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The Mulletfish Surf Series in Hossegor, France, ends Volcom's Totally Crustaceous Tour European leg in fine form!
Despite the bad forecast, the event was a blast ! More than 200 Kids signed up to the contest and enjoyed two days of small but playful Hossegor waves. As some had to secure their spot for the TCT global Championships in Lower Trestles, California, there was some pressure on some surfers and the level of surfing and competitiveness was at its max... Squid's level of surfing has been amazing through the event keoni Lasa. Surfers from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Canary Islands made the trip to France and had to compose with all top French locals and regulars, which made for a big Euro surf gathering. The tension and competition was fierce in the water but beach games and usual shenanigans kept the spirits high and jolly. Check out the photos below to get a better taste of what went down. About 200 kids attended the event, new record for the Mulletfish surf series This year’s Mulletfish was definitely a “Grand Cru” of the contest! Full results in the end. Thanks to all our partners for the helps and extra prizes : Jam Traction, Matta Surfboards, Bubble Gum Surf Wax, Skullcandy, Electric and Sowest Cola. Thanks to everyone who came to help during the weekend, to Chez Béné for the food, and to all the kids and family who entered the event! Always good spirit for the groms Classic day in Hossegor Flour time ! Nerfs shootout to win some Jam Traction pads, with Electric googles full of flour on … It's On !! Juliette on rail. Ainara Aymat finding a lip to hit Massive throw away for the crowd Pic view from the judges booth Sending spray, checked. Luis Diaz, winner Junior Some Fanning style in that hack from the little Kilian Guerin A lol of people until the end Stone fight Tail high, Marco Mignot Time to focus for Juliette Brice Who wants to win a Matta Surfboard ZAP ! Kilian Guerin RESULTS: Pro-Am division (20 and under): 1.       Aldric God (Fr)(200€) 2.       Len’s Arancibia (Fr) 3.       Frederico Magalhaes (Pt) 4.       Kalani Da Silva (Canary Islands) Girls (20 and under): 1.       Ariane Ochoa (Euk) 2.       Ainara Aymat (Euk) 3.       Juliette Brice (Fr) 4.       Javegny Mahe (Fr) Best trick: Marco Mignot (100€) Juniors (16 and under): 1.       Luis Diaz (Canary Islands) 2.       Joao Moreira (Pt) 3.       Iker Amatriain (Euk) 4.       Endika Garai (Euk) Groms (13 and under): 1.       Adur Amatriain (Euk) 2.       Sam Piter (Fr) 3.       Afonso Antunes (Pt) 4.       Justin Becret (Fr) Squids (10 and under): 1.       Odriozola Kai (Euk) 2.       Keoni Lasa (Euk) 3.       Mario Molina Rasines (Euk) 4.       Matias Silva (Pt)
Surfers battled it in challenging conditions at the Rumblefish surf series in Portugal
The Rumblefish surf series went down for the first time on the beaches of Costa Da Caparica in Portugal during Easter (March 28-29). The event was the 3rd European stop of Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour and happened right after a Pro Junior contest so the Junior division (16 & under) was packed. The conditions on Monday were unruly so the contest was called off, forcing organizer to run a double bank on the Tuesday. An international field of surfers from Portugal, Spain, Canary Islands and France battled it all day on the waves on offer: Juniors and Pro Am were surfing on podium one with a fun left reform on the inside and an occasional righthander, while Groms, Girls and Squids surfed a right reform on podium two that was doubling up at times with a good section to hit. Check out the photos below for a better taste of all the action that went down. Out of this event, three Portuguese surfers sealed their spot for the global TCT Champs in Lower Trestles : Joao Mendoça, Alfonso Antunes and Miguel Blanco. The Mulletfish in Hossegor (23-24 April) will be the last European TCT event of the season and will decide all other qualified surfers for Trestles! Full European road to Trestles ranking is updated below. Thanks to everyone who help run the contest, especially the ASCC Caparica, Andre Carvalho and Rui Sá for the photos, and the sponsors that helped stoke out the kids Matta shapes, Jam Traction and Bubblegum surf wax. See you in Hossegor! Miguel Blanco slicing it Alfonso