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Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - Seattle, WA
Uptown Theater
October 20, 2014
Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - Jackson, WY
Center of the Arts
October 21, 2014
Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - Salt Lake City, UT
Tower Theater
October 22, 2014
Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - Denver, CO
Summit Music Hall
October 23, 2014
Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - Montreal, Canada
Cabaret Underworld
October 25, 2014
Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - New York, NY
House of Vans
October 26, 2014
Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - South Korea
October 30, 2014

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Surf Wax Candles DIY

The smell of surf wax always reminds us of the beach. It’s sweet like coconut, and smells like an afternoon of sunny rays, sand and sea salt.  We wanted to make something that would allow our house to smell like summertime even in the coldest winter (which is quickly creeping upon us). If you want to brighten your home and give new life to the worn out 10mm wax covering your surf board, here’s your chance:  let’s make DIY surf wax candles!!   What do you need? -       Wax (recovered from one of your boards, don't have your own - offer to clean up your friends board). -       A wick. -       A container to hold your candle (be creative, this can be a shell, the container of an old candle, a glass). -       A container where you can mix and melt your wax (you do not want to buy a new pot as it will be unusable after this session). Step 1: Remove the wax from your board. Step 2: Melt the wax. -      Place it in a metal container (an aluminum tray will do nicely) and heat gently until the wax is liquid. Step 3: Assemble. -       Place the metal end of the wick in the center of your container. Tie the end of the wick to a stick that you put in two lenses to keep it perfectly right. Step 4: Pour. -      Dust and sand should have settled to the bottom. Be careful not to pour the sand into your container. Step 5: Wait. Let your candle cool off before cutting the wick to the length you want. Step 6: Sit back, relax, smell the beach and dream away!

Volcom 2014 Wild in The Parks Europe Wrap Up

The 2014 Wild In The Parks reached the pinnacle of the tour with the $15,000 championship event this past Saturday at the private Volcom skatepark in Costa Mesa, California. On top of epic skateboarding, the parking lot got styled up with carnival games, free food/drinks, and David Gonzales's band Rattblack played a free show. Also check below the links to the videos, photos and results of each European event, if you haven’t checked all of them already! Big thanks to the Volcom family, everyone involved with these contests and Jart skateboards for their support. Volcom Stone's Wild In The Parks 2014 Championships, Costa Mesa, California 14 and under European Wild In The Parks Champion Oskar Hjellegjerde from Norway took the second place, check the full results and video of the insanity that went down.  Volcom 2014 European WITP Championships, Sevilla Norway robbed the bank, France, Germany, Slovenia and Spain getting honorable mention: see the shredding that went down!   WITP Italy, Vicenza Watch Krap skatepark get destroyed by Jacopo Carozzi and Aref Koushesh   WITP France, Chelles Cosanostra skatepark, next to Paris is home of skate sock trend, and always a great place to hangout   WITP Norway, Trondheim Trikkestallen might not be the biggest skatepark but is home park of some of Europe’s finest skateboarders   WITP Spain, Barcelona Long time due in one of Europe’s capital of skateboarding, the WITP didn’t disappoint with loads of sick action   WITP Switzerland, Zurich There are more and more quality skateparks being built in Switzerland, and the Swiss skate scene is growing fast!   WITP UK, Poole There’s no shortage of talent in England, see the pros and the local heroes get loose in the Poole skatepark.   WITP Germany, Kassel  Mr Wilson Skatehalle is a must go DIY indoor/outdoor park if you’re in the area, fun as hell and crazy good vibes at this WITP   WITP Greece, Athens Sun, marble, ladies, all generations skateboarding, WITP Greece in Oaka! WITP Netherlands, Eindhoven Check out Nick Bax, Dan Vanderlinden, his brothers and more get tech on the Aera 51 skatepark!   WITP Austria, Bregenz Great contest at another super fun concrete skatepark, the rain didn’t stop the event   WITP Poland, Leszno Check out the first WITP in Poland at the new gigantic street plaza of Leszno   WITP Slovenia, Nova Gorica The European season started with a banger in Slovenia for Go skate day, lots of talentedskaters over there!

