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RESULTS | Stop #6 of Volcom PBRJ European Tour 2015 | Les Deux Alpes, France 2015
The last European stop of the Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam 2015 went down last weekend in the resort of Les 2 Alpes, France, and it was a banger! Despite the poor snow conditions at the bottom of the slopes and the rain that started in the afternoon, the snowpark crew kept their setup in shape and the riders and audience stayed super motivated. Local shredders were stoked and many others made the trip from Grenoble, Alpe d’Huez, Vars, La Clusaz and Spain. Louis Declerck on his way to shut down the rail Each jam went down with solid tricks on the somewhat basic setup, so judges were looking for tech, originality and style. At the end of the day, winners got crowned, prizes and cash given, and everybody went home with some products. What would be Les 2 Alpes without an afterparty at Smithys and L’Avalanche? You tell me…Thanks to Nitro Snowboards, Union Bindings, future mayor Yannick Amevet, Act Snowboard Mag, Fluofun, Bangin Bees, 2 Alpes Tourism Office, Rusty Toothbrush crew, Boris, Franck Moissonnier, Alex Pethicaca and Nick “Ladiesman” Ward and everybody who came to enjoy the day with us. Giacomo Errichiello get well soon! Check out the photos below for a more detailed story! Free hot dogs to refuel and beat the weather Sarah De Frutos finished in 3rd place right after her fresh win at the Spanish PBRJ in Madrid Carl Williarson mid bs 360 transfer, has got plenty of good tricks behind the bar too Charles Legay sure is a true champ and always a crowd’s favorite Giaccomo “Jack” Errichiello took one of the gnarliest slams I’ve seen, trying a bs 360 transfer on the kinked box. He walked away directly to the hospital after a 5 min black out with some missing teeth, we all wish you a quick recovery! Good times! Bri Detts was killing it in the Girls division Ian Matteoli is only 9 years old and sure has fun snowboarding, check his last part here Ian won the 15 and under division and was so stoked! Laura and Biloute from Smithys beating the rain with smiles and serious dance moves…not Louis Declerck Some more of Ian Matteoli An audience with smiles kept stoke levels high FINAL RESULTS: 15 and under division: 1- Ian Matteoli 2- Metsh Kimani 3- Eliott Pentecote 4- Oliver Lenny 5- Oscar Ney Etsh Kimani took 2nd place in the 15 and under division 16-21 division: 1-    Lucas Poulet 2-    Matvei Avkimovitch 3-    Constant Ledoyo 4-    Sasha Ballico Girls division: 1-    Celine Glachant 2-    Bri Detts 3-    Sarah De Frutos 4-    Lisa Mitchell 5-    Emily James Open division: 1-    Louis Declerck 200€ 2-    Alex Stewart 150€ 3-    Jacob Roberts 100€ 4-    Tom Picamoles 5-    Carl Williarson
North America I Peanut Butter And Rail Jam - Brighton Resort, 2015
Stop #10 of Volcom’s Peanut Butter And Rail Jam took spring break by storm at Brighton Resort, UT on Saturday March 21, 2015 Compeitors and spectators packed the Milly Base all day long as the contest action reached a fever pitch. There’s no doubt why there is killer ripping in Utah after taking laps through Brighton’s incredibly creative and impeccable park.  This creativity spilled into the custom PBRJ set up that included a quick down to long flat to long down rail in zone 1, a short flat rail to long down rail or redirect short flat rail to the long rail in zone 2, and a flat ledge to transfer down ledge with multiple takeoffs in zone 3.  Over 160 riders showed up from Maine, Vermont, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming, Oregon, California, Colorado, Utah, Russia, and Estonia to compete in the last 2015 US PBRJ Championship qualifying event.  This melting pot of riders was now ready to see who would come out on top and battle it out for the top spots. South Dakota’s Carson Freeman locks into a perfect fs lipslide on the down rail in zone 2 before landing in a pile of spring break slush. Tommy Olivas holding it down for the Utah locals with a boardslide transfer boardslide on the ledges in zone 3. New Jersey’s Miles Fallon stole the show in the 15 & Under Division. The crowd was roaring the entire time as he landed tricks like this gap boardslide full circle carve around the Volcom tents at the bottom of zone 1. His style and trick selection was a no doubt call for 1st place. 