, Girl Skateboards (Bernhard sports), Coca Cola, Vans, Kim Marius, Thunder Thor, Erlend Wings, Torleif, Hermann, Marcus, Vegard, Thomas, Frode,  Trikkestallen Skatepark, Marius @ Mollys Skateshop , all the contestants and the people who came to watch. See you all next year! RESULTS: 14&Under: 1.Oskar Hjellegjerde 2.Daniel Bye 3.Marcus Heimdal 4.Elias Heitmann 5.Anders Waage 14&under division winners 15-21: 1.Roar Kollnes 2.Øyvind Svensen 3.Fredrik Winsents 4.Thomas Thorkildsen 5.Johannes Sundby Aukan 15-21 division winners Open: 1.Gard Hvaara 2.Georg Hoppaneng 3.Ivar Gravdal 4.Even Vatn 5.Magnus Bonesmo Open division winners

#MusicMonday | | Kindness

Kindness is a band that we recently discovered at FYF and man are we glad we stumbled upon this greatness. Not expecting much we made our way over to the main stage to get a glimpse of this mysterious band. We ended up staying the ENTIRE set and left standing there in awe. Everything from the performances to the voices, to the difference characters and outfits had us oohing and ahhing. Lead singer Adam Bainbridge is not so bad on the eyes either ;)

Bobs on Tour with Cheryl & Sarka

They decided to shake off all the post-contest season stress.. brrr… hit the road and focus on a different side of snowboarding. Cheryl Maas, Sarka Pančochová and their friend Aimee Fuller decided to adventure through Norway to the mountains of Folegfonna on Motorbikes to combine their two passions, biking and snowboarding. A unique crew, the open road and summer snowboarding at its finest! Enjoy their teaser and stay tuned for the full short film, dropping in November. Cheryl Maas Cheryl Maas Sarka Pancochova Sarka Pancochova

What's DBK doing when not snowboarding?

Our Swiss rider, friend and collaborator David Bertschinger Karg sure knows how to keep busy... Check out "WHAT I SEE" above, best explained by Dave himself: WHAT I SEE is a travel mini series, directed, filmed and edited by professional snowboarder David Bertschinger Karg in collaboration with Nixon Watches & the Nixon Artmosh Project. --------- My last trip of the 13/14 season took me to Alaska. We explored Thompson Pass before we went camping on a glacier in the Tordrillo mountain range for 11 Days. This trip was one of the most intense of my life. Have a look at the clips I've collected along the way. --------- The motivation for this series, was to show the people what I see during my journeys as a snowboarder. Everything people get to see in the snowboard media are the tricks we land, how we strap in and the high fives along the way. This is a small part of why I live this life, it's a lifestyle which brings so much more with it: Seeing places I would probably not come across if it wasn't for snowboarding, getting to know people with lifestyles I didn't even know existed and experiencing freedom in so many different ways is a big part of why I do this. The "What I See" series is a visual passage to places i've visited last season. When I look back on my trips I don't only remember tricks and powder prays, but people, moments and atmospheres i've experienced. It's those details which make a journey stick.   See also: In October 2K13 I went to Bardenas Reales in Spain for a Volcom catalogue shoot. Between photo sessions I found time to point my camera at the environment and the people which surrounded me for those couple of days. Amazing place and great crew.

Volcom Bowl a Rama x Getxo / Thrasher edit

Check out P-Stone's totally frellacious edit from the Bowl a Rama event last weekend. Bear witness to the best in the world tearing up the pool in Algorta, and the world elite of Dirt Downhill attacking the challenging slope of dirt with a success rate of about 1 out of 100. Shoes and Pants optional…enjoy the Carnage!

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