Volcom presents Damn Am Cascais, Portugal 2014

Parque de Geraçoes
Rua António Ferro, São João Do Estoril, Lisboa, Portugal

July 18, 2014 - July 20, 2014

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RESULTS | Stop #13 of Volcom WITP European Tour 2014 | Chelles, France

Volcom and their WILD IN THE PARKS free skateboarding contest were back at the Cosanostra Skatepark, close to Paris. More than 100 skaters came from everywhere in France and even from the UK with a special crew of Birmingham heads!!! As usual, people enjoyed a giant free barbecue under a bright and warm sun. The contest started at 2pm until 8pm and the level was just insane! Kids, you guys killed it!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the talent of our 3 judges, Tura from the skate magazine « A Propos »,  Johann from the skate brand made in Paris « Wasted » and the famous skater Joseph Biais,  we can decide 5 winners in each division, the best kid under 10 years old; and the best girl. Wasted offered decks for each winner and "Hype of the day" daily awards for the rider of the day. Check out the video from Guillaume Périmony and photos snapped by our Volcom family rider Vincent Coupeau. Many thanks to all the crew of the Cosanostra skatepark, to Johann from Wasted skateboards, and all the Volcom Crew. RESULTS: 14 & under division: 1-Thomas Belot 2-Sandro Tomasi 3-Amiel Kornicki 4-Max Berguin 5-Kilian Huc "Hype of the Day" by Wasted: Noah Iransico 14&under division winners 15-21 division: 1-Loris Baccilleri 2-Martin Le Clair 3-Robin Fournier 4-Etienne Chatelain 5-Lucas Ahmed "Hype of the Day" by Wasted: Maceo Moreau 15-21 division winners OPEN division: 1-Jean Philippe Jonathan 2-Pierre Delacrose 3-Gaetan Ducellier 4-Carl Sansac 5-Edouard Bonnardel Hype of the Day by Wasted: Adams Keats Open division winners  BEST GIRL: Hélène Gerard      