16-year-old Edward Enyart has now graduated into the next division after years of ripping in the 15 & Under category. He brought some rad tricks along with him like this 50-50 redirect bs lipslide in zone 2. Dale Mortensen was the first person to effortlessly slide backwards from start to finish on this long flat down rail in zone 1. For this he earned a nod of the cap and a brand new Volcom Snowboard from our judges. Chandler Hunt didn’t hold back as he put down trick after trick in all 3 zones. Here he handles a half cab 50-50 transfer bs 270 lipslide in zone 3. Tricks like this solidified his top spot position in the 16-21 Division.   Estonia’s Ivika Jurgenson was throwing down throughout the Girls Division. She was dropping hammers like this 1-footed bs boardslide in zone 1 and a perfect gap boardslide in zone 2. Sierra Jewett on the way down after she went fs boardslide 180 transfer boardslide on the ledges in zone 3. This last second buzzer beating maneuver helped her earn 3rd place and a brand new Fender guitar! Laura Rogosky’s name is synonymous with girls shredding at the next level. The proof was in the pudding with this perfectly executed fs boardslide in zone 2. Take a close look at the photo as her board is squared up and her shoulders are in the right direction. Everyone agreed that her over all shred was deserving of 1st place in the Girls Division. Everyone swarmed the free food table to build some custom sandwiches that will make your mom queasy. Brendan Sullivan hooks into a high-speed bs lipslide in zone 1 that had the crowd erupt in approval. He was the first to put this down and the only one to make it look completely effortless earning the $100 Rev’d Rider Award. The girls strategize as lunch winds down (Top Right), Trevor Brady tests out the rail on his swallow tail 180cm (Left), and the crowd (Bottom Right) is stoked on Trevor's ride. Wyoming’s Brady Durgin dropped into Utah to take over zone 2 with this impeccable fs bluntslide from beginning to end. Brighton terrain park mastermind Treyson Allen shows us what is possible in zone 3 with a wall jam transfer bs lipslide. He also added a 270 out of this same trick in finals to claim Electric California’s “Gooyest Move of the Event” and Open/AM 4th place to boot. Maine’s Matt Coughlin extends his snowboard season and brings the east coast fire to Utah. Here he executes a gapped out method to lipslide in zone 2. Wisconsin’s Sam Klein must have greased the rails with cheese because he rarely missed a trick all day. Here he boardslides to redirect fs boardslide in zone 2 to help clinch 2nd place in the Open/AM Division. Alex Lockwood holds it down for Utah against a huge crowd of outsiders with tricks like this 50-50 gap bs 360 to flat in prelims. He came back in finals to change the game with a 50-50 bs 360 50-50 and additional hammers to claim the 1st place bounty in the Open/AM Division. We would like to thank Jared Winkler and the entire Brighton Resort marketing team for their help in facilitating another top notch PBRJ event.  Thanks to Mouse and the Brighton park crew for designing and maintaining a rad contest venue.  Thanks to Tony Conrad, Matt Ryan, and Dylan Trewin for dissecting the action and writing down the scores.  Thank you to Trevor Brady for his masterful color commentary and Milo Sport for their support leading up to the event. Thanks to our Rockies reps of Randy Walker, Rebecca Birnbach, and Anders Pigorsch. Special thanks to McKenna Gunderson for assisting with registration and tabulation throughout the day.  