Antunes took the 2nd place in the groms division and secured his spot for Trestles Ariane Ochoa won the Girls division photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES Canarian sensation Luis Diaz was in form and impressed the audience but somehow lost in the Juniors quarters hit it three times and this Jam Traction pad is yours run for free stuff! One of the event favourite's Justin Becret lost in the early rounds photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES A good crew made it from the Canary Islands here Diego Suarez who finished at the 4th place in the Juniors division photo Rui Sá ABC-ES Bottom turn Charly Quivront finished at the 3rd place in the Pro Am division photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES Fins out Gony Zubizarreta was in the place Helder and Andre photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES Jam Traction co owner and local legend Marlon Lipke kept an eye on the upcoming talent Joao getting ready for his Juniors semi, see the conditions? Leon Glatzer was pretty close to land this good size kerrupt air Leon Glatzer local boy Joao Moreira lost in the semis photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES Miguel Blanco in the pocket noon turn photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES stoked on winning a new Jam Traction pad Yael Peña from tenerife ended 3rd in the Juniors division   Results: PRO-AM division (20 and under) 1.       Miguel Blanco 2.       Leon Glatzer 3.       Charly Quivront 4.       Kalani Da Silva GIRLS division (20 and under) 1.       Ariane Ochoa 2.       Leticia Canales 3.       Ines bispo 4.     Melania Diaz JUNIORS (16 and under) 1.      Lenni Jensen 2.      Simao Penha 3.      Yael Pena Suarez 4.      Diego Suarez Diaz GROMS (13 and under) 1.   Guilherme Ribeiro 2.  Afonso Antunes 3.    Adur Amatriain 4.    Martim Paulino SQUIDS (10 and under) 1.       João Mendonça 2.       Mario Molina 3.       Matias S. Canhoto 4.       André Ramos
Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour Lavafish Surf Series El Roquete, Tenerife 27-28 February 2016
The natural arena of El Roquete is such as great spot to have a surf contest, surrounded by volcanic cliffs, a small harbor and old buildings, you instantly feel the special vibe of the Canary islands. This past weekend saw all types of surf conditions hit the spot for Volcom’s TCT Lavafish surf series; from small windswell to big groundswell, glassy, offshore, onshore, sun, rain. The spot holds it all and each heat was filled with waves. Over 130 competitors signed up from the islands and the continent, looking for some good times, warmer water temperature and qualifying points for the global TCT Champs in Lower Trestles. For some of them, it was their first surf contest experience or chance to show their skills and surf against seasoned competitors, or even just a good reason to gather with their mates. Check out the photos and captions to get a little taste of what went down! Full contest results in the end. Thanks a ton to La Bajeta surf club and all the locals that helped us run this event, we were stoked to be back. Thanks also to the Deporte Lagunero and to the sponsors that psyched the kids with prizes; Jam Traction, Matta shapes, Electric and Bubblegum surf wax. Thanks Rayco for the clip and to Bajasurf café for the Saturday night party! best sets spotter of the island, “turbo and gofio seco” alert when a bomb comes in The Squids division (10&under) was impressive, Santiago Graça took the 2nd place with turns like these Squids listening to the surf dads from the lineup Some odd cover up could be found in El Roquete as the spot saw all conditions within the weekend. Aitor Fuentes Here is Joao Mendoça on his way to the top of the Squids division podium Santiago pressing eject Airam De Juan Perez lost in the quarters of the Groms division but wasn’t lacking style Groms are not always often frothing around. Nestor Garcia getting ready for the finals Adur Amatriain finished 3rd in the Groms Alfonso Antunes won the Groms finals and secured his spot for the TCT Champs in Trestles with this second solid result (he got 2nd in Portugal) Good times at the Lavafish surf series! The traditional “Roquete” jump for the heat paddle out Good surfing in the Girls division with lots of chicas signing up! Jodie De