Coco and Maud for Sport & Style Magazine

Ever wondered what it'd look like if high fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga got worn by surfers? And to make it even more contrasted, menswear on female surfers... Photographer Alex Brunet caught up with two of our surf beauties Coco Ho & Maud Le Car during the 5th Swatch Pro Girl's surf contest a couple months ago in Hossegor, France. They shot a fashion story for the French magazine Sport & Style, and the issue is out now both in print and online. Here's some of our favorite shots.           To learn more about the photographer Alex Brunet - check out his website or follow him on instagram. @alexbrunet11

Wild In The Parks - $15,000 Global Championships, CA 2014

Volcom Stone’s 2014 Wild In The Parks tour concluded its journey with a thrilling finale at Volcom Headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA on Saturday, October 11, 2014. Over the course of 2014, the Wild In The Parks tour has traveled throughout the globe to find the very best amateur skateboarders on the planet. Over 150 competitors from the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Norway, and even Indonesia converged upon Volcom’s private skatepark facility to compete for their piece of Volcom’s $15,000 cash purse. The day started with smiles, high fives, and a bit of anxiousness as skaters checked in for practice. Positive vibes grew by the second in anticipation for day’s action to begin. After a quick riders meeting it was time to shift our focus to the task at hand and see who would be crowned the 2014 WITP Champions! Competitors And Spectators Packed Volcom's Private Skatepark Facility The Entire Day The 14 & Under Division was up first as spectators and fellow competitors packed the skatepark to cheer them on.  As the starting countdown ended, these young rippers dropped in and never looked back. It’s hard to believe what the youth is doing at such young ages as they bridge the gap from grom to seasoned veteran.  We saw some serious heavy tricks, including an inward heelflip bs boardslide on the rainbow rail in zone 1, a fs 180 no-comply down the 7 set in zone 2, and a hardflip to flat down the euro gap in zone 3. Minnesota’s Henry Gartland was on a mission to get into the top spot coming straight off an injury that required him to have shoulder surgery. This seemed like a minor set back as Henry landed a plethora of tricks that included a bs 270 lip slide on the rainbow rail in zone 1, a kickflip fs 50-50 on the bubba in zone 2, and a kickflip crooked grind down the creeper ledge in zone 3 as he captured 1st place.  Norway’s Oscar Hjellegjerde flew across the pond throwing his name into the mix with tricks like his bs 360 down the stairs in zone 2, and impossible lipslide on the rainbow rail in zone 1, and a bs kickflip down the euro gap to flat in zone 3 that had the judges nodding their heads and awarding him with 2nd place. Florida’s Marcos Montoya skated fast the whole time landing a fs bluntslide shuv out on the down rail in zone 2, a noseblunt on the rainbow rail in zone 1, and a bigflip up the euro gap in zone 3 to name a few bangers for 3rd place honors. 9-Year-Old Lazer Crawford (Left) Boardslides The 7 Rail In Zone 28-Year-Old Will Morton (Middle) Locked Into A Fs Smith In Zone 19-Year-Old Carlos Goldo Puigdollers With A Bluntslide On The 7 Rail In Zone 2 Jackson Parish Pays Homage To One Of The Greats With This Sw Barley Grind In Zone 3 Marcos Montoya In Perfect Position With This Nose Blunt In Zone 2 Landon Swan Pushing Through A Bs Feeble In Zone 1 Henry Gartland Catches A Kickflip Back Lip in Zone 2 The 15- 21 Division had their gloves off and were primed to knock this one straight into the stratosphere.  It was a blur of action as these guys weaved through the park to land a nollie heelflip bs feeble over the rainbow rail in zone 1, a sw fs kickflip over the rail in zone 2, and the cleanest hardflip imaginable to flat over the euro gap in zone 3.  Washington’s Greg Dehart was skating with some serious focus.  He landed lipslide revert into the jersey barrier in zone 3, a picture perfect kickflip bs lipslide in zone 2, and a huge gap fs tailside fs bigspin out on the A-frame hubba in zone 1.  Greg clearly walked away with the win and dedicated his victory to his close friend Olivia who recently passed away. Florida’s Chris Roque took his own path as he landed an ultra dipped fs feeble across the alleyway rail in zone 3, an Alley Oop fs 180 to sw bs 50-50 on the hubba in zone 2, and a kickflip fs feeble on the rainbow rail in zone 1 for a 2nd place finish.  Florida’s Alex Sandino, aka The Dirt Weasel, was blasting through all corners of the park.  