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Volcom Presents - Euro Stokes!
Volcom is proud to present the Euro Stokes! Featuring footage from some of the European side of the Volcom skate team. This is all pulled from their filming missions for Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening.. Featuring Ben Raemers, Eniz Fazliov, Harry Lintell, Alain Goikoetxea, Daan van der Linden and flow dudes Dan West, Charlie Birch, Gav Coughlin and Victor Pellegrin. The Euro Stokes! was filmed in France and the UK across two missions in the van along with a few London gems shot whenever British weather, security guards and foot traffic allowed. Also read the article below from issue 6 of Free Skate Mag that has a couple photos from the trips, as well as some hammers from Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening.
Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening - Global Premiere Tour
Not only did May 20th mark the global premiere of Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening, it was also the beginning of the worldwide premiere tour. We had over 60 premieres lined up in over 30 countries all leading up to the digital release of Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening on June 7th. Check out some photos below from some of the premieres around the globe and download your copy of Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening NOW! Photo: Daniel Cabral Photo: Daniel Cabral First stop was the world premiere in Los Angeles held at the Ace Theatre on May 20th. With over 1,600 people in attendance and David Gonzalez's band Ratt Black shutting it down it was the greatest premiere's we've ever done! Photo: Daniel Cabral Photo: Daniel Cabral After the Los Angeles Premiere we shook off the hangovers and took our crew up to San Francisco where we took over The Chapel SF. One of Mondo Drag's songs were used in the movie and they also played immediately after the premiere!     Photo: Heverton Riberiro Photo: Heverton Riberiro Down in Brasil they took over an entire park! We had a best trick contest before the movie and with over 3,000 people in attendance, it was one of the largest we've ever done! Photo: Gunner Hughes Photo: Gunner Hughes Back in the states, New York City was the next stop. Fortunately we had a day prior the premiere to skate the city with Santi Rodriguez, who was chosen at the Harold Hunter Day contest the weekend before, to hit the streets with us! At the Sunshine Cinemas, the theater was PACKED, so much so that we had to do a 2nd showing! Photo: Andrew Christie Photo: Andrew Christie In the land down under, stoke levels were through the roof when the movie hit Sydney! Photo: Morico Photo: Morico On May 26th we had ALL of our regional premieres in 10 different states around America, and each one was special. These photos from the one in Grant Taylor's hometown of Atlanta sum up the vibes pretty well! Photo: Pedro Huck Rosa Photo: Pedro Huck Rosa     Puerto Rico went the same route as Brasil and hosted a Best Trick Contest prior to the premiere as well. Check the video recap above. Photo: Chris Johnson Photo: Chris Johnson     Meanwhile across the pond, Holy Stokes! made its European debut at the Hackney Picture House. Prior to the premiere Parlour Skate Store held a photo show with our staff photographers Arto Saari and Jelle Keppens. Watch the video above and you can also read the interviews from the show over at the Sidewalk Mag and Free Skate Mag . Photo: A PROPOS Skate Mag Photo: Esteban Velarde Photo: Esteban Velarde After London our crew stopped in Paris and Madrid! Photo: Daniel Cabral Photo: Daniel Cabral Photo: Daniel Cabral In Austin, TX we hosted a photo show / pre-party before the premiere at the one and only No Comply Skateshop before heading down to the Sidewinder for a very special premiere. Thanks to Flood Magazine we were able to have local Austin legends The Black Angels play after the premiere of the movie! CLICK HERE to get the full recap! Photo Daniel Cabral Coinciding with the 2016 Damn Am, we held one of the last premieres in our very own skatepark immediately after the Damn Am Best Trick Contest for all of the people who couldn't make it to the Los Angeles one. It was also fitting to wrap up the world premiere tour in our own backyard! If you weren't able to make it out to any of these premieres, you can download Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, XBox, Playstation, Vimeo (only 4K download),Vudu or FandangoNOW!
Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening – Madrid Premiere
English version :  Last March 31st the entire skate scene from Madrid took over the Proyecciones Cinema on the centric Fuencarral street. Around 400 people delighted free fresh beverages and popcorn while enjoying the ultimate Russel Houghten´s skate movie Holy Stokes!. Alain Goikoetxea and Arto Saari introduced the video as honor guests. Everyone got super excited during the film so we went to celebrate an afterparty at Fun House bar located right next to the venue. Thanks to Pablo and Borja from Welcome Skateboarding Shop, Esteban from Go-Skateboarding and all the people who showed up. Definitely fun times!   Spanish version : El pasado 31 de Marzo estuvimos en Madrid para celebrar la Premiere en España de Holy Stokes!. Allí se juntaron unas 400 personas, vamos la escena skater madrileña al completo. Como invitados de honor tuvimos a Alain Goikoetxea y Arto Saari, quién dedico una palabras para presentar el video. Después nos fuimos al Fun House a tomar unas cañas lo que acabó en una patinada indoor muy divertida con Borja al micrófono en plan tómbola. Gracias a Pablo, Borja y toda la gente de Welcome Skateboarding, Esteban y Go Skateboarding y a todos los asistentes. Nos lo pasamos “dabuti”. Photos: Esteban Velarde
Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening - Stoke Levels Rising
Releasing June 7th to the digital world, the latest full length skate movie from Volcom Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening has a lot of anticipation surrounding it. Stateside, the movie premiered in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Austin and a dozen other regional locations. With the stoke levels rising, here are some interviews and coverage around the movie. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!   Ant Travis is our filmer in the streets and his iphone is stacked with clips of our crew messing around before spots and on the road. He put together this little edit of what to expect in the movie along with some previews of what went down.     Friend of the Stone Gary Rogers was out at the LA premiere! Check out the FULL RECAP here.     Prior to the New York City premiere we had a day before to skate around the city with the crew that was in town. This clip filmed by NY legend R.B. Umali was filmed entirely in one afternoon.     David was plagued by injuries for parts of filming. On one of the last filming trips to South America, this gap to electrical box grind cut short any last minute hammers he would have gotten.   Grant Taylor blaster in the Cayman Islands. Photo Michael Burnett Thrasher filmer P-Stone put together a 10 minute edit with some of Grant Taylors best footage over the years! Click here or the photo above to watch it over at the Thrasher site.   Photo: Sam Ashley Dustin Dollin has an interview over at the Free Skateboard Mag Site where he talks about the movie among other things in his career.   Also across the pond, Sidewalk mag has plenty of coverage of Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening, including a recap of the London premiere and interviews with our photographers Arto and Jelle CLICK HERE purchase Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening on itunes and stay tuned for more coverage!
Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening – Paris Premiere
 Available to pre-order on iTunes on the 7th, June:  The day after the European Holy Stokes! Premiere, we gathered in the Paris famous “11ème arrondissement” to watch the new Volcom Stone movie together with the team, some of the French best retailers and the Parisian skate scene. A brave hangover team composed by Dustin Dollin, Daan Van der Linden, Axel Cruysberghs, Arto Saari and Victor Pellegrin arrived at Chez Justine to meet with some VIPS and share a drink. Then, the premiere took place at Le Nouveau Casino,  the atmosphere was great and as the beer kept on going, the team found a new wind. Finally, we all went back to our favourite bar, in front, to celebrate some more! Legends, Remy Stratton, Arto Saari and Christian Vankelst Florian Rivieres & Arnaud Bremard representing the famous BUD skateshop Cosanostra was very well represented at the Premiere ! Volcom Europe connection, Victor , Vincent and Jebrane Real Life Happening view from Volcom team rider Victor Pellegrin Credit A PROPOS Skate Mag We gave some disposable cameras to a couple of our team riders to catch their views on the premiere and to get A Real Life Happening of that moment. Here are the results !   Victor Pellegrin, Volcom skate team rider and his view on the Premiere. Victor the selfie master, with Axel, Daan and friend An other selfie of Victor with Joseph Biais and friends Spawn - classic Dustin !   Olivier Gittler, Volcom snow team rider and his view on the Premiere. FX and his lady Holy Shots! for Maxime Grand Ouest sales rep and Sylvain Geoffroy Three skateboard and party freaks Victor, Dustin and Kevin Tshala Volcom sales team Victor and Nour Jebrane Désigaud, Volcom events and his view on the Premiere. Jon, always the most friendly and Holy Stoked bartender Mathias (Cosanostra) and Etienne (Electric) getting the infamous Tura gay shot (A Propos Skate Mag) Eric Antoine was just passing by, and ended up staying for a couple hours Gaetan and Mathias   Thanks to A Propos, to Le Nouveau Casino, to Chez Justine staff and to everyone who came out !
Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening - European Premiere - London
Available to pre-order on iTunes on the 7th, June:  Last Friday saw the European premiere of "Holy Stokes!" take place in London, England where Dustin Dollin, Chris Pfanner, Daan Van Der Linden, Axel Cruysberghs, Rune Glifberg, Harry Lintell, Eniz Fazliov and Ben Raemers came along to show what they’ve been up to and hang out with friends old and new. Before the film played at Hackney Picturehouse, the team hit up Parlour Skate Store for the private view of a behind the scenes photo show by Arto Saari and Jelle Keppens. Tons of London locals as well as a few blow ins stopped by to check out the photos in anticipation of the film to come. If you missed out, don’t fret; the show will be open until 11th June at Parlour. From there, everyone hopped on a coach to take them over to the cinema and watch the film. The crowd was killer. Tons of noise in all the right places as Holy Stokes! visually smashed its way into the minds of the viewer. It definitely fired everyone up as an impromptu session broke out after at the stair set opposite and after a solid pressure flip from Daan Ven Der Linden the whole affair was shut down with a £100 bet that a fairly drunk Chris Pfanner couldn’t ollie the double set without warm up and on a borrowed board. Chris took the £100 in two tries. Standard. We then moved onto the MOTH club where – in some cases – burritos were literally shoved into peoples mouths as the bar opened up and Sam Ashley, Shelley Bones & DJ Dogger fired up the tunes to fill the dance floor. Thanks to everyone who came along and helped make the day a banger. Nick Stansfield, Ben Raemers and Horsey Nick Stansfield and Ben Raemers Parlour Skate Store Arto Saari Photo Show Crowd Jelle Keppens and Harry Lintell Photo Show Photo show Guy Jones and Dustin Dollin Sam Ashley and Horsey Chris Pfanner, Eniz Fazliov and Alain Goikoextea Nick Stansfield and Phil Clutton Ben Raemers Arto Saari and Jelle Keppens Eniz Fazliov, Chris Pfanner, Daan Van Der Linden and Alain Goikoextea Darren Pearcy and Volcom`s Cubic Bryce Campbell and Carl Richardson. Parlour shop owners. Ian Deacon and Remy Stratton Crowd Ben Raemers Remy Stratton and Daan Remy Stratton and Daan Van Der Linden From the bus to the cinema Sidewalk Magazines Ben Powell and Free Skate Mags Will Harmon The Crew Daan Van Der Linden Carl Wilson, Callum Francis and Skate Pharmacy`s Nic Powely Josh Young and Alex Winstanley from Route One Cam Barr and Gregoire Cuadrado Dan Cates Russell Houghten Movie Kevin Parrott and Simon Skipp Froby and Tom Tanner Lost Art crew Henry Kingsford and Nick Sharrat Nick Stansfield Casey Brown, Conor Charleson and Will Creswick Alain Goikoextea and Remy Stratton Chris Pfanner Matt Broadley and Jono Coote Kevin Parrott and Alex Irvine Darren Pearcy, Dan Cates and Ian Deacon Nick Zorlac and Rich West Volcom Crew Rob Mathieson, James Coyle and Tom Harrsion Luke Fletcher Charlie Birch, Cam Barr and Mark Stern