Lastly, check out our sponsors that are listed below for brands supporting the PBRJ and core snowboarding. Tour Sponsors: -Rev’d Nutrition Bars -Electric -New Era -Kicker -Fender Results: 15 & Under Division: 1st: Miles Fallon 2nd: Joey Fava 3rd: Tommy Olivas 4th: Austin Skow 5th: Carson Freeman 16 - 21 Division: 1st: Chandler Hunt 2nd: Cody Hyman 3rd: Trevor Eichelberger 4th: James Wilson 5th: Edward Enyart Girls Division: 1st: Laura Rogoski 2nd: Sam Kolesky 3rd: Sierra Jewett 4th: Ivika Jurgenson 5th: LeJawn Allen Open/AM Division: 1st: Alex Lockwood - $250 2nd: Sam Klein - $150 3rd: Matt Coughlin - $100 4th: Treyson Allen 5th: Brady Durgin Volcom Snowboard – Dale Mortensen Rev’d Rider $100 – Brendan Sullivan Electric "Gooyest Move Of The Event" $50 and Electric Shades – Treyson Allen Fender Guitar – Sierra Jewett The product toss assured that everyone went home with a smile on their face and something in their hands. Check Out The Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2015 Tour. Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook Page Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Instagram
RESULTS | Stop #5 of Volcom PBRJ European Tour 2015 | Valdesqui, Spain 2015
The Spanish stop of the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam tour was held in Madrid past March 14th. Contrary to last year, we enjoyed a beautiful  sunny day in the mountain gathering competitors from all over Spain and even from Portugal. Pole Jam - backflip tailgrab A great surprise was the –15 division with a lot of super young kids. Some of the them with just 5-6 yrs old, they were already shredding the boxes ! The level of snowboarding is increasing every year and the upcoming generation of new kids will be killing it very soon. The girls level was also really good and they give a good show on the 3 rail areas. Sara de Frutos won her category ripping properly on the kinked rail. On the 16-21 division we could see unbelievable tricks, with in the end our friend Dani Tovar taking the first place with a very solid heat. He went last year to the PBRJ Champs in Mammoth Mountain and he told us he had tons of fun over there. Curro Santander injured his shoulder, but he ended up 3rd on 16-21 division and won the UNION Special prize with a wallie over 50-50 on the kinked rail ut the main course was the OPEN division. No joke when the money is on the table. Juan Polanco know how to kill it on the rails since long ago and took the win, Mario Prestel took the second place at just 15 years old!! . Get well soon Currito ! Really good times with all those rippers. Thanks to Yeyo, Nines, Alvaro Ilovemyboard, Parkcenter Valdesquí, judges, shappers, Oce, Nitro Snowboards, Union Bindings, and all who made this possible. See you next year ! Aleix Calderon PHOTO FAMILY Lunch Juan Polanco - cab 360 Dani Tovar - gap nosegrab FINAL RESULTS  15 - 1. Gus Sancier 2. Hector Benedicte 3. Izan Moreles 4. Diego Maria Juiz 5. Miguel Escoredo 16 - 21 1. Dani Tovar 2. Roberto Alcocer 3. Curro Santander 4. Carlos Ruiz 5. Francisco Nieto GIRLS 1. Sara De Frutos 2. Paula Benito 3. Mariana Loring 4. Patricia Garrido 5. Anais Romero 6. Carmen Martinez PBRJ - GIRLS OPEN 1. Juan Polanco 2. Mario Prestel 3. Jorge Polanco 4. Arturo Alonso 5. Sandro Lesano
Volcom X Spitfire Skate Session - Sondika, Spain
The Spit and Stone Skate Bash took place in the Sondika Skatepark some days ago. Our friends from FUCK Skateshop in Bilbao joined us to celebrate the Spitfire X Volcom collaboration launch, no need to say you can find those product there. Everybody knows the formula to enjoy a perfect skateboarding evening: gather some pals, BBQ, drinks and tons of goodies for the best moves. Watch here why you should have been there!   Volcom unveils its latest collaboration inspired by the thrashin’ fashion of gouging grinds and heat-seeking aerial bombardments. Together, Volcom and Spitfire bring a collective 50 years of experience in making quality products specifically designed for those who keep the eternal skate-fire stoked. Hard like Stone and hot like Fire, this collection does not burn alone. Take note of its clean and functional style created for long days and nights of deep exploratory recon in the streets kids call home. See the entire collection and photos shot during the making of the video at Backed by mutual riders Grant Taylor, Ryan Sheckler, Dennis Busenitz, Dustin Dollin, Chris Pfanner, Collin Provost, Dane Burman, Alec Majerus, Kyle Walker, Nassim Guammaz and Alex Midler, the Volcom X Spitfire collection is coming in hot!
