The Mulletfish Surf Series in Hossegor, France, ends Volcom's Totally Crustaceous Tour European leg in fine form!
Despite the bad forecast, the event was a blast ! More than 200 Kids signed up to the contest and enjoyed two days of small but playful Hossegor waves. As some had to secure their spot for the TCT global Championships in Lower Trestles, California, there was some pressure on some surfers and the level of surfing and competitiveness was at its max... A lol of people until the end Surfers from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Canary Islands made the trip to France and had to compose with all top French locals and regulars, which made for a big Euro surf gathering. The tension and competition was fierce in the water but beach games and usual shenanigans kept the spirits high and jolly. Check out the photos below to get a better taste of what went down. About 200 kids attend to the events, a record for the Mulletfish ! This year’s Mulletfish was definitely a “Grand Cru” of the contest! Full results in the end. Thanks to all our partners for the helps and extra prizes : Jam Traction, Matta Surfboards, Bubble Gum Surf Wax, Skullcandy, Electric and Sowest Cola. Thanks to everyone who came to help during the weekend, to Chez Béné for the food, and to all the kids and family who entered the event! Always good spirit for the groms Classic day in Hossegor Flour time ! Give me first place ! It's On !! Juliette on rail. Lip heat from Ainara Aymat Massive throw away for the crowd Pic view from the judges booth Sending spray, checked. Luis Diaz, winner Junior Some Fanning style in that hack from the little Kilian Guerin Squid's level of surfing has been amazing through the event keoni Lasa. Stone fight Tail high, Marco Mignot Time to focus for Juliette Brice Who wants to win a Matta Surfboard ZAP ! Kilian Guerin RESULTS: Pro-Am division (20 and under): 1.       Aldric God (Fr)(200€) 2.       Len’s Arancibia (Fr) 3.       Frederico Magalhaes (Pt) 4.       Kalani Da Silva (Canary Islands) Girls (20 and under): 1.       Ariane Ochoa (Euk) 2.       Ainara Aymat (Euk) 3.       Juliette Brice (Fr) 4.       Javegny Mahe (Fr) Best trick: Marco Mignot (100€) Juniors (16 and under): 1.       Luis Diaz (Canary Islands) 2.       Joao Moreira (Pt) 3.       Iker Amatriain (Euk) 4.       Endika Garai (Euk) Groms (13 and under): 1.       Adur Amatriain (Euk) 2.       Sam Piter (Fr) 3.       Afonso Antunes (Pt) 4.       Justin Becret (Fr) Squids (10 and under): 1.       Odriozola Kai (Euk) 2.       Keoni Lasa (Euk) 3.       Mario Molina Rasines (Euk) 4.       Matias Silva (Pt)
Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening Teaser and Premiere Dates
In celebration of Earth Day 2016, Volcom is proud to announce premiere dates ACROSS THE WORLD! Kicking off in LA on May 20th, 2016, CLICK HERE TO FIND A PREMIERE NEAR YOU! Available on iTunes June 7th 2016!
For the second consecutive year, Volcom supported the John Doe Friendly Session, a great event gathering the french snowboard scene in Les Arcs at the end of season. Each year the event has a special guest and as Jamie Lynn wasn’t available this year, the organization opted for a reunion of the Psykopit crew (an early 2000’s french snowboard crew that included a bunch of internationals too, mostly known for taking everything on the fun side). Inviting a whole crew turned to be a great choice as the more, the merrier ; the more the merrier. So the weekend was a great mix of snowboarding (around the park designed for the occasion by Volcom team rider Valerian Ducourtil), meeting new friends, hanging out with old friends, partying and good times. Check the clip and photos for a better taste of what went down. Thanks Fred Marchadier, L’amicale du Snowboard, and the Laboshop crew for the great weekend and may the force be with you! Photo Credits : KAB Valerian Ducourtil fs invert Etienne Pinon fly out from the first hip François from Alpe du Zou leading the chaos future shredders Guess who didn't sleep arf arf arf Olivier Gittler here is half of The Psykopit crew   Julien Joud, Larrogs half a face and Fred Marchadier Larrogs and Remi Lamazouere showing some man love Mimi Boissonnet is alive and well nosegrab Pacome Allouis, roi de la glisse Quarter pipe session in the Saturday fog Remi Lamazouere The first half of the park was a succession of super fun hips Thomas Sagnier defying everyone washing the hangover with some handrails
Bring Back The Fuzz
Friday, April 8th we brought back the Fuzz at Rockefeller Music Hall. The evening was dedicated to true Rock N` Roll and the glorious Fuzz Pedal. In a world where music is created by computers we thought the timing was right to bring back the fuzz, the true dirty rock n roll. In collaboration with Betongpark we had a miniramp at the venue as well, a lot of people brought their boards to skate. Shot At Dawn kick started the evening with their heavy riffs, followed by Rat Miller. Forgetaboutit put on a great show showing us that skatepunk is still alive and well. Undertakers stopped by to tell us that rock`n roll is fun with their amazing live show, featuring Willy-cowbell and Stian aka Mr. Tambourine man. Pappasaft gave us the truth about society and establishment, while Blomst gave us their all delivering rock in the true dirty and groovy fashion. Hold Fast from Stavanger took to the stage with their furious sound and their amazing live show. Ondt Blood, based in Tromso, defined the more hardcore section of the line-up and with their machine gun riffs and desperate cries, they can best be described as a freight train with sound, their live show was of the chain! Big thanks to all the bands, Rockefeller, Joakim Throndsen, Marius Dale, Bini, Betongpark, Laarhöne and each and everyone that came out to support Rock`n Roll. True To This. Photo credit: Vegard Kristiansen    