Volcom Hot Spot // Berlin

The German capital is one of Europe's most dynamic cities. Despite its ongoing metamorphosis, it always manages to retain its alternative side without loosing its edge. Mixing genres and cultures, Berlin is without hesitation a city to visit, it’ll always have something to offer until the wee hours of the night. This week we asked Laura, our Volcom Store Manager in Berlin, to share her favorite spots in the city. Where to have a drink and/or eat something? Klunkerkranich (special mention great view) This open-air bar stands out quickly by its unexpected location. You will actually have to find your way through a shopping center in the heart of Neukölln, locate the stairs to the roof and climb up and up to get there! Access to the roof from the mall can be as difficult as searching for a sound in a forest in Brandenburg but the quest has its reward, the view of the Berlin skyline is beautiful. The music is eclectic. Monkey Bar (special mention great view) The top floor Monkey Bar is another spot that won’t let you down on the scenic front; with its panoramic view and perfect sundowner terrace it’s the hot spot after dusk. You’ll be served an international choice of drinks and fine wine as well as bar snacks from the NENI kitchen. With the regular DJ lines and live music events that take place, it’s one to remember. Neue Odessa Where gaps exist, something inevitably comes along that fills them. This classy corner cocktail club fills in the missing link in the gallery-glutted Torstraße (street) in stylish fashion. Stumble out of a Vernissage, land at the bar and grab yourself a meticulously made Moscow Mule or White Russian that’ll make you feel more powerful than one or another not-to-be-mentioned Russian.  Neue Odessa operates on the standard late running Berlin time-schedule, which means it’s a great place to kick off the late hour party. But be warned, the mighty mule kicks hard so be careful you don’t end up finding yourself spending far longer than expected in the confines of the art-deco interior. White Trash Fast Food The white trash is a bar, a restaurant and a club at the same time. As its American-sounding name (not the Asian Deco), the food is the classic North American food. However, the atmosphere is far crazier than a western pub. There is a small stage on the floor with the restaurant and bar and a much bigger stage down stairs for bands or DJ’s. The best way to enjoy this spot…? Arrive early enough to eat a burger with a few beers and then get to the concert. District Một Street Food is one of the buzzwords of the moment and it’s obvious that the whole restaurant has been decorated to resemble a Saigon street market.  It’s located in the former space of Chi Sing, which has been closed to be entirely restyled to resemble a Vietnamese street food parlor. Corrugated panels, a backlit wall made from beer bottles, lanterns, a light made from a plastic fuel container and the colored plastic stools are among the memorable features of the standout interior. The menu is exciting, to say the least. They offer the safe options like summer rolls, spring rolls and a number of Phở Bò variations with either half-done beef, well-done brisket, beef balls or a mysterious special (Ɖặc biệt) for a Euro more than the rest (9,50 Euros). But then the specials take over, with grilled chicken feet being one of the more common ones. The menu mainly features small dishes around 5 Euros. Kimchi Princess A buzzing Korean restaurant with sizzling BBQ grills, Kimchi Princess is the perfect place to kick off a long Berlin night. Visit this place to catch young people cooking large quantities of meat on their table top grills and to have some great Korean food. One of the biggest restaurant trends in Berlin during the last two years has been the rise of Korean food, starting with just a handful of restaurants a couple of years ago I pretty much see a new Korean restaurant popping up every month. Korean food has become fashionable in Berlin and the crew behind Kimchi Princess has been a main contributor to this trend, showing Berliners just how tasty and hip the Korean cuisine can be in their Kreuzberg eateries. The venue is cool, replicating something we could call a chique, Asian warehouse look. The whole restaurant is situated in one large, open space venue where the kitchen is upstairs. The walls are from a red container and tables are massive specimens that can fit dozens of people. Summer time there are plenty of seats outside as well, turning the whole place into a massive BBQ factory. Dudu Berlin Great sushi is hard to find, particularly in Berlin, but the serene setting of Dudu is among the best places in the city to dig into sashimi, maki rolls or a steaming bowl of delicious miso soup. In addition to sushi, the restaurant offers a variety of Japanese food: Pho Chay vegan soup with tofu and noodles is a customer favorite. Back on the sushi front, the unfortunately named Crunchy Dudu roll—a delirious combination of yellowfin tuna, avocado, cucumber and sesame covered with crispy tempura, all resting on a bed of guacamole and salsa — it’s a must try. Where to experience something different? Urban Spree Urban Spree Galerie is a Berlin based, 400sqm independent contemporary art gallery. Set up in a vast postindustrial compound, the gallery defends an artistic grassroots approach, directed towards cities, street & graffiti artists, photographers and contemporary artists. Liquidrom The liquidrom is situated in the heart of Berlin. Why not leave the hectic pace of city behind you and enter a sensory waterworld? The springs’ quality materials and simple, minimalist architecture offer “demanding” city-dwellers the perfect surroundings for relaxing bathing, saunas and ultimate wellbeing. The centerpiece of the Liquidrom is the darkened dome with its warm saltwater pool. Moonlight shines through the circular window as its highest point. Colours and light intermingled underwater with classical music, electronic melodies or whale songs. The sauna area and the darkened dome pool are quiet relaxation areas. 19,50€ for 2 hours and 29,50€ for the day. Massages form 25€ for 25 minutes to 100 for 75 minutes Perfect place for you and your friend to go to for a little mini-escape! Before hitting the streets of Berlin you might want to pop in at the Volcom Store and update your wardrobe with some of the season’s new arrivals. Addresses: Klunkerkranich Karl-Marx-Str 66, 12053 Berlin Monkey Bar Budapester Straße 40, 10787 Berlin Neue Odessa Torstraße 89, 10119 Berlin White Trash Fast Food Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin District Một Rosenthalers 62, 10119 Berlin Kimchi Princess Skalitzer Str. 36, 10999 Berlin Dudu Berlin Torstraße 134, 10119 Berlin Urban Spree Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin Liquidrom Möckernstraße 10, 10963 Berlin Volcom Store Meinekestraße 27, 10719 Berlin

Black VS. Cream

There is one thing that always works when you want to put a little grunge twist to your look: mix Black and Cream! For example, take our classic polka dot dress, add your favorite pair of boots and you immediately create a comfortable throw-back style. If you want to go a little bit further in your style, a jacket, sweater or a rock’n’roll t-shirt in a slightly relaxed silhouette layered on top of a feminine favorite, will every time give an edgy punch to any monochromatic outfit.