RESULTS | Stop #4 of Volcom PBRJ European Tour 2015 | Kitzsteinhorn, Austria 2015
Volcom’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam tour was going down last weekend at the Kitzsteinhorn glacier, in Austria. On top of the perfect set-up, the weather was on our side this year, so everyone could enjoy this great day at its maximum. The 3 different obstacles were pretty gnarly so we didn’t only have hard tricks but also a bunch of heavy bails this weekend. The first zone was a Chinabank and a straight- to downrail combo, where the competitors were going really crazy. Furthermore the second zone consisted on a kinked rail and the third zone was a classic downrail. The contest started up with the Kids division where Kitzsteinhorn local Moritz Kaufmann was going full ham on every obstacle and as a consequence took on first place. In the Girls Division Pilar de la Cruz came all the way from Spain up to the glacier and ripped on a level that clearly blew the judges minds, and so she got the first place. The contest went on with a sick line up in the 16 and over division, with upcoming rippers like Arthur Lemmens, Stuart Innes, Andreas Bertl and Dominik Sobe, who won the division at the end of the day. Pilar De La Cruz - Fifty to fs lipslide As soon as everyone was finished with the free burgers & drinks, the first heat of the open division was about to go down. The riders were clearly enjoying this insane obstacle that was built up by the Kitzsteinhorn snowpark crew. With guys like Kevin Trammer, Michael Bisa, Jacco Bos or Lorenzo Peeters and many others, the finals as expected showed us some serious bangers. Winner of last years global champs in Mammoth Mountain, Kevin Trammer was showing what he is able to, destroyed the setup and finished on the first place. Congrats to the belgium rider ! Free burgers and drinks provided for everyone Jens enjoying free burgers and drinks All in all the Contest was stunning and those who made it to the glacier were obviously pretty stoked about the high level of the riders. Big up to the Snowpark Kitzsteinhorn team, who built up this insane obstacle and helped us making this event so fun and easy ! Thanks to Nitro Snowboards and Union Bindings, for the great prizes and also THANKS to everyone who showed up ! Goodies for the people Bene Hofer - Noseblunt Jacco Bos - 270 Lipslide Jens Hennefarth - controlles the mic and the downrail Jeremie - Unterberger fifty fifty backside 360 out Kevin Trammer - 270 switch frontboard Kevin Trammer - Noseslide bs 270 out Lifestyle Lorenz Vyslozil - Gap to FS Boardslide Lorenz Vyslozil - nollie backtail 270 out Lorenzo Peeters - fifty fifty backlip Michael Bisa - Fifty 540 out Michael Bisa - Gap to nosepress People were obviously enjoying the sun and the sickest tricks Stefan Langgartner - BS Lipslide FINAL RESULTS Open: 1. Kevin Trammer 2. Michael Biša 3. Lorenz Vyslozil 4. Stefan Langgartner 5. Jacco Bos Jacco Bos, Stefan Langgartner, Kevin-Trammer, Lorenz-Vyslozil, Michael-Bisa 16+: 1. Dominik Sobe 2. Andreas Bertl 3. Stuart Innes 4. Arthur Lemmens 5. Matt Corry Arthur Lemmens, Stuart Innes, Andreas Bertl, Dominic Sober, Matt Corry Girls: 1. Pilar De La Cruz Pilar De La Cruz - 1st place in the girls division Kids: 1. Moritz Kaufmann 2. Bene Hofer 3. Jonas Stecker young guns - Jonas Stecker, Bene Hofer and Moritz Kaufmann Siegerehrung Siegerehrung Filmer: Philipp Reinhard Photographer: David lis      
North America | Peanut Butter And Rail Jam - Stevens Pass, WA 2015
Stop #9 of Volcom’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam stormed into the Northwest at Stevens Pass, WA on Saturday March 14, 2015. PBRJ competitors gather for the riders meeting as they get ready to attack the contest venue in the rain. The Northwest region of North America has seen numerous Pineapple Express systems role through this season. This has led to warmer that usual temperatures and an abundance of rain instead of the usual white gold. Regardless, the Stevens Pass park staff fired up their snow cats to harvest as much snow as they could in order to put together a solid PBRJ site. The site consisted of a flat bar/corrugated tube to transferable down rail in zone 1, a “shark fin” up ledge over a closeout rail in zone 2, a corrugated pole jam to down box and flat ledge with elbow rail in zone 3. It was very impressive that the park crew was able to work their magic with the very challenging snow pack. The site was set but the challenges did not stop there. Saturday was also calling for heavy rain and windy conditions that had some question if the contest was going to be cancelled. After little or no debate the PBRJ crew and competitors put on their rain gear, ventured to the contest