Armas throwing some water on her way to 1st Place in the Girls division Ariane Ochoa finished at the 3rd place. Classic bottom turn groms messing around Iker Amatriain getting some air in front of the audience in the Juniors category, he finished 3rd Local Diego Suarez throwing the fins out into the 2nd Place in the Juniors Luis Diaz was surfing really good all event long and took the win in the Juniors and 150€ cash Luis Diaz again got a sweet extra 200€ for this air as the best move of the event Heavy Portuguese crew in town for the Lavafish: Alfonso, Martim and friend Another little tube from day one that made it to the local Newspaper (La Opinion) first page the next day Lavafish surf series presented by a legend in the making: Makoa Gomez! Charly Quivront made the trip all the way from France but ended up in 3rd place of the Pro Am division Miguel Blanco all smiles for the ladies Miguel won the Pro Am division with some solid surfing, here on the odd right on the left pointbreak Miguel Blanco bs air reverse Diego Suarez Charly Quivront with a clean air reverse Lineup shot right before a heavy rain shower, thanks Bubblegum for the competitors wax Miguel Blanco Thais Peña Ariane Ochoa VIP balcony Charly “sharing is caring” and Francisco Duarte RESULTS: Best Trick: Luis Diaz - 200€ Girls (20&under): 1-     Jodie De Armas - 150€ 2-    Melania Suarez 3-    Ariane Ochoa 4-     Lilly von Treunfels Groms (13&under): 1-    Alfonso Antunes 2-    Guillerme Moreira 3-    Adur Amatriain 4-    Nestor Garcia Juniors (16&under): 1-Luis Diaz - 150€ 2- Diego Suarez 3- Iker Amatriain 4-Victor Sanchez Pro-Am (20&under): 1-Miguel Blanco - 500€ 2-Francisco Duarte 3-Charly Quivront 4-Will Davis Squids (10&under): 1-Joao Mendoça 2-Santiago Graça 3-Matias Silva 4-Lucia Machado Provisional_Ranking_TCT
Get ready for the second European leg of Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour 2015-2016! The Lavafish surf series will go down in Tenerife on February 27 and 28, with 1000€ in prize money, tons of prizes and good times guaranteed. Contest info and sign up HERE Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour (TCT) started its 2015-2016 European season on Saturday 29 August 2015 with the Rumblefish Surf Series in the beautiful Praia Amado in Portugal. The TCT surf events are free to enter and have 5 divisions to choose from: Squids (10 and under), Groms (13 and under), Juniors (16 and under), men’s Pro-Am (20 and under), and Girls (20 and under), age is based off August 1st 2015. On top of the good times, there will be free food, tons of prizes to win from VOLCOM, JAM TRACTION, ELECTRIC, MATTA SURFBOARDS, BUBBLEGUM WAX and a cash prize for the Pro-Am winner and Junior winner at selected events. An Air division (all ages) will be run at some locations depending on the conditions. As the past season, European surfers will qualify and win tickets to compete to the 2016 Volcom TCT Global Championships at the world-class wave of Lower Trestles, California, in June 14-17, 2016 (30 000$ prize purse and live webcast). Competitors will have to compete in a minimum of two European TCT events and their top 2 results will be counted for overall placing. At the end of the season Top 3 ProAm, Top 2 Juniors, Top 2 Groms, Top 2 Girls and 1 Squid will win plane tickets and accommodation to the 2016 Volcom TCT global Champs in Lower Trestles. *In case of ties at the end of season, best result will be taken into account, and result at Mulletfish/Lavafish will prime. - 29 August 2015, RUMBLEFISH surf series, Praia do Amado, Portugal - Click for full recap, results, photos and video - 27-28 February 2016, LAVAFISH surf series, Tenerife, Canary Islands - 
28-29 March 2016, Rumblefish surf series, Costa Da Caparica, Portugal - 23, 24 April 2016, MULLETFISH surf series, Hossegor, France - 
