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Bastille Plaza
July 1, 2015
Olten, Switzerland
August 15, 2015
Rampaffairz skatepark, Wevelgem, Belgium
August 30, 2015
Place de la Bastille, Paris, France
September 5, 2015
Trikkestallen skatepark, Trondheim, Norway
September 19, 2015
Barcelona, Spain
September 26, 2015


Your new Volcom Store Marseille is open!
Your new Volcom Store Marseille is open! You are welcome from 10am to 7pm everyday except on Sundays. Find us here We are waiting for you! Votre nouveau magasin Volcom à Marseille est ouvert ! Vous êtes les bienvenus de 10 heures à 19 heures sauf le dimanche. Retrouvez nous ici On vous attend !
European surfers in California for the Volcom totally Crustaceous Tour global Championships 2015
On the 10th of June, a group of up and coming European surfers converged to California for 2 weeks, to compete at the 2015 Volcom Totally Crustaceous Tour global Championships. The group consisted of Camilla Kemp, Joao Moreira and Alfonso Antunes from Portugal, Ariane Otxoa and Lander Davila from the Basque Country, and a heavy French crew with William Aliotti, Charly Quivront, Jordan Oueslati, Nomme Mignot, Lens Arancibia, Justin Becret and Marco Mignot, who all got their trip paid by Volcom after qualifying through the European leg of Volcom’s TCT. As a mascott, little Noa Dupouy from France joined the crew after qualifying for the competition in Hawaii. The Volcom totally Crustaceous Tour global Championships 2015 gathered surfers from all around the world, and this year the main event was held at the world-class wave of Lower Trestles but due to a busy schedule, the first rounds of the competition were run in Newport Beach 10 days prior, which gave the surfers a little free time to kill the jetlag, wander around, train, and get a taste of the life in Orange County, California. Check out the photos below for a little photo reportage on what went down on the side of the competition during those two weeks. Click here for the full contest results, video, photos and webcast replay. See behind the scene clips on the low environmental impact of the event, staying “True To Trestles” HERE. And see you all for the next Totally Crustaceous Tour Europe season starting soon! Photos from @chroniclesofchristie, Stephane Becret, @jebronskybeat and @tai_vandyke Euro crew in Hollywood (Lander Davila, Ariane Otxoa, Camilla Kemp, Noa Dupouy, Jordan Oueslati, Lens Arancibia, Charly Quivront, William Aliotti, Marco Mignot and Joao Moreira) Despite his early loss Justin Becret took full advantage of the trip Alfonso Antunes is the up and coming supergrom from Portugal, getting interviewed in Newport Charly Quivront loved the Trestles free surfs Burrito #12 at the Wedge with Lander, Lens, Noa and Joao Lunchbreak What street light ? Marco, Noa and Alfonso - Pacific Coast Highway right next to our friends from the Froghouse Noa Dupouy was our mascott Justin Marco and Noa - frothing in Newport Joao Moreira stoked after his Newport heat win meaning he'll surf -Trestles Ariane Otxoa on the rippable - Lowers rights Marco, Nomme and Christophe Mignot - early birds at Trestles Newport Beach - Seaweed monster Newport Beach lunchbreak Jordan Oueslati in San Clemente Camilla and Ariane Charly Aftersurf in Riviera Justin Dupouy Show Evening BBQ in San Clemente Justin Becret We passed by the Mayhem warehouse and Maud Le Car + Quincy Davis were already there Lens 'BG' Arancibia Lens Arancibia was unleashing his surfing and took the air option a few times Charly Quivront after his Quarterfinals win This is what you come for, perfect Lower Trestles with only 3 other guys out Noa cheering Alfonso Antunes and Jackson Bunch after the Squids finals Totally Crustaceous Tour Legends William getting some secret advanced tips from Matt Bemrose William Aliotti lost in the Pro Am Quarters but not without flair Noa won the "Wiener Schnitzel" award thanks to his megafroth attitude Camilla Kemp and Alfonso Antunes took the 4th place of the competition respectively in the Girls and the Squids divisions Last cross of the Trestles tracks before heading back to Europe, see you next year!    