He landed a high speed 5-0 from the Jersey barrier to the end of the rail in zone 3, a 360 pressure flip down the 7 stair in zone 2, and blasted into the crowd with a huge melon grab to flat off the pyramid in zone 1 for 3rd place. Blaine Partridge Fs Kickflips Over The Rail In Zone 2 Chris Roque Holding A Perfect Fs Feeble Across The Alleyway Rail In Zone 3 Alex Sandino Aka "The Dirt Weasel" Popping A Monster Melon Grab Over The Pyramid Landing Into The Crowd In Zone 1 Greg Dehart Pulls A Lipslide Across The Alleyway Rail Entering The Jersey Barrier To Regular In Zone 3 The Sharp Shooter Game Was A Great Place To Win Some Free Volcom Prizes In-between The Skate Action Inside There Was A Ton Of Free Food And Gatorade Handed Out Keeping Everyone Fueled Up And Hydrated David Gonzalez And Rattblack Ripped Up The Outdoor Stage With A Heavy Metal Performance Before Finals The Open/AM Division was chomping at the bit to finish off the final heat of the 2014 Wild in the Parks tour! There’s not much more to be said about this group of individuals that hasn’t been said before.  Their performance was absolutely incredible.  We saw a kickflip late shuv down the euro gap to flat in zone 3, a bs 180 sw over crooks to regular over the rainbow rail in zone 1, a forward flip bs feeble on the down rail in zone 2, a Mctwist off the Jersey barrier in zone 3, a must mention wall jam bs crooked grind nollie flip out on the hubba in zone 2 and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Minnesota’s Tanner Van Vark was on fire the entire day doing tricks that nobody else would have even attempted.  He landed a Alley Opp fs 270 fs boardslide to fakie on the rainbow rail in zone 1, a fakie ollie sw bs bluntside to regular down the rail in zone 2, and a fakie lipslide 270 revert into the Jersey barrier on the alleyway rail in zone 3 to capture the WITP Open/Am Championship title.  Washington’s Ben Sauer has been on a 9-year journey to make his way up the WITP ranks.  He landed a bs lipslide from the euro gap into the monitor speakers in zone 3, a bs 360 kickflip over the hip in zone 1, and a bs 180 kickflip to nosegrind down the hubba in zone 2 for 2nd place overall. Florida’s Jamie Foy was really fun to watch as he picked apart each zone with technical precision.  He landed a 360 flip noseblunt on the rainbow rail in zone 1, a half cab bs smith grind on the down rail in zone 2, and a bs crooked grind on the alleyway rail nollie bigspin out into the bank in zone 3 that had everyone on their feet.  Jamie walked away with a grin on his face and 3rd place overall. Dalton Dern Ollies Out Of the Alleyway Corridor To Fs Wallride Over The Creeper Ledge In Zone 3 Julian Christianson Kickflips Into A Bs Noseslide Fs 270 Shuv-It Out In Zone 2 Ryan LePore Sending It Over The Pyramid In Zone 1 Jamie Foy Destroying Zone 3 With A Bs Tailslide Shuv Into The Bank Ben Sauer Dropped A Few Jaws As He Landed A Bs Big Spin Fs Bluntslide To Fakie In Zone 2 Tanner Van Vark Boggling The Mind With A Fakie Ollie To Switch Bs Bluntslide In Zone 2 The Crowd Swarmed Tanner Van Vark When His Name Was Called As The 2014 Open/AM Division Champion We would like to thank our Volcom Skate team of Remy Stratton, Jake Smith, and Daniel Cabral for their support throughout the entire WITP tour.  Thank you to David Gonzalez and Rattblack for playing a free live show.  Thank you to our judges Brian Mack, Alex Wright, and Jeff Robins. Thanks to our spotters Kyle McCabe, Paul Hartman, and Tyler Mumma. Thank you to our Volcom family of Ryan Immegart, Jeff Arnold, Kurt Thayer, James Lugo, Marty, Hope Lane, Sam King, Chris Sumpter, Gabby D’Ambrosi, and Isaac Yang for their assistance with the event. Thank you to our master lensemen Shawn Rossmiller (photo), Chris Martinez (photo) and Anthony “Ant” Travis (Video) for capturing all the action.  Lastly, thank you to all of our 2014 Wild In The Parks sponsors listed below for their contributions to the entire tour. Rev'd Gatorade New Era Cap Kicker Audio Transworld Skate Cam Caddie 14 & Under Division WITP Champions 1. Henry Gartland - $1,400 (St. Cloud, MN) 2. Oscar Hjellegjerde - $1,200 (Norway) 3. Marcos Montoya - $900 (Orlando, FL) 4. Landon Swan - $500 (Orlando, FL) 5. Jackson Parrish - $250 (St. Cloud, MN) 15 – 21 Division WITP Champions 1. Greg Dehart - $1,400 (Bellevue, WA) 2. Chris Roque - $1,200 (Orlando, FL) 3. Alex Sandino - $900 (Orlando, FL) 4. Tanner Lawler - $500 (Fremont, CA) 5. Blaine Partridge - $250 (New York City) Open/AM Division WITP Champions 1. Tanner Van Vark - $2,000 (St. Cloud, MN) 2. Ben Sauer - $1,750 (Bellevue, WA) 3. Jamie Foy - $1,500 (Orlando, FL) 4. Ryan LePore $750 (Bellevue, WA) 5. Julian Christianson $500 (Denver, CO) Boxes Upon Boxes Went Out For An Epic Product Toss To Finish Off The Evening Check Out The Wild In The Parks Facebook And Instagram For Additional Coverage Throughout The Entire 2014 Tour: Wild In The Parks Facebook Page Wild In The Parks Instagram