venue, and pulled off a solid event in “True To This” fashion. Milo Malkoski was ripping through the zones with tricks like this 50-50 transfer lipslide in zone 1 Matteo Soltane gaps to lipslide on the elbow rail to transfer boardsldie on the unseen box behind the closeout rail in zone 3. Keala Cole blasts a huge fs 360 indy grab off of the corrugated tube in zone 3. He also 50-50'd the up ledge to front flip out in zone 2 and went gap boardslide in zone 1 that solidified a winning performance in the 15 & Under Division. This high speed gap lipslide perfectly touched down on both rail and ledge for that added amount of steeze in zone 3. The unpredictable conditions didn't stop the camaraderie as fellow riders showed their support through thick and thin. Zach Playfair handles zone 3 with a lipslide through the elbow and 270's out to boot. He was charging hard and ended up dislocating his shoulder. Instead of calling it quits, he put it back into place and kept getting after it. Judges all agreed that his go for it mentality was deserving of 3rd place in the 16-21 Division and earned him a brand new Volcom snowboard too. Austin Busa had all the extras along the way to push him into 1st place for the 16-21 Division. Here he half cab tail taps to fs bluntslide on the down bar in zone 1. It was an unexpected extra tap that had the judges stoked out. Jackie Flanagan getting hyped for the Girls Division to start as the ponds began to form at the end of the rails. Look out below as Jackie Flanagan sets up for a perfect cannon ball after landing this lipslide in zone 1. Livia Molodyh gets down to business with a stylish method out of the zone 2 up ledge. She also landed a gap 50-50 on the elbow rail transfer fs board to the box in zone 3 and a put down a lipslide on the down rail in zone 1 to receive 1st place in the Girls Division. Utah's Kyle Roles and his crew road tripped up to Stevens Pass to throw down in the Northwest. Here he slides through the elbow rail with a solid fs boardslide in zone 3. Canadian wild man Kody Yarosloski gapping over to boardslide pretzel out in zone 1. His no holds barred riding and style was a sure bet for the $100 Rev'd Rider award and 5th place in the Open/AM Division. Justus Hines and the Wyld Instinct crew were in full effect with hammers like this gap nose tap at the very end of the elbow rail in zone 3. California based, Russia born, Andrey Trofimov was up to visit family in the Washington area and hit up another PBRJ for the 2015 season. Here he puts down a hw fs 270 sw bs lipslide to regular in zone 1 on his way to 3rd place in the Open/AM Division. Demetri Bales came out to represent for the Tactics crew with tricks like this side hit cab 270 fs boardslide to fakie in zone 1 at the buzzer. Utah's Dillon Boeshans showed everyone how a pool party is supposed to function. Here he fs 180's into the up ledge to sw bs 360 out in zone 2. He also landed a fs lipslide 270 out on the elbow rail in zone 3 and a fs 180 sw 50-50 transfer sw fs bluntslide 270 out on the down rail in zone 1 to take the top spot in the Open/AM Division. Everyone made their way back inside to dry off and refuel with some free PB&J lunch before awards were handed out. We would like to thank Kelly Clarke and the Stevens Pass events crew for supporting the PBRJ before, during, and after the event.  Thank you to Brian Boyle and the entire park crew for working their magic and building a proper event venue.  Thanks to our judges of Dan Poole, Ahman Stamps, and Cheyne Shoultz for etching in the scores.  Thanks to the one and only Clint Graham for holding the ship together and battening down the hatches where needed.  Lastly, thanks to our tour sponsors, listed below, for their continued support of the 2015 PBRJ tour. Tour Sponsors: -Rev’d Nutrition Bars -Electric -New Era -Kicker -Fender Results: 15 & Under Division: 1st: Keala Cole 2nd: Matteo Soltane 3rd: Milo Malkoski 4th: Beck Otteson 5th: Noah Siems 16 - 21 Division: 1st: Austin Busa 2nd: Daniel Iverson 3rd: Zack Playfair 4th: Matt Fitzgibbon 5th: Thomas Dale Girls Division: 1st: Livia Molodyh 2nd: Jackie Flanagan 3rd: Cali Carlson 4th: Sabrina Patton 5th: Nina Zyryanova Open/AM Division: 1st: Dillon Boeshans - $250 2nd: Demetri Bales - $150 3rd: Andrey Trofimov - $100 4th: Justus Hines 5th: Kody Yarosloski Volcom Snowboard – Zack Playfair Rev’d Rider $100 – Kody Yarosloski Electric "Gooyest Move Of The Event" $50 and Electric Shades – Jared Elston Fender Guitar – Keala Cole Check Out The Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2015 Tour. Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Facebook Page Peanut Butter And Rail Jam Instagram

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