North America | Stop #4 of Volcom’s Wild in the Parks – Mayfair Skatepark / "Red Park" San Jose, CA
As always, the van rolled into San Jose the day before to feel out the park and show the zones. This stop we had Milton Martinez and Axel Cruysberghs show the zones with a cameo from San Jose local Peter Raffin! Stop #4 of Volcom’s Wild In The Parks brought the heat to east San Jose, CA at Mayfair Skatepark on Saturday July 11, 2015. San Jose has always been a hot spot for skateboarding, especially since the inception of the Tiltmode Army back in the early 2000’s. It was fitting for us to make a stop here since Volcom’s Caswell Berry, a Tiltmode Army aficionado, calls San Jose home. Caswell has been at every WITP stop searching for talented skateboarders to jump in the van with the Volcom team after each event. His history along with the rest of the Volcom team pushed a highly talented group of skaters to put down a memorable performance. Luis Perez made this frontside flip down the 7 look easy. He earned 2nd place in the 14 & Under Division. Eddie Gonzalez perfectly executed this backside nosegrind on the hubba in the 14 & Under Division. Driving out with his family all the way from Arizona, Austin Salzman earned sixth place in the 15-21 Division with rad tricks like this perfect hardflip down the 7 stair. Andrew Lopez 360 flip in zone 1, earning his way into third place of the 15-21 Division. Gio Georgallis got creative in zone 2 with this kickflip foot plant on the rail during the Open/Am Division. An injured arm couldn't stop Adam Emery from ripping. This smith down the hubba helped him take 6th in the Open/Am Division. There were only a few to hop on or over the rail in zone 3. Dylan Hilton popped up to 50-50 flat and down. He took home 2nd in the Open/Am Division. Walking away with 3rd in the Open/Am Division, Jesse Perez also took this massive heelflip over the pyramid to flat. Taking first place in the Open/Am Division, PA to CA transplant Mike Berdis slept in the skatepark with his homies the night before the contest. He killed the zones with a barrage of technical tricks like this big spin front blunt. Not only did Pero Simic take home fourth in the 15-21 Division on his 18th birthday, he was also "Caswell's Choice" and got to hop in the van with the team the next day. Tailslide on the rail in zone 3. Results: 14 & Under Division: 1st: Dylan Sullivan 2nd: Luis Perez 3rd: Kevin Castillo 4th: Victor Alcazar 5th: Eddy Gonzalez 6th: Taj Falconer 7th: Axel Vargas 15 – 21 Division: 1st: Alex Chung 2nd: Jake Kottke 3rd: Andrew Lopez 4th: Pero Simic 5th: Isaiah Gohan Estrada 6th: Austin Salzman 7th: Saul Lopez Open/AM Division: 1st: Mike Berdis - $250 2nd: Dylan Hilton - $150 3rd: Jesse Perez - $100 4th: Angel Ortega 5th: Brandon Reboja 6th: Adam Emery 7th: Gio Georgallis Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag: Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop #4 winner: Pero Simic Next Stop: Grant Park Skatepark, Chicago, IL – July 25th, 2015! Click here for more info. Follow the tour on instagram @VolcomWITP and see more photos from this stop on our facebook page Huge thanks to our prizing sponsors Toy Machine, Foundation, Pig Wheels, Rev'd, Spitfire, Andalé and Enjoi
De Paris Yearbook at Volcom Bastille days
Volcom Bastille Days project is two weeks in already and keeps on delivering good times for locals and traveling crews. Last weekend, Volcom teamed up with De Paris Yearbook gang to celebrate their 2015 yearbook edition and the screening of "Deuxième Vague", a skate video about the 2014 action from the Paris scene put together by Guillaume Perimony.  The video will be put on the internet shortly on A photo installation has been setup on site and will stay a couple days so don’t hesitate to swing by and have a look if you are in the city. Here are some photos of the day and evening happening, thanks to everyone involved and happy Bastille Days! Check out #volcomBastilleDays on Instagram for more photos and videos around the project and see you all on site in August 28 for the Instagram contests awards party! Back to Volcom Bastille Days event De Paris Yearbook at Volcom Bastille days Another fun session before the screening A photo installation is still right at the spot Thomas Busutil from De Paris Yearbook project Vincent Coupeau et Pierre Hoarau Here is an overview from the spot - Gabe Hurricane The Volcom installation with another angle Chacha Fs Boardslide Gaetan Ducellier Joseph Biais Lisa Jacob Romain Covolan on the screen Vincent Perrin Thibault Lenours et Charly Leclerc Right behind the spot you got this Canal St Martin Tune in The plaza is a new hangout
