Volcom Store Stuttgart / Birthday Bash Recap
In celebration of their anniversary, Volcom Store Stuttgart provided an extraordinary day for customers and friends of the store! Besides a free hand printed Volcom T-Shirt for every customer several special deals were offered together with free birthday-catering and extended opening hours. The store was packed with people, the crew had a blast and rocked the mall! Congrats Volcom Stuttgart! Volcom Store Stuttgart - Tübingerstraße 26 F, 70178 Stuttgart Monday-Saturday: 9:30am-8pm 
Volcom Super Collider at Fun Fun Fun Fest Video Recap
We had a hell of a weekend out in Austin, Texas for Fun Fun Fun Fest! With 3 days of shredding on the Volcom Super Collider combined with 3 stages of live music you know Thrasher Magazine was down to document it all. Watch the video recap above and click the images below for photo recaps of each day. Dustin Dollin battled for this kickflip fakie over the hip but pulled the make. Photo: Daniel Cabral Day 1 Recap CJ Collin lofty ally-oop air on the extension. Photo: Arto Saari Day 2 Recap Milton Martinez's kickflip nosegrind might of been one of the heaviest tricks to go down. Photo: Daniel Cabral Day 3 Recap Super limited edition Volcom Super Collider tees with art by Michael Sieben are available now.
Peanut Butter And Rail Jam – Ice Mountain, Belgium, 2015-2016
There is a first time for everything, also for a Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam in Belgium, a country without any mountains or ski resorts. The first PBRJ of the season in Europe was organized on an indoor slope called Ice Mountain. It’s cold and there is snow, and all you need to build a killer setup for a rail contest. This allows us to kick off the PBRJ season this early since the conditions are the same 365 days a year. Ninja Snapback shape crew had been working hard to get the rails up and running and made sure everything was in good shape before the start of every heat. About 50 competitors showed up, not only Belgians, but a bunch of Dutchies and French riders, all stoked to be able to shred their boards for a day, with a free entry. Everyone put up a real show for an audience that had dinner with a view. A wall of windows is the only thing that separates the food and bar from the snow. The restaurant of the fridge has a capacity of a couple of hundred people and is really popular in the area, and since it was halloween it was a full house. The level was high, really high! I guess that’s what happens when pretty much the only thing you can do snowboarding wise in this country, is to shred rails indoor. Bart Falhaber Most of Europe’s PBRJ regulars were there and the setup got literally destroyed. Check out the photos and video for a taste of what went down. This year, top 3 in each division at each PBRJ contest qualify to the global PBRJ Championships in Mammoth mountain, California. So beware of the flatland shredders in April, they’ll put on another show for sure! Stay posted for the complete 2015-2016 Peanut Butter and Rail Jam schedule coming shortly. Thank you to Ice Mountain, the Snapback shape crew, Jelle Keppens and Wietse Thomas for the photos, Willem Jones for the video and team riders Bjorn Simons and Kevin Trammer for the help, Vans, Capita snowboards and Union Bindings for the extra prizes.  Cedric Dupont Dylan Van Hooy Fay Beck Jacco Bos Jens Rummens Joshua Pires Kevin Trammer Luc Buthker Ninja2 Sam P. Sam Putzeys Bjorn Simons Kevin Trammer & Arthur Lammens Joshua Pires Kevin Trammer Lorenzo Peeters RESULTS: GIRLS division: -1 : Anne-Sophie Lechon -2 : Fay Beck -3 : Meri De Coninck GIRLS WINNERS - 15 division: -1 : Jules De Sloover -2 : Dylan Van Hoeij -3 : Oscar Mattart winners -14 16-21 division: -1 : Bram Muylle -2 : Jens Rummens Winner 14:21 OPEN / AM division: -1 : Joshua Pires -2 : Kevin Trammer -3 : Bart Falhaber -4 : Jordy T'Gilde -5 : Lorenzo Peeters -6 :Henrik Meyn -7 : Luc Buthker -8 : Mel Lamers -9 : Boas Van Olden -10 : Dries meesschaert -11 : Sam Putzeys -12 : Cedric Dupont -13 : Jacco Bos -14 : J. Freyns -15 : Junior Roose -16 : Thierry Meyers winners OPEN:AM
Volcom Super Collider at the 2015 Fun Fun Fun Fest – Day 2
Day two of Fun Fun Fun Fest started out wet, but thankfully dried up by the afternoon so that the Super Collider could be skated. Sheckler watching Grant's frontside ollie. Photo: Arto Saari Milton Martinez nosegrinded all of the hips in one line. Photo: Daniel Cabral Jackson Pilz bluntslide across. Photo: Arto Saari Axel Cruysberghs got in on the nosegrind action as well. Photo: Daniel Cabral Skate Team.Photo: Gary Copeland Photo: Gary Copeland Fuzz played, Ty wore a mask. Photo: Gary Copeland Photo: Gary Copeland Charlie from Fuzz. Photo: Gary Copeland American Nightmare. Photo: Hope Lane Gogol Bordello. Photo: Hope Lane Gogol Bordello. Photo: Hope Lane NOFX. Photo: Daniel Cabral Wu-Tang Clan. Photo: Daniel Cabral Gary Rogers and Dustin Dollin at our FFF NItes show Photo: Daniel Cabral Fat Tony and Gary Rogers keeping the crowd going at our FFF Nites Show. OFF! . Photo: Daniel Cabral
The new Volcom Store Aix is open!
The new Volcom Store Aix is open! Dive into the universe of the 17th Volcom Store. You are welcome from Monday to Saturday 10am-7pm to discover this new shop of 240 sqm in which brand DNA is everywhere. Find us HERE
Psychic Migrations – Premiere, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina – PHOTO RECAP
Psychic Migrations movie premiere photo recap from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina on October 23, 2015. Psychic Migrations available on iTunes November 3, 2015. Click HERE for more info. Psychic Migrations shredder Yago Dora Volcom's Ryan Boyes, a questioning human, Yago Dora, and Volcom's Jack Morrissey.
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