Mr. Plant European Tour

The Euro leg of the global Mr. Plant Tour is a wrap and what a blast It was… We may be sad to part ways with the flora & fauna of the Mr. Plant entourage but our livers and bio clocks are thanking us. 6 EU premiere stops over the course of 9 days turned out to be 7 in the end. After countless beers, happy faces, planes, trains, automobiles, and more than 2000km spent in a tiny-foul-smelling Ford Focus, I'm having a hard time finding words that can express all the fun shared with friends new & old. All I will say is that Mr. Plant is one helluva movie you cannot allow yourself to miss. Superlatives like "Best since The Garden" are ticking in from the remotest corners of the world. And the man behind the Plant, Pat Moore himself, is as real as they come. Pat has an uncanny ability of focusing 100% on one thing at a time. Be it snowboarding or shaking a fans hand, looking him in the eyes and paying attention, the perpetually friendly Mr. Plant always delivers. He is as unique a human being as he is a snowboarder and his sidekick and movie Director Jake Price is a mighty fine fella as well But hey, don't take our word for it. Stop by one of the 20+ remaining global Mr. Plant premiere stops, go up to Pat & Jake and say hi and find out for yourself. Otherwise contain your enthusiasm until November 5th as that is the date when Mr. Plant drops on Itunes. To all of you that hosted us or came to the premieres- we thank you very much and look forward to seeing you in the snow. Here's a selection of photos by Volcom Snow Paparazzi Vernon Deck that show what you missed if you weren't there.. For remaining tour stops, click HERE Gardening fans lining up outside our RiffRaff Cinema in Zurich Pat, Olivier Gittler and Arthur Longo wild in the streets of Lyon The boys stretching their legs on the Viamala road, made infamous by Hannibal and Napolen Thumbs up for Volcom UK for making the biggest Mr. Plant posters What better way to start the day than with some dowhnhill cycling, before it all goes downhill? The Stuttgart Premiere may have started late, but there was no shortage of snowboarding fans ready to party A free tee-shirt is always nice. A free tee-shirt signed and given to you by Mr. Plant is epic Smiling girls need no comment Our old friend and Olympic Champ Ipod took time out from his busy schedule shooting and mingling with models to check out Mr. Plant Here's Jake explaining photo technique to new Italian friends The line to get into our Oslo premiere, at famous live-music venue Rockefeller, was long Sleep where ever and whenever you can Modeling's part of the job   In beards we trust These guys in Stuttgart kept buying round after round. The ever-so polite Pat didn't dare to turn down their hospitality The masterminds behind Mr. Plant and winners of Real Snow back country 2014 & beer number xxx somewhere in London during wee hours Saturday morning, lured on by inexhaustible Kris. Happy campers at Freestyle Academy Laax were in for a surprise treat when Mr. Plant showed up to show his film Excited fans waiting for screening to start in Milan The man, the myth and the face of Volcom Norway Kids, don't try this at home.. 9 days of boozing and no sleep will make you pregnantIf you get pulled over for speeding by the police in the US, DO NOT exit your car, you could get shot. In France however, feel free to get out, walk around and bro down.. Thanks to a bribe from our "soon -to–quit" ciggying Olympian Arthur Longo, who offered up his last stick, our fine was even lowered. 

Hippie Jump in Kitzsteinhorn Austria

Last May Red Bull Austria built a huge hip with some surprise features up on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier for Volcom rider Marc Swoboda.. Marc invited his friends including Arthur Longo, Terje Haakonsen, Sam Taxwood and others to come enjoy Austrian hospitality and ride the hip for a week.. Here's the result, filmed and edited by Volcom's very own Pirmin Juffinger. Enjoy.

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Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - Vancouver, Canada
Biminis Public House
October 19, 2014
Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - Portland, OR
Mission Theater
October 18, 2014
Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - Newport Beach, CA
Lido Theatres
October 17, 2014
Wild In The Parks - $15,000 Global Championships, CA 2014
Volcom Headquarters
October 11, 2014
Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - Stuttgart, Germany
Zwölfzehn Club
October 11, 2014
Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - London, England
Red Bull Studios
October 10, 2014
Mr. Plant Premiere Tour 2014 - Oslo, Norway
October 9, 2014

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