14-17 June 2016, TCT Global Championships, Lower Trestles, California All dates are subject to change; go to for details and updates, past events videos, photos and results The 2015-2016 Volcom TCT is supported by: MATTA SHAPES, ELECTRIC, JAM TRACTION and BUBBLEGUM WAX Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour is a grass roots effort that has infiltrated local and regional areas with FREE surfing contests, and part of Volcom’s LET THE KIDS RIDE FREE program. These events are for the kids of all the ages to ex- press their talent, gain contest experience, have a good time, get some FREE grinds, and walk home with a ton of FREE product for a day of surfing. The purpose of the TCT European Tour is to create a unique surfing environment, not a typical contest, but more like gathering. It is where people can come together and hang out, without all the fees, rules, stipulation and a lack of camaraderie of a normal surfing event. These events are about giving back to the communities and making it possible for kids without sponsors or money to compete along with some seasoned competitors. Surfers of all ages are able to express their talent at a local, national, and international level and will push the next generation to become something better than the last. Everyone competes without having to pay an entry fee and all contestants receive prizes and giveaways... plus a FREE lunch! The Totally Crustaceous Tour is a worldwide free contest series that spreads through North America, Hawaii, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Europe, South America and Brazil. 10 European surfers qualify and win trips to compete in the TCT Global Championships in Lower Trestles, California in June 2016. RANKING AND POINTS SYSTEM:
Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour 2015 (TCT) - Rumblefish Surf Series, Portugal
You always get tons of fun when you attend the Volcom’s TCT Rumblefish at Praia do Amado. Oil tankers of fun actually. The 2015 Rumblefish stood to its tradition of fun, nice waves and excellent surfing. 101 kids surfed perfect 2 to 4 foot waves to pieces under a warm sun and that lovely eastern wind that turned the Ocean into a playground. We should have had a veteran’s category so the staff could surf too without the weekend crowds. Perfect left and right peaks seemed to salute the kids who well deserved Neptune’s good mood. So many kids attended the Rumblefish, so it was pedal to the metal but everyone caught tons of waves and the judging was pretty easy although a lot of heats were really tight with small differences between winners and losers. Early standouts at the girls division, Concha Balsemão and Yolanda Hopkins (a TCT veteran) disputed the title in a close final with Yolanda coming out on top ahead of Concha, Mafalda Lopes and Beatriz Burgos. Squids were a class of its own; it’s always the funniest division. Those 10 and under are pure stoke, all smiles and excitement. João Mendonça, from Arrifana Beach, 25 km North of Amado and arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal beat the competition with our own Santiago “Stoke” Graça trailing just behind him, little Matias Canhoto placed third and Maria Balsemão, who beated a lot of boys of her age on her path to the final, placed fourth. Nice one Maria. Alfonso Antunes is a regular winner at the TCT, and after last season’s World Championships in Trestles where he made it to the Squids final, he is now competing in the Groms Division. This time Martim Paulino outsurfed him to secure the first spot with Alfonso in second, Joaquim Chaves in third and Sebastião Ramirez in fourth. Juniors. That’s where things start to get really serious and tails and rails fly all over the waves. The four finalists went nuts on the 3 feet offshore peaks but in the end the battle was between Vasco Dinis and João Moreira with Vasco taking the win for less than half a point. Could have been either way but it was a well-deserved win, Simão Teixeira took 3rd and Salvador Couto placing 4th. The ranks of the Pro Am Division have some seasoned TCT competitors such as Tomás Alcobia and Francisco Duarte. On another well disputed final the nimble and fast surf of Frederico Magalhães made him win the coveted Rumblefish trophy, ahead of Francisco Duarte, Francisco Porta and powerhouse André Faria. Great final guys! The prize ceremony went down with the sun setting and we believe a hundred kids left the beach stoked and ready for more. Hopefully most will show up next year for another day of fun and good vibes. See you in Tenerife for the second European stop of Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour! Thank you to the Algarve Surf Club and School people, Sergio Wu (17 TCT’s) and Zara Mata, to Leo Belime and Tomás Alcobia for all the help, the Surf Planet surf shop, Nuno Mestre (on his 16th Rumblefish attendance) of