Past Friday April 1st we took over the skatepark during the Pro Zarautz. We got lucky with the weather and sun showed up for us. Many skateboarders from the area came for the "cash/beer for tricks" jam session. We gave a away 500 € and ton of goodies. Check the photo report, fun times for sure! Our good friend and Master Chef Karlos Arguiñano didn´t want to miss the show Beni did crazy barefoot tricks for cash Carranza killed it all day long, here bs smithgrind Kids had some much fun and prizes playing with the mannequin on the Volcom x Don Pendleton shirt. Kids had some much fun and prizes playing with the mannequin on the Volcom x Don Pendleton shirt. Norberto "The Pater" Mena made us happy joining the sesh Nachete shreds the streets but also big ramps Race for a board. Thanks to Cruzade Skateboards for the goodies Watching skating Alain Saavedra is a present for your eyes. Fs Air on the edge Saavedra and Yankee had to battle because of tie break. One trick each. Yankee did an airwalk fakie and Saavedra a big bs flip. Prize money split and trophy for Saav Saavedra killed it with tricks like this hurricane grind Benny Laver took the StoneMan prize with this Stone & Roll Stoneman Good to see this legend shredding. Xabi "The Boss" Elorriaga Yankee flying high on this bs air Yankee fs air for the crowd Speaker Captain Jairock and Benny Laver who also took the prize of "Your Weight In Beer" Zamacona flies with style
Surfers battled it in challenging conditions at the Rumblefish surf series in Portugal
The Rumblefish surf series went down for the first time on the beaches of Costa Da Caparica in Portugal during Easter (March 28-29). The event was the 3rd European stop of Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour and happened right after a Pro Junior contest so the Junior division (16 & under) was packed. The conditions on Monday were unruly so the contest was called off, forcing organizer to run a double bank on the Tuesday. An international field of surfers from Portugal, Spain, Canary Islands and France battled it all day on the waves on offer: Juniors and Pro Am were surfing on podium one with a fun left reform on the inside and an occasional righthander, while Groms, Girls and Squids surfed a right reform on podium two that was doubling up at times with a good section to hit. Check out the photos below for a better taste of all the action that went down. Out of this event, three Portuguese surfers sealed their spot for the global TCT Champs in Lower Trestles : Joao Mendoça, Alfonso Antunes and Miguel Blanco. The Mulletfish in Hossegor (23-24 April) will be the last European TCT event of the season and will decide all other qualified surfers for Trestles! Full European road to Trestles ranking is updated below. Thanks to everyone who help run the contest, especially the ASCC Caparica, Andre Carvalho and Rui Sá for the photos, and the sponsors that helped stoke out the kids Matta shapes, Jam Traction and Bubblegum surf wax. See you in Hossegor! Miguel Blanco slicing it Alfonso Antunes took the 2nd place in the groms division and secured his spot for Trestles Ariane Ochoa won the Girls division photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES Canarian sensation Luis Diaz was in form and impressed the audience but somehow lost in the Juniors quarters hit it three times and this Jam Traction pad is yours run for free stuff! One of the event favourite's Justin Becret lost in the early rounds photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES A good crew made it from the Canary Islands here Diego Suarez who finished at the 4th place in the Juniors division photo Rui Sá ABC-ES Bottom turn Charly Quivront finished at the 3rd place in the Pro Am division photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES Fins out Gony Zubizarreta was in the place Helder and Andre photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES Jam Traction co owner and local legend Marlon Lipke kept an eye on the upcoming talent Joao getting ready for his Juniors semi, see the conditions? Leon Glatzer was pretty close to land this good size kerrupt air Leon Glatzer local boy Joao Moreira lost in the semis photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES Miguel Blanco in the pocket noon turn photo Rui Sá:ABC-ES stoked on winning a new Jam Traction pad Yael Peña from tenerife ended 3rd in the Juniors division   Results: PRO-AM division (20 and under) 1.       Miguel Blanco 2.       Leon Glatzer 3.       Charly Quivront 4.       Kalani Da Silva GIRLS division (20 and under) 1.       Ariane Ochoa 2.       Leticia Canales 3.       Ines bispo 4.     Melania Diaz JUNIORS (16 and under) 1.      Lenni Jensen 2.      Simao Penha 3.      Yael Pena Suarez 4.      Diego Suarez Diaz GROMS (13 and under) 1.   Guilherme Ribeiro 2.  Afonso Antunes 3.    Adur Amatriain 4.    Martim Paulino SQUIDS (10 and under) 1.       João Mendonça 2.       Mario Molina 3.       Matias S. Canhoto 4.       André Ramos
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