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Vsm Gritter Jeans Tapered

Vsm Gritter Jeans Tapered



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Nylon 66- Durable Yarn With Outstanding Strength & Abrasion ResistanceEasy Entry Slant Front PocketsItem#: A1131603 Vsm Gritter Jeans Tapered
Nylon 66- Durable Yarn With Outstanding Strength & Abrasion Resistance
Easy Entry Slant Front Pockets

Item#: A1131603
Vsm Gritter Jeans Tapered
8% Cotton / 10% Nylon / 2% Elastane
As part of our Volcom Stone Made collection, this durable, premium chino was engineered for all situations.
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Signature Details

Volcom Stone Made Durability


Constructed from a more tightly woven canvas featuring 20% nylon 66, the Gritter in the modern tapered fit offers outstanding durability and abrasion resistance.

Volcom Stone Made Anti-Microbial


Features a sustainable anti-microbial finish that uses silver ions applied at the fabric state, allowing these pants to be worn longer and harder between washes by effectively reducing odor caused by bacteria.

Metal Buckle Button

Metal Buckle Button

Inspired by button closures found on military gear, our metal buckle button is secured by a bar tacked piece of fabric for a durable and nearly indestructible hold.

Shoelace Tie Waistband

Shoelace Tie Waistband

The Volcom branded shoelace provides that extra bit of hold without the bulk of a belt, and will also coming handy next time you bust a lace on your shoes and need a quick fix.

Easy Entry Pockets

Easy Entry Pockets

Easy entry slant front pockets that your stuff won't fall out of. Includes an interior pocket coin holder.