Portimão’s Secret Spot Surf Shop, Rui “Anglet” Sá, our part time Northern redneck speaker, Diogo Ferreira for keeping everyone in line and last but not the least Jam Traction for the extra prizes, the new bran from Marlon Lipke and Gony Zubizarreta, great product from greater people. See you next year. Yeeeeew! Pictures: andre carvalho RESULTS: GIRLS (20 and under): 1 Yolanda Hopkins 2 Concha Balsemāo 3 Mafalda Lopes 4 Natasha Fernandes SQUIDS (10 and under): 1 Joāo Mendonça 2 Santiago Graça 3 Matias Canhoto 4 Maria Balsemāo GROMS (13 and under): 1 Martim Paulino 2 Alfonso Antunes 3 Joaquim Chaves 4 Sebastiāo Ramirez JUNIORS (16 and under): 1 Vasco Dinis 2 Joāo Moreira 3 Simao Teixeira 4 Salvador Couto PRO/AM (20 and under): 1 Frederico Magalhāes 2 Francisco Duarte 3 Francisco Portas 4 André Faria   
European surfers in California for the Volcom totally Crustaceous Tour global Championships 2015
On the 10th of June, a group of up and coming European surfers converged to California for 2 weeks, to compete at the 2015 Volcom Totally Crustaceous Tour global Championships. The group consisted of Camilla Kemp, Joao Moreira and Alfonso Antunes from Portugal, Ariane Otxoa and Lander Davila from the Basque Country, and a heavy French crew with William Aliotti, Charly Quivront, Jordan Oueslati, Nomme Mignot, Lens Arancibia, Justin Becret and Marco Mignot, who all got their trip paid by Volcom after qualifying through the European leg of Volcom’s TCT. As a mascott, little Noa Dupouy from France joined the crew after qualifying for the competition in Hawaii. The Volcom totally Crustaceous Tour global Championships 2015 gathered surfers from all around the world, and this year the main event was held at the world-class wave of Lower Trestles but due to a busy schedule, the first rounds of the competition were run in Newport Beach 10 days prior, which gave the surfers a little free time to kill the jetlag, wander around, train, and get a taste of the life in Orange County, California. Check out the photos below for a little photo reportage on what went down on the side of the competition during those two weeks. Click here for the full contest results, video, photos and webcast replay. See behind the scene clips on the low environmental impact of the event, staying “True To Trestles” HERE. And see you all for the next Totally Crustaceous Tour Europe season starting soon! Photos from @chroniclesofchristie, Stephane Becret, @jebronskybeat and @tai_vandyke Euro crew in Hollywood (Lander Davila, Ariane Otxoa, Camilla Kemp, Noa Dupouy, Jordan Oueslati, Lens Arancibia, Charly Quivront, William Aliotti, Marco Mignot and Joao Moreira) Despite his early loss Justin Becret took full advantage of the trip Alfonso Antunes is the up and coming supergrom from Portugal, getting interviewed in Newport Charly Quivront loved the Trestles free surfs Burrito #12 at the Wedge with Lander, Lens, Noa and Joao Lunchbreak What street light ? Marco, Noa and Alfonso - Pacific Coast Highway right next to our friends from the Froghouse Noa Dupouy was our mascott Justin Marco and Noa - frothing in Newport Joao Moreira stoked after his Newport heat win meaning he'll surf -Trestles Ariane Otxoa on the rippable - Lowers rights Marco, Nomme and Christophe Mignot - early birds at Trestles Newport Beach - Seaweed monster Newport Beach lunchbreak Jordan Oueslati in San Clemente Camilla and Ariane Charly Aftersurf in Riviera Justin Dupouy Show Evening BBQ in San Clemente Justin Becret We passed by the Mayhem warehouse and Maud Le Car + Quincy Davis were already there Lens 'BG' Arancibia Lens Arancibia was unleashing his surfing and took the air option a few times Charly Quivront after his Quarterfinals win This is what you come for, perfect Lower Trestles with only 3 other guys out Noa cheering Alfonso Antunes and Jackson Bunch after the Squids finals Totally Crustaceous Tour Legends William getting some secret advanced tips from Matt Bemrose William Aliotti lost in the Pro Am Quarters but not without flair Noa won the "Wiener Schnitzel" award thanks to his megafroth attitude Camilla Kemp and Alfonso Antunes took the 4th place of the competition respectively in the Girls and the Squids divisions Last cross of the Trestles tracks before heading back to Europe, see you next year!    
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