Volcom's True To This - Chapter 2 Teaser - The Cushiony Dimension

Premiering Monday, September 29th, 6:00am PDT at Take a journey through the unparalleled mental space imagined by some of Volcom’s most creative visionaries. In Chapter 2 of Volcom’s True To This, we explore the magical state of mind that lures us in and keeps us crawling back for more. This video transcendence features an exclusive live performance of Kurt Vile's "Gold Tone" and takes a deep dive into his higher consciousness. It's here that we also explore the meditative states of artists Travis Millard and Gemma O’Brien and careen into the minds of Volcom riders Dane Burman, Bryan Iguchi and Ryan Burch as they explore the perfection of the cushiony dimension. Volcom was founded on the belief that there is a higher level of consciousness to be found within one’s self through the internal and external journeys that board-sports, music, art and film provide. We call these finite moments of enlightenment... ‘Spiritual Intoxication Watch Chapter 1 at

Laurent Degrand exhibition - Volcom Store Bordeaux

On Thursday September 25, Volcom hosted the exhibition of Laurent Degrand in their branded store in Bordeaux. The 34 year old artist from Bordeaux has been immersed in the world and culture of boardsports for many years. His style, very inspired by street art and the DIY spirit of punk, allows him to create with everything he finds on the street. Indeed the art of Laurent is based on recycling - and uses only recycled materials through painting, sculpture or sewing. In 2014, Volcom has partnered with the approach of the artist, providing textile waste from fine textile rolls, old prototypes and other clothing set to be destroyed. With these materials, Laurent has created unique dolls that adorned the windows of the entire network of Volcom stores in Europe. "It's the meet of the voodoo and doudoux. Funny and nasty, you can love us or torture us. With hugs or pins, come play with us forever "as Laurent likes to describe his dolls. Because of recent heavy heat, the city center of Bordeaux is quiet in September, but people have made the trip to see the artists's universe around a cold beer and some tapas. Thank you to all for coming and to all the staff of Volcom for contributing to the success of this event. ________ Volcom  a accueilli le jeudi 25 Septembre, l’exposition de Laurent Degrand dans son Volcom Store de Bordeaux. L’artiste bordelais de 34 ans baigne dans l’univers et la culture glisse depuis de nombreuses années. Son style, très inspiré du street art et de l’esprit Do It Yourself du mouvement punk, lui permet de créer avec tout ce qu’il trouve dans la rue. En effet l’art de Laurent basé sur le recyclage utilise uniquement des matériaux de récupération à travers la peinture, la sculpture ou encore la couture. En 2014, Volcom s’est associé à la démarche de l’artiste, en lui fournissant des déchets textiles issus des fins de rouleaux de tissu, des vieux prototypes ou autres vêtements détruits. Avec ces matériaux, Laurent a créé des poupées uniques qui ont orné les vitrines de tout le réseau des magasins Volcom en Europe. «Nous sommes à la rencontre du vaudou et des doudoux. Drôles et méchants, vous pouvez nous aimer ou nous torturer. Avec des câlins ou des épingles, venez jouer avec nous pour toujours » comme Laurent aime décrire ses poupées. A cause des fortes chaleurs récentes, le centre ville bordelais est bien calme en ce mois de septembre, mais les gens ont e fait le déplacement pour rencontre l’univers plutôt déjanté de Laurent autour d’une bière fraiche et de tapas. Encore merci à tous à toutes les personnes présentes et à tout le staff de Volcom pour avoir contribué au succès de cet événement.

#MusicMonday | | Kelela

It is impossible to sit still while listening to any of Kelela's songs. If you're looking for a breath of fresh air, you've found it. Her voice is that of an angel and her beats will keep you moving all night long. We think we've found our next #girlcrush!

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