Volcom presents Damn Am Cascais, Portugal 2014

Parque de Geraçoes
Rua António Ferro, São João Do Estoril, Lisboa, Portugal

July 18, 2014 - July 20, 2014

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New Collection // Girl Gone Grunge

We are getting back to our roots with the Fall 2014 collection. Revel in last night’s hair, smudged eyeliner, chipped nails, shoes optional, rad stories a must. Be effortlessly you in styles like the Rolling High Shirt or Wyld Pant. From concerts and road trips to coffee dates dress up be ready to mess it up with the girl gone grunge line. It's the season to take chances and to live your life based on what comes from the inside, what keeps you up at night, what gets your heart racing, what has you going back for more… It's the season to take chances and to live your life based on what comes from the inside, what keeps you up at night, what gets your heart racing, what has you going back for more…

Lewis Clinton is the captain of Kernow

Lewis Clinton was invited to a Oakley invitational at his home beach of Fristal, Newquay, Cornwall (Kernow) England. Lewis rode a board he shaped himself to take the win and became in the meantime the "Captain Of Kernow" Congratulations Lewis. Photo credit Shoreshot.

RESULTS | Stop #6 of Volcom WITP European Tour 2014 | Kassel, Germany

Last weekend, the Volcom WITP – Tour stopped over at the Mr. Wilson Skatehall in Kassel, Germany. Despite the fierce temperatures in the skatepark, a good amount of skaters from all over Germany and Austria showed up and fought the heat.  In all divisions the level was super high and some never been done tricks were thrown down the obstacles of the Mr. Wilson Skatehall. Spectators could witness young Tyler Edtmayer blasting massive bs airs out of the enormous vert quarter, the local boy Robin Wulf bombarding the London Gap with Varial Heelflips, Fs Flips and other tricks, or Octavio Trindade from Erfurt flying over the table into the down rail with almost every possible trick. Top 5 of each division are qualified for the European WITP Champs on the 27 of September in Sevilla, will Octavio win again as in 2012? After the official runs Robin Wulf dogged around the park, happy as a dog with two tails, and sprinkled some crazy tricks at almost every obstacle. In the end, he made the impossible possible and cleared the pizza oven gap while customised pizzas were served by the local crew. One of the most iconic skaters of the day was Alex Schultz who convinced the judges with his steadiness and creativity he unfolded in Kassel. The contest ended with The Cannibal Girls, conquering the stage with an epic sound. At the end of the day, there is nothing left to say but: You should pay a visit to the guys from Mr. Wilson Skatehall in Kassel, shred the park and give them maximum respect, since they hand shaped Germanys most epic DIY spot. Pics: Martin Hermann Thanks to Philipp Reinhard for filming and editing the video clip. Many thanks go out to all the helping hands that joined us and made this weekend a remarkable one! RESULTS 14&Under:  1. Tyler Edtmayer 2. Laurin Breunig 3. Anton Winneknecht 4. Luis Zündel 5. Josh Bischof 14&under division winners 15-21: 1. Jonas Albrecht 2. Johannes Pfennig 3. Toni John 4. Joeke Veldman 15-21 division winners Open:  1. Alex Schultz 2. Octavio Trindade 3. Robin Wulf 4. Erik Müller 5. Fabian Kutscha Open division winners Open division winners Robin Wulf flies over the pizza oven! Robin Wulf. Erik Müller twirling a bs 180 fakie nosegrind revert on the down rail. Tyler Edtmayer bs air on the vert extension Octavio flying over the rail with a fs overcrooks! Robin Wulf bs blunt down the quarter ledge Fabian Kutcha massive kickflip over the table. Erik Müller pushing it to the limit with this bluntslide . Man at work! Octavio flying over and into a fs smith grind. Benihanas are mandatory at a skate contest Presented by Mike! Erik pulling a bs sugarcane at the concrete quarter Everything is better when done DIY and so is pizza! Tyler and his dad fuelling up for the final! Jonas Albrecht directly flying to place number one in the 15-21 division It was the heat of the moment! Pizza it up boys! Robin bs tailslide Alex Schultz spreading his wings to land safe and sound on the first place of the “Open” division. Octavio pushing it hard in the finals and ending with a smooth hardflip down the London Gap. Volcom intern Matze Schwab getting some pocket money during the monster cash for tricks session with this 5-0 to fakie! Alex pulling a tucknee over the emergency channel. Laurin Breunig flying over the emergency door with a grown up Ollie! Mike was cooling off with this hardflip over the table. Timo bs crailslide while the cannibal girls were rocking the stage. KASSEL WILD IN THE PARKS CREW 2014

Down in the Basque Country

Yearning to go someplace we'd never been before, we made a last minute call last Friday morning and and headed down to the intriguing Basque Country for some surfing and pinchos. The Sopela Pro Junior contest was on and we felt like supporting our local team surfer Leticia Canales at her home beach. Some would argue we were in Spain, others in the Basque Country. A crowded but fun beach! Leticia stirring up some water in the small waves at the semi-finals.   Twin sister Loiola serves as a mental coach and is according to Leti the best person to get her focused and pumped up before a heat The waves weren't treating our female competitors too good during the final, leaving our some what disappointed Leti in 2nd place. We were proud of her still and after her frustration settled with help of positive friends and family we got some good smiles on the pedestal and an eager guide for Saturday touristing. Second place after Guadeloupe's Kim Veteau Sopela has one of the most beautiful beaches on the South-west coast Tour guide Leticia showing us the view to Punta Galea big wave site from the 160m long Vizcaya Bridge (at 45m over high-tide level) over the river floating out from Bilbao. The bridge was built in the 19th century and is a must-see if you're in the area. Twin fun in n out of the water Our personal favorites; Spanish omelette, green peppers, more green peppers and proper Iberico ham.

It's All BS! - click to find out why...

Every Tuesday until the premiere of "Veeco: A Volcom Filmmaking Documentary" on Aug 26th, take a journey through the Volcom film library as we post a classic Veeco production unearthed from the Volcom vaults. Reserve your seat for the online digital premiere of "Veeco" on Aug. 26th: BS! is an out of the ordinary, if not extraordinary surf film that documents the serious ripping of Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn, Alex Gray, Ozzie Wright, Nate Tyler, and Andrew Doheny, while revealing their individual characters through thoughtful interviews that quickly slip into honest humor. On top of such humor, the film builds into striking notes of provokingly tweaked sarcasm that is in refreshing contrast to current surf film genre trends. iTunes: Soundtrack: Need New Body - Beach Everybody - Seeing Isn't Believing (version 1) RAD - FreeM Birds of Avalon - I Never Knew Princess Sweepstakes - Wind Up Willis Czar Rose - Faraway No. 23 Brain Squeegee - Nihilistic Fool Mofi - What Does it Mean Everybody - Seeing Isn't Believing (version 2) Chant Oh's - Again; Filling The Nothing With Something

Thomas "Fuego" Feurstein and friends in Nelson, BC

Take a look at this video of Volcom snowboarder Thomas Feurstein and his Different Direction friends from their "not quite according to plan" trip to Nelson, BC. Thomas is wearing the Stone Gore Tex jacket in mustard and Rain Gore Tex overall pants in rust"

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