Stop #4 of Volcom's WITP Europe 2015 | La Boheme DIY Park, Cantù, Italy
Despite the boiling heat, the Italian stop of the Volcom Wild In The Parks skate contests has been a great day of skateboarding. This year the event took place at the wonderful Boheme DIY park in Cantù and soon after setting up everything, we were ready to start. Every good DIY park has got its perfect BBQ spot and Boheme placed his right in the back of a tranny, so the BBQ was fired up quickly and free food was given away before starting the compétition. The entire park is a DIY and is amazing to skate, the jams were super heated and in the end Aref "bobby" Koushesh took the win with his sick style and creativity,  Emi Tomassetti took the second place of the Open division with full speed skateboarding and Ale Ferreri took the third spot using every single corner of the park with his raw style.They certainly deserved an icy shower right in the end but that wouldn’t be enough with the crazy heat it was. RESULTS: 14- 1 – PIETRO MAGNANINI 2 – EMANUELE MERCURI 3 – VITTORIO GALETTI 15-21 1 – SIMONE BERGAMELLI 2 – LUCA PEDERSOLI 3 – SIMONE BILIO OPEN/AM 1 – AREF KOUSHESH 2 – EMANUELE TOMASSETTI 3 – ALESSANDRO FERRERI
Stop #3 of Volcom's WITP Europe 2015 | Sao Joao Do Estoril, Portugal
Another year another stop for the Wild In The Parks skate contest in Portugal. We‘ve been through a lot of them and the fun and stoke keeps improving year after year. The Portuguese 2015 stop of the WITP was no different, a lot of fun, crazy skate tricks, dozens of stoked kids and a hell of a good time. Last 4th of July at Parque das Gerações skate park in Cascais near Lisbon, we gathered a hundred skateboarders, a barbecue, loud music and we partied. These little kids (under ten years old) showed up eager to compete, so we did a special category for them and man! It was fun just to see their focused faces and pure stoke on skateboarding. It will also be fun too to see where they will be ten years from now. Under a really hot sun that an ocean light breeze made bearable, all the competition divisions had high level skateboarding and eagerness of winning one of the coveted spots at the Volcom x Berrics next October in LA. At the 14 and under division the Ribeiro twins placed 1st and 2nd with Manuel Santos following closely. In a disputed final, the 15-21 division was won by Rafael Borlinhas although Fábio Diniz (2nd) and Manuel Rafael (3rd) gave him a pretty good run for his money. The best was reserved for the Open Division where Duarte Pombo annihilated everyone at the last second of his run at the big rail, leaving Bruno Senra (who skated like hell the whole day) and Pedro Roseiro trailing behind. There was some brutal falls and crazy tricks from these guys and the rest of the Open finalists, during the last few minutes of the competition. Anyway it was a great WITP for everyone. Hope to see you all again in 2016 and now go to LA and show some Portuguese soul and stoke. Thanks everyone that helped make the WITP possible and very especially to Radical Skate Clube and Parque das Gerações Skate Park. Last but not least a big thank you to all the skateboarders who showed up. You guys make all this worthwile. Let the kids ride free! Allen ollie Borlinhas - fssmith Bp bsollie Chill Fabio Diniz - Treflip Fslipslide Gabriel - bssmith Guilherme Durand - fsfeeble Tomas Pinto - fs5050 Zenildo - fsollie Geral Pombo - Hardflip Zenildo - Bsfeeble Pombo - Front-blunt Nosegrind Manuel Rafael - Bsnoseblunt RESULTS: OPEN 1º Duarte Pombo 2º Bruno Senra 3ª Pedro Roseiro 15-21 1º Rafael Borlinhas 2º Fábio Diniz 3º Manuel Rafael -14 1º Gustavo Ribeiro 2º Gabriel Ribeiro 3º Manuel Santos 10 & UNDER 1º Vasco Montalvão 2º Tomé Jonet 3º Lourenço Lebre    

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